Close the Distance

Rags to Riches 2
Totally Bound
M/M Contemporary

This is book two in the Rags to Riches series.

Being in love isn’t always roses and sunshine.

Ion Vasile and Adrien Bellamy start dating and fall in love quickly. As their relationship grows stronger, Ion discovers the fragility of his family ties. As his mother turns against him and his brother seems to be supporting her, Ion begins to lean more and more on Adrien.

Adrien wants nothing more than to be strong for Ion and share his own family with him. Yet he’s afraid they’re moving too fast. He doesn’t want to scare the most marvellous man he’s ever met away.

When tragedy strikes, they both realise life is too short to let fear rule their choices.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.

“Do we have everything?”

Ion turned to look at Adrien as he wandered through their suite of rooms. “I think so, but if we don’t, it’s not like your mom can’t send them back to the city for us.”

Adrien frowned. “You’re right. I just feel like I’m forgetting something.”

Reaching out, Ion snagged Adrien then pulled him close, encircling his waist. He tugged on the blue silk tie his lover wore. “I told you not to get dressed up to meet my parents.”

“What do you mean?” Adrien glanced down at his white linen dress shirt, tie and tailored black pants. “This isn’t dressed up.”

For him, it wasn’t dressed up. Not when the man wore thousand dollar suits to the office every day. For Ion’s family, a tie like that was for church, weddings and funerals. He trailed his fingers through the curls at the nape of Adrien’s neck before taking the tie in hand to remove it.

“Trust me. You don’t need a tie for dinner.” He tossed it onto the bed then pressed open-mouthed kisses along Adrien’s jaw. “I’d suggest you change your whole outfit, but I don’t think you’d feel comfortable in anything else.”

“I do have jeans and T-shirts, Ion,” Adrien commented as he tipped his head, giving Ion more access to his neck. “I thought I’d try to make a good impression on them during our first meeting.”

Ion hummed, not interested in talking about his parents anymore. He brought their lips together while he started to unbutton Adrien’s shirt. Once he got it off, Ion let it drop to the floor then bent to lick one of the flat copper nipples covered with sparse hair.

Adrien cradled the back of his head, keeping him close. “We don’t have time for this. Not if we want to get to your parents’ before dinner.”

“I’m not worried about that. We can go next Sunday or the week after that,” he murmured, moving from one nipple to the other, sucking on it and using a little teeth. Ion worried the nub of flesh and drew a moan from Adrien.

He encouraged Adrien to ease back and, step by step, he moved them to the edge of the bed then he shoved. Laughing, he watched as Adrien tilted until he fell on the mattress.

“What the hell?” Adrien braced his hands on the comforter as he stared up at Ion.

“I’m feeling a little hungry,” Ion muttered before dropping to his knees. He unbuckled Adrien’s belt, fumbled with his zipper to get those crazy-expensive slacks open.

He tugged the fabric down while Adrien lifted his hips and his cock sprang out, hard and curved over his abs. Licking his lips, Ion studied the well-formed erection in front of him. Thicker and a little longer than his. The head was fleshy and purple and was shiny from pre-cum. It rose from a trimmed nest of dark curls and his balls hung heavy beneath it. Ion reached out to take them in hand. He fondled then rolled them in his fingers. Leaning in, he sucked one then the other. There was a salty taste to his skin along with the lingering scent of the soap they’d used earlier in the shower.

He pressed his tongue against the lightly furred sac before letting it slip from his mouth. Adrien gripped his head then directed his mouth to the tip of his shaft. Ion willingly opened, taking him without hesitation. He loved how it felt lying on his tongue.

When Adrien hit the back of his throat, Ion swallowed, massaging his length. His lover moaned and he smiled around the dick in his mouth. He loved knowing he could draw those sounds out and make Adrien lose control. After slipping his finger in beside Adrien’s cock, he got it wet then rubbed it over Adrien’s hole.

“Your mouth,” Adrien murmured. “I love the way it feels. Almost as good as your ass.”

Ion pushed just the tip of his finger inside and Adrien moaned. Arching, Adrien thrust into his mouth then impaled himself. It was what Ion wanted, his lover taking what he needed.