Bound by Love

Bound by Love

Bound 1
Samhain Publishing
M/M Contemporary Cowboy

Two cowboys fall in love. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

Tyler Newsome is heading home to the Lazy N, tired of the rodeo and tired of always being his charismatic twin’s shadow. It’s time he gets a life of his own—and maybe the man he’s always dreamed of, too.

Ren Alston’s always been attracted to Tyler, but never made a move because of his own mental and emotional baggage. But after years spent taming his demons and gaining control in every aspect of his life, Ren sees the younger man’s return as a sign of good things to come.

But first, they have to deal with Tyler’s twin, past indiscretions and Ren’s brothers. Will these cowboys manage to build a strong foundation of trust and love? Or will their problems be too much for them?

Product Warnings: Explicit manlove. Hot naked cowboys, caramel sauce, spanking, whipping and a new twist on the old fashioned roll in the hay.

Tyler climbed out of bed the next afternoon. He stretched and his back cracked. Ever since he’d screwed it up last year, he ached in the mornings until he’d been moving around for a while.

Men shouting over the bellowing of cattle caught his attention. Going to the window, he peeked around the curtain and chuckled. It was like he was a kid again, spying on the cowboys working for his dad.

There was only one man in particular he wanted to watch and he spotted him through the dust. Ren Alston sat on his grulla mare like he was a part of her. Tyler had been attracted to the tall horse breeder since he’d realized he was gay.

Ren’s skin was tanned dark brown from hours spent in the Montana sun. His dark chocolate brown hair was cut short on the sides and back, but was long enough on the top for Tyler’s fingers to itch to run through. Broad shoulders tapered down to a narrow waist. A firm ass drew Tyler’s attention every time the man walked past him.

Working with horses ensured Alston’s personality was quiet and steady. Ren’s ability to handle any situation instilled a rock-solid confidence in the man. Ren knew who he was and where he belonged in the world. His commanding air turned Tyler on more than the man’s good looks.

Ren shot a look at Tyler’s window like he knew Tyler was checking him out. Dropping the curtain, Tyler sat on the edge of his bed. He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees and cradling his face in his hands.

None of Ren’s actions had ever given Tyler the idea the older man might be gay. Two years ago, in a moment of weakness, he’d admitted to JT his attraction to Alston. It had been a month later, while resting up and helping out at home, when JT smugly informed Tyler that he had been seeing Ren and fucking him for about two weeks. Tyler had been excited to find out Ren was gay, but his heart broke because his brother and the man he had a crush on were an item.

It took him a while to realize JT went after Ren merely because Tyler liked him. Tyler never considered he might have a shot. What man in his right mind would want him after having JT?

A knock on his door startled him out of his depressing thoughts.


“You want some lunch?” His dad’s voice came through the door.

“Yes, sir. I’ll be right down.”


He sat, listening to his dad’s footsteps fade away. Standing, Tyler grabbed his jeans off the floor before digging out a T-shirt and underwear. He headed for the bathroom. One decision was made as he waited for the shower to heat up. He wasn’t going to think about the past. He’d take each day as it came and if he managed to get lucky, so be it. It was time to quit allowing JT to run his life.