Blood Diamond

Watched Blood Diamond the other night. It’s certainly makes you think. The diamond companies weren’t happy with this movie because it makes them look bad, but not only that, it really makes you think about how lightly humans seem to take life.

Got a ton of writing done on Home to Stay. I’m at 16k so far and I’m not done with what I’ve handwritten, but I’m getting close. After that, it’ll be all new

I also started writing the opening scenes for the Christmas story I’d like to have out this year featuring Les, Randy and the guys from Tony’s story. I got the opening scene for Dreaming of Dragons which will be Mordred and George’s story, but didn’t get a chance to write it down yet. That’s next after the final editing of Understanding Forgiveness.

Oh and the cover for Stealing Life is awesome. When I get the final okay from the powers-that-be at LSB, I’ll post it for you. It’s gorgeous, hot and sexy. Anne did a wonderful job of protraying the boys. 🙂

Hope everyone has a marvelous Monday.

2 Responses “Blood Diamond”

  1. T.A.Chase says:

    Hey there Yvonne,

    For the most part, I usually know how long I’d like the story to be when I start it. But sometimes they end up longer than I planned like Here Be Dragons. and it’s usually because the characters have more to say than I thought they did. 🙂

  2. Yvonne says:

    Morning TA- you’ve been busy 🙂 Is the lenght of the stories preset in your head(ex.145k or624k) or do the characters tell you when its longe enough?
    Having to work for the office accountant today, so I’m starting out with the blays today. But lookin forward to Rathian tomorrow;-)))

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