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Anubis copyright c. 2015 T.A. Chase

Part Thirty-Six-

“Aren’t you bigger than the usual jackal? Not that I’ve seen any of them outside of the zoo.”

More blinding light and when Jamil could see again, Anubis crouched in front of him. Before anything could be said, Anubis surged forward to press his lips to Jamil’s. He opened to Anubis, letting his lover take control of the kiss and running his hands over Anubis’ warm skin.

Jamil grunted when Anubis encircled his waist then stood, holding Jamil tight to him. He trusted Anubis wouldn’t drop him, so he didn’t break the kiss to protest. Nibbling and sucking, he ate at Anubis’ mouth as though he were starving for a taste of the man.

Anubis shouldered open the door to the bedroom then must have kicked it shut behind them. Jamil moaned as Anubis flexed his fingers, digging into Jamil’s ass cheeks. He rubbed his groin against Anubis’ hard stomach and enjoyed the feel of his erection running over the ridges of Anubis’ abs.

“Hey,” he gasped, bouncing on the bed when Anubis had tossed him. “You could warn a guy.”

Smirking, Anubis reached out to yank at Jamil’s jeans. “Where’s the fun in that?”

Jamil shook his head, but joined in to get him naked. Once his clothes landed in a pile on the floor, he held out his arms for Anubis.

“Come here,” he demanded.

Anubis crawled onto the bed then wedged his shoulders between Jamil’s legs before licking a line along the underside of Jamil’s cock. Letting his hands drop to the comforter, Jamil whimpered and fisted the material as Anubis wrapped his lips around Jamil.

“Please,” Jamil begged and it was obvious Anubis knew exactly what Jamil wanted because he swallowed Jamil’s entire length until it hit the back of his throat.

Jamil tried to lift his hips off the bed, but Anubis pinned him down, forcing him to stay still while Anubis worked him. All that heat and suction drove Jamil to the edge and brought him back again and again. Anubis never let him go all the way over. Soon Jamil had lost all ability to speak. He barely managed to make noises to let Anubis know how much he loved what the man was doing to him.

Suddenly fingers were at his opening and he spread his legs wider to give Anubis more room.

“Holy shit,” he shouted when Anubis breached him with two fingers and didn’t stop for him to adjust. Anubis stretched and worked lube into his hole unmercifully as though the man was close to losing control.

Jamil forced himself to relax. It burned, but he knew he could take it as long as he breathed. Anubis wasn’t interested in hurting him. The man was simply caught up in his desire, not that Jamil blamed him. Anubis nudged his gland with his knuckle and electricity danced along Jamil’s spine.

“Christ, Anubis. Fuck me already.” He reached down to rap his fist against Anubis’ shoulder.

Chuckling, Anubis pulled away from him. Jamil pushed up on his elbows to see what Anubis was doing. He watched while Anubis tore open a foil package then rolled the rubber over his thick length. A palm full of lube coated it before Anubis positioned himself at Jamil’s hole.

Jamil bit his lip as Anubis pushed in, filling him to the point of discomfort. Anubis didn’t stop, but he smoothed his hands along Jamil’s sides, doing his best to soothe him while his body adjusted to the invasion.

He didn’t know how long it took for Anubis to bury balls deep since Jamil was lost in the sensations of being taken. Closing his eyes, Jamil took another breath then met Anubis’ gaze.

Those dark eyes held his and he saw so many emotions race through them. Did any of it mean that Anubis loved him? Jamil blinked and shook his head. It didn’t matter how Anubis felt about him. The man would leave as soon as they figured out who was after the book and Jamil knew they wouldn’t see each other again.

Don’t think about it now. Enjoy this.

Rocking into Anubis, he encouraged the man to move. Anubis grinned then pulled out a little before shoving back in. There was no gentleness in their lovemaking. It was rough and sweaty. The noise of their grunts and skin slapping against skin filled the air. He’d have bruises from where Anubis gripped his hips hard. Pressure built in Jamil’s groin until he couldn’t fight it any longer.

“Anubis,” he cried out as he came, coating their stomachs with his cum.

He shook. The clenching of his inner channel dragged Anubis over the edge as well. Anubis threw his head back and shouted as he filled the condom he wore.

They trembled in each other’s arms while their pluses returned to normal and they stopped panting. Jamil winced when Anubis pulled out.

“Come on. Let’s take a shower then we can rest for a little while. I’ll have to go with Thoth in search of who might have hired those men.” Anubis took care of the rubber before offering his hand to Jamil.

“That sounds good to me,” Jamil said as he strolled to the bathroom with Anubis. “The shower and the nap. Not you going to look for the bad guys.”

Anubis shrugged as he turned on the water. “It’s what I was created to do, Jamil. I must find the men who wish to destroy this planet, plus I want to make sure you’re safe. If we don’t stop them, they’ll come after you until they get you. They’ll torture you. It happened to Kellan.”

As much as he wanted to continue arguing, Jamil knew it wouldn’t do any good. He would deal with everything that happened when it did and try not to worry before. Like how he was not thinking about the relationship he might have going with Anubis.

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