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I know it’s Thursday, but everything got pushed back a Plus I didn’t have a chance to write the next installment last night. So I decided to give you a sneak peek at my story for the 2013 GRL anthology. This anthology is going to be a little different from last year’s but I think you’re all going to enjoy it.

Also, I’ll have a new cover to reveal to you on Monday. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you all think. This is the last bit I wrote yesterday.

Here’s the excerpt:

The Occasional Prostitute copyright c. 2013 T.A. Chase

‘Ha. Thought you’d like him. Young and hot, but a good guy as well.’

‘Does he have to be a good guy? Can’t he be just a good fuck?’ He sent the message, then looked up to see Gib shooing the last stragglers out of the bar. Gib caught him looking, and waved.

‘Good one, Masters. I would’ve sent you to a different guy if I thought you just wanted a fuck.’

Was he that easy to read? He didn’t like anonymous sex much any more. Maybe it was because he was forty, and was feeling his age. ‘I’m not looking for anything serious, Chen.’

‘Keep telling yourself that. Have a good time. Call you later in the week to see how you’re doing.’

He knew he wouldn’t be getting anything else from Chen. They’ve been friends since college, and they’d chased bed partners together, yet it was more than that. They’d both come from privileged backgrounds, but didn’t want to follow in their fathers’ footsteps. Chen had become one of the world’s most sought after neurosurgeons. He’d made a fortune in his job, but he also travelled the world, performing pro-bono surgeries for charities and poverty-stricken countries. Chen’s father had wanted him to be a corporate lawyer.

Edwin turned his back on his father’s well thought out plan for his only son’s political career. He had no interest in following in his father’s career. No, Edwin wanted excitement and the pursuit of truth. He became a journalist to try and keep governments honest. It didn’t always work, but he did his best while dodging bullets and being taken hostage. His father kept trying to get him involved in his campaigns, and other people Edwin Masters Sr supported. He managed to stay away from picking anyone. As a reporter, he had to remain neutral, much to his father’s disappointment.

He didn’t understand Chen’s last text. Keep telling himself that he wasn’t looking for anything serious? But he wasn’t. Mostly because he was in Atlanta for two weeks, then he was off to some other war-torn countries. He didn’t want to leave someone behind who would hurt if he died.

And he didn’t want his life restricted by having someone else dependent on him. Edwin enjoyed flying around the world, reporting from exotic places. He returned to the States to remind himself that there were modern conveniences out there, then he got a new assignment and headed out again.

Having a relationship would put a damper on those adventures, and Edwin didn’t think he was ready to stop taking them.

“Are you ready?”

Glancing up, he saw Gib standing a few feet away, holding a bag. Edwin tucked his phone away, then stood.

“Yes, I am.”

“Sorry about making you wait and all, but having an honest job sucks.” Gib laughed as he led the way to the elevator.

Edwin let his gaze drop to study Gib’s ass, flexing under the tight fabric of Gib’s black pants. His hands itched to grab a handful of that bubble butt, but he kept himself under control. Being an adult, he could control himself until they got to his room.

Once they were alone in the elevator, Gib turned to look at him. Edwin watched as Gib stepped closer and closer until his chest pressed against Edwin’s. He didn’t think Gib was trying to intimidate him, and if he was, it wouldn’t have worked. Some of the most powerful men in the world had tried to do that, and while Gib was drop-dead gorgeous, he really wasn’t as scary as a crazy dictator with several armed bodyguards.

“Do you like to kiss?”

Gib’s question caught him off guard. “Do I like to kiss?”

Gib nodded. “Some of my clients don’t like to kiss. I’m okay with that, though I love to kiss.”

Edwin didn’t respond with words. He encircled Gib’s waist with his arm, then pulled him as close as they could get with their clothes still on. After burying his hand in Gib’s curls, he tilted Gib’s head for a better angle, then brought their lips together.

Gasping, Gib melted into Edwin’s embrace, seemingly willing to give himself over to Edwin. He nibbled on Gib’s bottom lip, trying to persuade him to open. He leant forward, bending Gib over his arm, and forcing Gib to grab a hold of Edwin’s shoulders to keep his balance.

When Gib moaned, Edwin swept his tongue in, tasting Gib for the first time. He must’ve had a drink at some point before he came to get Edwin, since he found a hint of hops in Gib’s mouth as he duelled with and sucked on Gib’s tongue.

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  1. Judy Catalano says:

    Just finished They Walk Among Us!!! Read it twice – great book.

  2. josexpressions says:

    oooh hot – I love it!

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