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Today’s WiP is Between Love and Hate. It’s a story I’m doing for Amber Allure and we already have the picture picked out for the cover. Yay!  I’ve been working on this one a lot lately because Kip and Si have been talking to me, even though I have a couple other stories that need to be finished…lol. Can’t help which character talks to me the loudest.

So here’s another little excerpt from Between Love and Hate. copyright c. 2103 T.A. Chase


After they ordered something to eat, she took a big breath, and asked, “Where were you for eighteen years?”

Stiffening, Kip set his fork down before he looked at her. “I was living a normal life. Since I was four, I’d been in movies and on TV. Nothing about my life could have been called typical. I decided I wanted to be a normal teenager for a while.”

Of course, that was a lie because by then he’d already started drinking to the point of being drunk most of his time. He’d moved out of his parents’ house, wanting his own freedom to do whatever he wanted. He had a lot of money, and his parents couldn’t access the majority of it. Thank God.

His drinking had been bad enough, then when he started doing coke and heroin, he began spending a lot more money. But still his accountant had managed to keep him from blowing through his entire earnings. Royalties were a wonderful thing, and even with him out of the public’s eye.

Kip had been lucky that once he disappeared from Hollywood, the paparazzi lost interest in him, so he didn’t have to worry about anyone finding out about his addiction.

“Mr. James, I know you entered a rehab facility two years ago. When you got out, you were cast in this movie by a director who was close to you when you were younger.” She leaned forward in her chair to stare at him.

He should’ve known she was just waiting for him to relax before she went for the jugular. Yet why did he feel ambushed? Kimberley did her due diligence to dig up what he’d been doing in those eighteen years, which is what any good reporter would do. Even an entertainment reporter could sniff out a breaking news story.

Taking a deep breath, Kip pursed his lips, trying to decide what he could say. It wasn’t like he wanted to lie about his past or being gay. Neither part of his life was a secret he wanted to keep. He knew a lot of people would think he became a druggie because he was ashamed of being gay, but it was simply the fact that he was young, bored, and fucking rich. There wasn’t anyone to stop him when he made the left turn straight into the abyss of chasing the dragon.

“You know, Kimberley, if you wanted to know about that time in my life, you could’ve asked me straight out. No need to lull me into a false sense of security. I’m not hiding that part of my past.”

“Then why hasn’t there been any mention of it before in any of the interviews you’ve done since you returned to Hollywood?” She folded her arms over her chest, looking like she didn’t completely believe him.

He laughed. “Because no one asked. Trust me, honey. I’m not interested in hiding anything. Not when doing so would damage my image, and what I’m going to tell you will make me more of a hero to all those kids who might look up to me.”

Kimberley sighed, and Kip couldn’t tell if it was because she’d heard the same ‘I have nothing to hide’ from other stars or because she liked his smile. He didn’t really care whichever one it was.

“I went into rehab two years ago because I was addicted to H and coke. I’ve learned not to be ashamed of the craving that strung me out to the point where the only living I was doing was when I was coming down from a high. Pain and need were the only emotions strong enough to convince me that I still existed in this shitty world going on around me.”

Kip fidgeted with the silverware on the table while he remembered the agony of going through detox. Letting go of the knife, he ran his fingers over his sleeve, feeling the bumps of the needle scars. The make-up people on the lot had a hard time covering them during the shoot, yet he never considered seeing if he could do anything about making them less obvious. They helped him remember where he’d been and just how far he’d fallen.

“When did you start using?” Kimberley shifted in her chair, a hint of excitement on her face.

Yes, she was getting a scoop, though it wasn’t anything Kip considered earth shattering.

“You know, this isn’t big news. There are a thousand stars who found themselves addicted to drugs or alcohol. I’m nothing new.” Kip had to point it out.

“True, but you’re the apple of Hollywood’s eye right now and you’re quite a mystery. A child star who disappears off the radar for eighteen years, then makes good when he returns to the movies.” She winked at him. “I need to capitalize on your popularity to help my career.”

At least she was honest.

“I started drinking when I was ten or eleven. Hell, it didn’t matter to a lot of people as long as they got to hang with me. Which sounds weird and pathetic, but there you go. Any notoriety is good for some people.” Kip shook his head when he thought about all the people in his entourage when he was younger. Not one of them tried to stop him either. As long as he was paying for everything, it was fine.

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  1. T.A. Chase says:

    I’m not entirely sure when it’ll be out. It’s due in November, so probably some time in January. 🙂

  2. whoa

    ten? eleven? sad group of people he was with

    Did you say when this was coming out?

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