Wednesday Work in Progress…




Well it’s not about my WIP…at least not yet. Great news! Chasing the King of the Mountains is a Finalist in the Rainbow Awards. Of course, we’re going up against some very tough competition, so I’m not sure what the outcome will be. I’m still happy that we made it this far. 🙂

I thought I’d share with you another peek into Remove the Space. It’s been a while since I’ve done that and it’s the other story I’m working on along with Blindsided. So here you go. I hope you have a marvelous Wednesday.

Remove the Space copyrighted c. 2013 T.A. Chase


Stretching, Ion rolled onto his side and jumped when his arm made contact with another warm body. He opened his eyes to see Adrien lying next to him. Oh right! Second night together, and some of the best sex I’ve ever had.

Yet seriously, they’d talked about falling in love the first night they slept together, but Ion wasn’t convinced that Adrien would want to keep him around for long. Because really? What did Ion have to offer a man like Adrien?

Oh, Ion wasn’t ashamed of where he came from and the life he had, but he knew that there would be a lot of people who might think he was with Adrien simply because of the man’s money, and the possibility of what he could do for Ion’s career.

He thought about the offer Mr Richardson made him on Friday. Working for Mr Herner as a problem solver at Bellemy International was a dream job for him, and he was willing to be on probation until he graduated. He’d said yes, and Mr Herner said they would talk to Adrien on Monday, so Ion wasn’t going to mention it unless Adrien did.

“You’re thinking too hard for a Sunday morning.”

Ion refocused on the man in bed with him. Adrien was studying him with his bright blue eyes, almost like he knew what Ion was thinking. But instead of saying anything, Adrien slid his hand around to cup the back of Ion’s head, then drew him down to him.

Their lips met, and he let go of all the thoughts in his head. Why dwell on that stuff when he had one of the world’s sexiest men in his bed? Opening his mouth allowed Adrien to sweep his tongue in, and Ion moaned.

His cock twitched as he pressed as close to Adrien as he could without climbing under his skin. When Adrien encircled his waist with his other arm, Ion went with him, not fighting as Adrien encouraged him to lie on top of him. Ion ground their groins together, loving the feel of his lover’s erection rubbing against his.

Adrien bit his bottom lip, then sucked on it to ease the sting. Ion shuddered as he continued to moving, slowly becoming lost in the kiss and embrace. He’d had a bit of a dry spell in the ‘having sex’ part of his life.

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