They Walk Among Us is available now…



I posted some places yesterday, but in case you didn’t hear, They Walk Among Us is now available at Amber Allure. Click here to go check it out. 🙂 Or you can browse my website to see what else is coming out soon.

Anyway this weekend was a great writing weekend. I did two real-time writing sessions with Devon Rhodes (which meant I stayed up really late since she’s like three hours behind me…lol) but we achieve two 10k+ days in a row, and our book is now over 34k. Which is awesome because it means we’re actually going to be bumping the word count up to 50k+, and our book will be out in print. Since it’s the first in a series of six books, that means all of them will be in print as well. Woot!

I really can’t wait for you to meet my cricket player…and Devon’s Bollywood actor. I think they’re wonderful together. 🙂

Also, I got a good amount written on Home Sweet Home as well, and it’s moving along at a good pace. Hoping this week will get me even more words.

Well, it snowed last night and the world outside is snowy/icy. Might be a good day to stay inside and write, but I do have some errands to run. So I’m going to write for a little while, then head out into the cold world (lol) to get what I need.

Have a marvelous Monday, everyone.

One Response “They Walk Among Us is available now…”

  1. Louise says:

    Woohoo! Got it yesterday and finished it last night. Awesome!

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