The next blog story….

Today is the day where you all get to tell me what kind of blog story you’d like to see next. 🙂 I’ll be writing the next Preternatural book in November or so for release at some point early next year. I don’t have a problem writing just about any genre, so let me know what you’re thinking. 🙂

Have a great Tuesday.

14 Responses “The next blog story….”

  1. Sula says:

    So many books and characters I would love to catch up with via one of your blog stories, I would love to catch up with Bitter Creek’s Redemption, Vanguard, Duncan’s World, Bound By Love. I would love one of the cowboy stories, possibly a follow up for Bound by Love…please 🙂

  2. JACKIE says:


  3. JJ's Mama says:

    Whatever is fine but I’d love another story from the Shades of Dreams characters. Like maybe a story about Stone, Lee or Hal. I’ve been hoping for more books from Shades of Dreams. It was such a good book!!! I want to see what happens with the other characters& maybe get an update on Stephan& Rocky.

  4. Jambrea says:

    Bittercreek universe would be cool. I wouldn’t mind seeing more from Duncan’s World. Or another Nowhere Dinner. More from They Walk Among Us. OR!!! More Hearts on the Line. 🙂

    OH! Or something new. Will a runner and…. someone else. A new contemporary. Maybe have a dog. lol

  5. ziva says:

    i would love to have more from the earth warriors series or home series.

  6. thothkristen says:

    I would love an update in the “Home” universe (the one about the cowboys and bull riders) or if you have more in the Dragon verse.

    Honestly, anything you write would be great 😀

  7. Susan E says:

    Anything is great, although would love an update on how the guys in the ‘Home’ series are doing. Or like some of the other comments, Vanguard, Bitter Creek, Stealing Life, or something totally new. So happy to hear you have plans for the next “Preter” book, can’t wait.

  8. Yvonne says:

    Have you thought about adding something to the Whore of New Slum word?

  9. Bittercreek or Angel’s Evolution time period

  10. Diane says:

    I would love to read something from Angel’s Evolution, or the Vanguard. But then again anything you write is worth reading. Maybe something from the Longest Stride or Voice for the Silent

  11. Bobbi says:

    Anything you write is great but I also like the older stories Bitter Creek, Stealing Life and the Vanguard are all wonderful but I’ve always wondered about the boys from Freaks In Love how are they doing.

  12. Melissa Bradley says:

    The Bitter Creek Universe for sure. I’d love to know more about Job.

  13. corrie jones says:

    I would love to read something in the Stealing Life universe or another story in the Vanguard universe.

  14. kaija says:

    I’d love to read something in Bittercreek universe. I’m happy with anything you write but I prefer non-paranormal storylines. And thank you for keeping writing these blog stories!

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