I ended up adding about 1k to From the Rubble during edits yesterday, so I didn’t have time to write today’s installment of Angel. I promise that I will be writing it for tomorrow. 🙂

Question: If I were to write Alain’s story in the Rags to Riches series, who else would you like a story about? I’d need to write two more to have them put in print like the others. I do think Alain has a story to tell, but I wasn’t sure what other character people might like to read about. Let me know your choices and I’ll see what I might be able to fit in my schedule for next year.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday. Hugs!

7 Responses “Sorry”

  1. Nancy Donahoo says:

    Yep..that would be great!

  2. Lin S. says:

    Hehe the thing is we now want BOTH Linda and Seamus to have stories *whistles innocently*

  3. Nancy Donahoo says:

    I have read publications by both Talia Carmichael and Cameron Dane where the main character is straight but finds himself attracted and then in love with another male. In both cases the story was intriguing…I think it would be a plausible approach well received by others.

  4. Lin S. says:

    I like the idea of Linda having a story, I don’t read any m/f at all, hmmm like Nancy says does he have to stay straight, could he perhaps find himself strongly attracted to one particular male…

  5. Nancy Donahoo says:

    Does he have to stay ‘straight’! Maybe he is not gay but attracted/loves a person who happens to be gay…or bi

  6. T.A. Chase says:

    I could do Linda’s story. I thought she would have a wonderful one to tell.

    Seamus is straight, so if I did write his story, it would have to be under my other pen name. Which isn’t a bad thing. Would most of you read it because he’s part of the series (kind of)?

  7. Nancy Donahoo says:

    Would love to see you add Linda’s story to the Rags to Riches series…Tito’s trans friend. Also, have you thought that Seamus might have a story now that he has his wonderful dog?

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