Real Life…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Sorry about not having a post for you today. I’d rather give you a full post then a small/short one. 🙂 but don’t worry. There will be a blog story post on Friday. Things got busy and I wasn’t able to get it all written.

Also, I thought I’d remind you that I have two St. Patrick’s Day themed books out. They’re older ones, but in case you haven’t read them.

One is Cead Mile Milte


The other one is Ghost of a Chance


Like I said they’re older books, but I think perfect for the holiday. lol. Hope you check them out if you haven’t already read them. 🙂

Thanks. Have a great day.

One Response “Real Life…”

  1. josexpressions says:

    Thanks, T.A. 🙂

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