On Love’s Wings

On Love’s Wings copyright c. 2016 T.A. Chase

Part Three-

“Paster,” the commander bellowed out.

A young man dressed in the browns and green of an army courier materialized beside the commander. “Yes, sir?”

“I need a winter coat.” Dosterta glanced down at Miataga’s elegant slippers. “Also, a pair of boots. Bring them to Flight Field Eight.”

“Yes, sir.” Paster saluted and dashed away.

“We must walk a little further. I’ve nothing to keep you warm with except my own body. Would you allow me to put my arm around your shoulder?” Dosterta’s voice was polite and neutral.

Miataga was struck speechless. Who was this man that he would ask a whore’s permission before he touched him? He nodded and almost groaned as Dosterta’s arm slid around his shoulder and tucked him into the commander’s side. It wasn’t until the warmth invaded his body that Miataga realized how cold he was.

Winter was settling in around the country and the wind was bitter. His light silk shirt and cotton pants were no hindrance to the cold.

He sighed and snuggled closer to Dosterta. “Your uniform must keep you warm.”

“I’m used to temperatures colder than this. I was born high in the Easterly Mountains where winter comes early and leaves late.” Dosterta’s voice held a twinge of the rough accent Miataga had heard when he had serviced Easterly tradesmen.

“The Easterlies aren’t a part of Emmen. Why would you come here to serve in the army?” He asked though he knew he could be punished for it. Few people appreciated an intelligent whore.

“It was Vikex who called me here.” As Dosterta stopped and dropped his arm, Paster arrived.

“Sir, I brought a coat and boots. I took the liberty of bringing a pair of gloves and a scarf. If you plan on leaving on the wing, then he should be warm.” Paster nodded towards Miataga.

“Thank you, Paster. Inform the quartermaster to take it out of my pay. Now go back to bed, son. I’ll see you in a month or two.” Dosterta ordered the young man away.

Miataga watched the young courier raced away. When he brought his gaze back, he almost fell over at the sight of Dosterta kneeling on the ground in front of him.

“No, Commander. I can put my boots on myself.” He protested as Dosterta picked up his foot. He had to reach out and grab hold of the commander’s shoulders or he would have toppled over. A moan of pleasure ripped through him at the touch of the warm silky material.

A shudder ran down the spine of the commander. He wondered at that. None of the other men he had serviced ever enjoyed his touch. They were quick to get in and get it done. There was no build up and no enjoyment of it. He moaned again as the commander slipped off his slipper and ran a finger over the arch of his foot.

“Put your foot on my thigh while I unlace the boots.” Dosterta placed his foot on the thick muscles of his thighs.

Heat swelled over his foot and headed right to his groin. His cock hardened and began to throb. He had never gotten turned on by a man from just simply touching him. His fingers crept up to stroke the vulnerable neck left bare by the commander’s bowed head. He knew his fingertips were soft like a woman’s. He traced small circles and the commander sighed.

“I’d let you do that all day, but it’s cold and you need to be warm.” Dosterta tugged one boot on and laced it up. He quickly did the same with the other of Miataga’s boots. Standing, his eyes burned with desire and he leaned forward.

“I want to kiss you, Commander,” Miataga whispered. “Take off your mask, so I may touch your lips.”

Dosterta jerked away from him with a flare of fear in his eyes. Shaking his head, the commander moved a few feet from him. “Put on your coat and scarf. If you wish to wear the gloves, you may. I must call Vikex, so we may leave.”

Miataga wondered what had caused the fear in the commander’s eyes. If not for that flash, he would have thought Dosterta was disgusted by the thought of kissing him. Not many men wanted to kiss their whores. It was considered too intimate a gesture to waste on someone they paid for sex.

Sighing, he wound the scarf around his neck and tucked the ends in under the wool coat he slipped on. Both the scarf and coat were thick and warm. They were made from the hair of the mountain goats raised on the Easterly Mountains and imported by merchants to sell in Emmen. His coat and scarf had been dyed a golden color to match the commander’s uniform. Miataga stroked the soft material and thought about touching the commander’s skin. His cock surged to life and hardened. Looking up, he noticed Dosterta had moved off a little ways.

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  1. Erika S. says:

    Oh very nice. I am loving this story.

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