On Love’s Wings…

Sorry about not posting anything the first three days of this week. But hey…I actually managed to get an installment done. 🙂 Enjoy!

On Love’s Wings copyright c. 2016 T.A. Chase

Miataga sucked on it then shivered as Ari slid his hands around to hold Miataga’s head still while the kiss went deeper.

When it was time to breath again, Miataga came up for air to discover he was straddling Ari’s lap, rocking against him. Ari pressed Miataga’s head to his shoulder while they calmed their racing hearts.

“I don’t want to come back here again,” Ari muttered, tightening his grip on Miataga’s ass. “Then don’t, or only come once every couple of years to see your siblings. Hell, you could ask Jemsel and Rayme to meet you at a village halfway between the two places. That way you don’t need to see your parents, but you can catch up with events while seeing the people you want to see,” Miataga suggested.

It didn’t matter whether he stayed with Ari or not. All he was concerned about was Ari being happy. Traveling as they were, without too many trappings of civilization, he’d come to discover Ari didn’t seem to think of himself very often. Each minute they were together, Ari had been focused on Miataga’s comfort, doing everything he could to make sure Miataga was happy.

Miataga didn’t think he would ever enjoy traveling often the way Ari and Vikex did. He was too much of a child of the city for that, but he’d go wherever Ari lead. After having dealt with a lot of assholes at the Loving House, spending time with Ari was a breath of fresh air. He trailed his hands over Ari’s shoulders down his back.

Ari grunted. “You’re right. We’ll figure something out, but I’ll admit I’m happy to be leaving tomorrow. We’ll drop Barke off at the base in Sendler then continue onto the Easterly Mountains and Vikex’s flock.”

“You won’t need to stay to help Barke get settled?” Miataga didn’t want to spend any more time than necessary in the capitol. He was afraid someone would force him back to the Loving House and he couldn’t go anywhere else with Ari.

“No. I’ll have to fill out a couple of forms then we can go. You won’t even need to leave the base. I promise,” Ari vowed. “When I get back from my leave, Barke will be ready for training and maybe he’ll have bonded with one of the birds by then. He didn’t say what kind of bird he’d been seeing in his dreams.”

Miataga hummed and relaxed even more, trusting Ari to hold him. “I’m glad I don’t have to leave the base. I’m worried that if we go back to Sendler, someone will make me return to the Lower City. I don’t miss my room in the Loving House, even if I’m not entirely sold on sleeping outdoors.”

Ari chuckled. “I’m impressed with how well you’ve taken to our rough traveling. Maybe if we were going to another part of the country, not the mountains, things would be easier.”

“I don’t mind. It’s different from what I’m used to and that’s fine.” He snuggled closer. “We should probably eat something.”

Ari’s lips moved against Miataga’s skin, but he didn’t hear what the man said. He wasn’t going to push the issue since he liked being in Ari’s embrace. He wiggled and shifted until he lay across Ari’s lap, so they could stare at the fire together.

Ari shrugged, lifting Miataga’s head whit his shoulder. “It depends. Some bonds are easier than others. I know some soldiers who had a great deal of trouble at first because their bonds with the birds were weak. As the years go by, the link between a man and his bird can grow stronger. For Vikex and me, our bond was natural as though we’d been born with our minds linked and it just took a while for us to find each other.”

Miataga smiled. “Born on opposite sides of the country does make it difficult to find each other quickly. How did you get out of the village? Seems like your parents weren’t happy about you leaving.”

“I ran away,” Ari confessed. “It was the only way I could find Vikex and not go crazy. It was hard since I’d never been away from the village in all of my sixteen years. I was lucky no one tried to rob me. By the time I got to Sendler, I’d run out of food and hadn’t eaten in days. I explained to the gate guards why I was there. Thank the gods, they sent me to the base and I’ve been there ever since. Vikex flew in the next morning.” Ari pressed a kiss to Miataga’s temple. “I woke up at first light that day and wandered out to the landing fields. I stood there for two hours then a bright golden bird dropped from the sky.”

“It must have been a sight,” Miataga murmured.

“Yes. It was like the sun had left the sky and joined us mortals on the ground. He looked into my eyes and I knew he was the one I was meant to meet. I will admit the officers weren’t happy about it. In fact, the Supreme Commander came down from his palace. He tried to bond with Vikex, but the phoenix wouldn’t give him a second of his time. Vikex focused on me and would only listen to me.” Ari tensed slightly. “The Supreme Commander wasn’t happy. He felt insulted, which is why he hates me and I have no respect for him.”

Miataga squeezed him. “I don’t blame you. I’ve met him and found him to be rather arrogant.” And violent, but he wasn’t going to tell Ari that. “I never had him as a client, but some of the other whores at my House have. They don’t have anything nice to say about him.”

There had been times where Miataga had doctored his fellow whores after sessions with the Commander. Quite a few of them had broken bones and serious injuries. Miataga had considered himself extremely lucky that the Supreme Commander had never bought him.

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  1. oh, man, “Miataga had considered himself extremely lucky that the Supreme Commander had never bought him”, please tell me that he didn’t just jinx them!

  2. josexpressions says:

    Loved it! Thank you, T.A. 🙂

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