On Love’s Wings

On Love’s Wings copyright c. 2016 T.A. Chase

Part Twenty-Six-

They shared amused glances then Ari’s voice drifted on the breeze over to them and Miataga stiffened.

“No, Father. I’m not going to be dealing with you any more. I’ll be informing the officials in Sendler that they will be talking to Caritsal and Samles. All money the families get will go to them and they will be handing it out. Even the stipend you receive.” Ari glared at his father. “My money will go to Jemsel. He’ll ensure the entire family benefits from it instead of just you and Mother.”

“I’ve always shared our fortune,” Mr. Dosterta protested.

Jemsel snorted. “Ariste knows the truth, Father.” He looked at his brother. “Hell, Rayme has been doing the books for a year or so. It won’t be hard to take over the rest of it.”

“You can’t do that.” Ari’s father shoved Ari in the chest. “This is my village. I’m the elder here. You listen to me.”

Miataga rushed forward to grab Ari’s arm before he did something. He could tell Ari had reached the limit of his tolerance for his father. “Don’t do anything you’ll regret. He is your father, Ari. You have every right to hate him right now, but trust me, you’ll hate yourself if you hit him.”

Ari met his gaze and he gasped. There were flickers of orange and red in Ari’s golden eyes, showing how truly mad he was. It was probably the first time someone had raised their hands to him since he’d entered the military. The enemy soldiers didn’t count. This was his father who threatened to hurt him and there was no way Ari would allow that. But Miataga knew once Ari cooled down, he’d be upset if he did something to his father in his anger.

“You can find somewhere else to stay, Ariste. You’re no longer welcomed in my home,” Ari’s father shouted.

“That’s fine. We’ll be leaving tomorrow morning. I have to stop in Sendler before we continue on to Vikex’s flock.” Ari tuned to face his brother, dismissing his father.

“Ariste, you and your friend can stay with us tonight,” Caristal offered. “Our daughters can share a bed, and you can take our oldest’s.”

Miataga was surprised by the offer, though he was happy. Ari shook his head.

“Thank you, Caristal, but we’ll sleep outside tonight. Vikex will come back and keep us warm. When you and your daughter are ready for her to come to the capitol, please contact me. I’ll be willing to sponsor her.”

Caristal nodded. “Thank you, Ariste. Will we see you before you leave?”

Ari shrugged. “If I can get Barke to meet us early, we’ll leave at sunrise. There’s no point in us staying here any longer.”

Miataga allowed Ari to take his hand and drag him from the hall. Rayme and Jemles followed them. Miataga didn’t try to convince Ari to take Caristal up on her offer. As much as he didn’t want to sleep outside, he understood why Ari had said no. It wasn’t like any of the villagers had been particularly friendly since Air left for the capitol. Now that they realized there was monetary gain involved with their children serving the government, they were being nice.

“Ariste, you don’t have to sleep outside to prove a point,” Rayme said. “There’s a perfectly good cabin a little ways down the trail from your parents’ house. You can stay there tonight. No need for Vikex to come in until the morning. I know he doesn’t like hanging around the village.”

“While you and Miataga gather your bags, Rayme and I will get pillows, blankets and sheets for you. The cabin is clean, but will need a little airing out. We’ll also pack some food for you.” Jemles held up his hand when Ari started to say something. “No. I’m not worried about what Father will say. He’s been ruling this family and village with an iron hand. It’s time someone else took over and we’ll do it my way. It is his home.”

Ari grasped his brother’s shoulder. “Thank you, Jemles. I wouldn’t ask you to go against him about our sleeping arrangements. You’re right. It is his house still and he has the right not to want me there. I’m happy to hear about the cabin though, since I know Miataga wouldn’t have been thrilled to sleep outside.”

“Hey now, I would’ve done it,” Miataga protested.

Leaning over, Ari brushed a kiss over Miataga’s cheek. “I know you would’ve done it for me. Now there’s no reason to be uncomfortable. Show us to the cabin then I need to find Barke and have him start packing.”

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  1. Bobbi says:

    This story is getting better and better really enjoying it.

  2. josexpressions says:

    Whoa! Ari put Dad in his place – woot!

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