On Love’s Wings….

On Love’s Wings copyright c. 2016 T.A. Chase

Part Eleven-

Ari couldn’t help wondering what Miataga had wanted to say, but he chose not to comment on it. “Unfortunately, I’m taking you out when the weather is kind of chilly. If we’d been out earlier in the year, it would be warmer at night.”

Miataga patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry. I have you to keep me safe. It’ll be fine.”

They arrived at the creek and Ari motioned to the water. “It’ll be a little cold. Here is some soap.”

He held out the soap cake, letting Miataga wash up first while he filled two bottles with water. He tossed two purifying pills into one of them. The other he’d warm up in the morning so Miataga wasn’t too chilled from cleaning. He assumed that Miataga was used to bathing regularly while in the city. Many of the larger Loving Houses catered to higher society who wouldn’t appreciate their whores being dirty or smelling.

“Oh my God,” Miataga gasped. “You were right. It is cold.”

“The water is runoff from the snow higher in the mountains.” Ari tilted his head in the direction of the foothills. “Further up, the rivers and creeks freeze. Some will be solid. Others, we could chip through the ice to get to the water if we wanted.”

Miataga grimaced after he finished rinsing the soap off. Ari took his hands in his and focused a little bit of the fire burning at his core to warming his skin. Miataga murmured, moving closer and Ari encircled him, letting him snuggle against his chest. He buried his face into Miataga’s curls, breathing in his rather unique spicy scent.

This time he didn’t move away when Miataga tilted his head so their lips brushed. It was the first time in a long time he’d kissed someone who could actually see his face. Usually, he didn’t kiss anyone and had sex in the dark because it was easier for him, knowing they wouldn’t be able to see his scars.

Something told him this entire journey was going to be very different from the other ones he’d taken with Vikex. Having Miataga with them had already changed things simply because they’d never had another person join them. Ari wasn’t sure he really wanted to take Miataga to his home village. The people there would treat him like he was dirt if they knew what he did for a living.

Giving himself a mental slap, he refocused on Miataga’s mouth, sweeping his tongue in to tease and duel with Miataga’s. He slid his hands down to cup Miataga’s ass and lifted him until he got the idea to wrap his legs around Ari’s waist. They mashed their mouths together, causing Ari’s lip to split. The coopery taste of blood hit him, but he didn’t care about the slight twinge of pain. Miataga rocked his groin into Ari’s and moaned. Ari spread his legs for better balance, but didn’t stop Miataga from moving.

Vikex’s cry came from the clearing then and Ari sighed. He lowered Miataga until the man’s feet touched the ground. “I’m sorry. We need to get back to the clearing or our dinner will burn. Vikex can’t get them out of the fire.”

The look he got from Miataga brought a smile to his face. “I promise. We’ll pick that up after dinner. We really do need to get the meals out before they burn. Come on.”

He gathered the bottles then offered his hand to Miataga who grabbed it and smiled. They strolled back to the clearing where Vikex perched on a falling tree close to the fire, watching the flames. Ari dug through the bag to find two cups. One of the water bottles he set aside for the morning.

Miataga sat close to Vikex, soaking up the heat from both the fire and the phoenix. He reached into the flames to pull out the packets. Seeing Miataga’s worried expression, Ari grinned.

“It just feels slightly warm and there aren’t any burns.” He held up his hands, showing them to Miataga. “Just be careful when you take a bite of your meal. It’ll be hot.”

Ari sorted out the food into the bowls before handing one over to Miataga along with a spoon. He poured some water into a cup and set it next to Miataga’s leg. Then he joined him.

“It’s not the best tasting food in the world, but it’ll do until we get to the village.” Ari blew on the bite he’d scooped up.

“Not too bad,” Miataga said after taking a bite. “I’ve had worse before I started working as a whore. When I was just helping clean up around the place, I got scraps and well water. Trust me, this is much better.”

There wasn’t much he could say about that. He’d never been without food in his life, whether it was in his original village or at the military base in Sendler. Sure, there had been times when the food tasted terrible while there were battles and wars raging. Yet he’d never had to worry where his next meal was coming from. He reached over to touch Miataga’s hand.

“I’m sorry.”

Miataga frowned. “For what?”

“For what you’ve had to live with and what you live with now.”

“You don’t have to feel sorry for me. I’m not complaining. It’s my life. Might not be what most people would want to do, but it keeps me fed and housed. I have friends there and I have a few returning customers.” Miataga laughed. “I don’t know anything different, though coming with you might ruin everything for me.”

Ari snorted and Vikex chortled as though he were laughing. “Camping out in the forest and eating pre-made dinners while washing up in ice cold streams is going to make you rethink going back to the Loving House? If you like it out here more than you do in the city, I might have to consider getting your head checked out.”

“Oh, it would be the company I kept while on this adventure that would ruin everything, not where I slept or what I ate.”

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