Nowhere Diner: Finding Peace…




I wasn’t able to get the first installment of ND: Finding Peace done, but it will be up on Thursday. I thought I’d introduce you to Zane Smithson, Chad’s friend and at some point in the story, love interest. Yes, he’s going to be older than Chad and not as damaged from the war. Oh, I’m not saying he doesn’t have his own demons, but he’s going to be a little more grounded than Chad is. 🙂

I found out some good news about Fallen: Detroit, the first of my MF series that will be coming out soon at Total e-Bound. It’s #2 on their M/F bestseller list. I’m thrilled to death about that. Now I just hope that everyone who reads it will be interested in the rest of the series, since there will be eight of them…lol.

Okay…well…I have a busy day of writing and gathering honey to get started. I hope you all have a great Tuesday.

One Response “Nowhere Diner: Finding Peace…”

  1. josexpressions says:

    can’t wait!! and congrats on Fallen: Detroit 🙂

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