New Cover…

MLR Press is re-releasing Bastet on May 17th. There’s a new cover, but the content is the same. They will be releasing Anubis as well, which as you all know was a blog story, but never got released at Amber Allure. I’m happy they took this series.I thought I’d share the cover. I hope you like it.


Also, Pride Publishing is re-releasing Hearts on the Line. There isn’t any new content with this one either, but a yummy new cover. 🙂 This one will be available in June. I’ll give you the exact dates soon.


Hope you all have a great day.

3 Responses “New Cover…”

  1. Lisa says:

    I just finishing reading Death or Life from MLR press. Just one word…Wow! I loved it! The twist got me. I hope(pleading) you are going to do a follow up

  2. Phoenix says:

    Cannot wait to read Anubis. You’re an amazing author!

  3. Teresa C says:

    Wait, what is the title on your cover?
    Bastet, or Basetet?

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