More Eye Candy….




I know you usually get a picture of Channing Tatum at least once or twice a week, but I thought I’d share this one. And really this is the best kind of candy because it won’t go right to your hips…lol.

Well, Parts 1-3 of For Every Dream that Shattered have been turned in with their cover art/blurb forms. I’ll be starting Part 4 today and hopefully by next Monday, I’ll be turning in the last two parts. I hope you all are looking forward to it because I like this story and it’s been fun to write.

Oh, I got a release date for Sharp Dressed Man. It’ll be coming out on June 7th from MLR Press as part of their Mixed Tape stories. As soon as I get a cover, I’ll share it with all of you.

Also, Destiny asked if I was going to write Chad’s story from Nowhere Diner, and the answer is yes. He’s on my list to get done. Not entirely sure when though. I keep hoping I can get back to him soon, but other stories seem to claim my attention. Chad’s very reluctant to talk to me, I guess. 🙂 But I do plan on writing him a Happy Ending.

I hope you all have a great Thursday.

One Response “More Eye Candy….”

  1. Cynthia says:

    Is the part story for TeB? Bailey Bradford did something like that with them…I can’t wait to see your story.

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