Holiday weekend

I should have written this post last night when I remembered what I wanted to tell everyone. This morning, I have no idea. lol Maybe it’s too early in the morning and I’ll think of it later on. Who knows?

Anyway, today I plan on finishing up Under My Bed. The last sex scene was written and I just need to add the epilogue, then fill out the forms and send it on its merry way. After that, I have to go back and add 8k or so to Pestilence. That’s to make sure it’s long enough to go into print. War is next to be worked on. Oh, and Bandit’s story, Love’s Baggage is up after War. I know I said Rover’s story was next, but in my schedule, it works out for Bandit’s to be next.

I’m also writing up synopsis for a short story and another series to send into TeB. Hopefully, if they like it, they’ll pre-schedule them for me like they did the other Horsemen books. Also, the sequel to Out of Light into Darkness needs the synopsis written. I’m hoping to work on them this weekend.

I hope you all have a great Friday and a safe holiday weekend. Be careful if you’re driving anywhere.

One Response “Holiday weekend”

  1. Jambrea says:

    Have a great weekend!!! šŸ™‚

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