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Oops…I’m using the old version of this cover. It doesn’t have the new Totally Bound logo. Oh well…I just thought I’d let you all know that Chicago is up for early download if you or any of your friends might be interested. Click here if you would like to check it out. 🙂

But on to the real feature of today: The Q & A.

Yvonne asked last Friday: “how did your family & friends respond to your new career as a M/M author when you first started, and when you were first published?”

Well, I was first published in 2004 and I wrote M/F books at the time. My parents and brother were very proud of me, though my mom skipped over the sex scenes in the books…lol. To be honest, even without the graphic sex, the books weren’t really what she liked to read anyway.

Then in 2006, when I started writing M/M stories, they were still as proud of me as they were before, though this time my dad and brother started reading more of them. (Both of them are gay…just so you know…lol) My mom has never read any of my M/M books…that I know of…and I’m fine with that. I know she’s thrilled that I’m published and get a chance to tell my stories to people who love my books.

To be honest, I never received a negative response to what I was writing, whether it was M/F or M/M. I think it was more the fact that they were ebooks that made many people think that I wasn’t necessarily ‘published’ in the traditional sense. But when I tell them that I have over 70 books out, (or did at one time…lol) and that I quit my day job to write full time, they’re impressed. Because I’m doing something that I love and getting paid for it.

My dad is very proud of me, though he tends to introduce me as ‘the queen of porn’…I’ve given up trying to explain the difference between my graphic erotic romances (and let’s face it, the sex in my books has toned down in the last couple of years) and porn. But I don’t feel like he’s putting me down or anything like that. It’s more just having fun. And hey, it’s great that he’s not embarrassed to tell people what I do for a living.

I hope that answers your question, Yvonne. Does anyone else have any questions they’d like me to answer? I’ll be more than happy to do so next Friday.

Have a great day and a marvelous weekend, everyone.

6 Responses “Friday Q & A..and Chicago….”

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  2. josexpressions says:

    ok, cool, thanks!

  3. Porn doesn’t have a well developed storyline like erotica does. The sex is usually done with feeling rather than slam-bam. Just my opinion.

    Great question Yvonne! I don’t believe I’d tell most of my family!

  4. T.A. Chase says:

    Jo…yes, I am still working with Amber Quill/Amber Allure. I just submitted a story to them, Between Love and Hate. I’ll share the cover on Monday. Also, I’m working on finishing the last chapter or two of Hearts on the Line to send to them as well. 🙂

    Yvonne, I’ll answer your question next Friday. 🙂

  5. Yvonne says:

    Me again… How do you decide which publisher to work with?

  6. josexpressions says:

    Awesome, thanks, T.A. Are you still working with AmberQuill Press?

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