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New Interview

Here’s some yummy eye candy for you all. 🙂

And I did another interview with Wave, so if you get a chance, stop by and check it out. Here’s the link. It was fun as always and I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I did my first one with her. She’s a great lady and a wonderful supporter of m/m authors.

Hmmm…other than that, not much to tell. Did my final line edits on Wishing, so I will hopefully be getting an exact release date soon. I know that will excite all of you who have been wanting more of my Home boys.

Well, I hope you have a great Wednesday and don’t forget to stop by and check out my interview.

Fighting Dragons cover…

Very nice cover, isn’t it? Another great one from Anne Cain. 🙂

Fighting Dragons will be available on March 30th from Loose-Id.

I finished the edits on Duncan’s World (available April 4th at Amber Allure) and Wishing for a Home (available at some point in April from Liquid Silver Books) Woot!

I’m working on Revealing the Past, a story for Amber Allure. I’m close to being finished with it, so I’m focusing my attention on that one story until I’m done. 🙂 Then I’ll dig through and figure out which one I want to put on the calendar along with Not Seeing is Believing. Also, remember that Wolf’s Survival starts tomorrow.

Have a great Monday.

Quick work week….

Of course, I’ve only worked two days this week…lol. So yay! It’s Friday. 🙂

Well, yesterday was a good writing day and I’m hoping today will be another one because I’ll be doing edits this weekend on Wishing for a Home and Duncan’s World. Plus working on the first installments of Wolf’s Survival.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

March Already….

Already starting the third month of the year…wow. I blinked and February was gone…lol. 🙂

Well, March is a good month for me. I’ll have two releases coming out. Freaks in Love on March 7th and Fighting Dragons on March 30th. Woot! Edits are done on both books, so we’re good there.

Now there is a rumor going around that Wishing for a Home will be out in March. Well, I’m not sure about that. I haven’t done any edits on it, though I’m hoping there won’t be any major ones needing to be done. And to be honest, I’m hoping we can push the release date back to April.

I know. I know. You are all dying to get your hands on Derek and Max, but see, with two releases already scheduled for March, I don’t want to overwhelm you all with books. I mean, I know you’d probably buy them regardless of how many came out in a month, but I don’t want to stretch your book budget to the breaking point.

If LSB is willing to release it in April, I’ll let you know as soon as I can about a date. Also, I have another book coming out in April which happens to be another cowboy book. So you could get two cowboy books that month.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting two blurbs. You will get to choose which story gets written for the blog. They’re very different from each other, I have to say…lol. I hope you think both of them are interesting.

I hope you have a great Monday. 🙂

Digging out….

Okay…so we didn’t get as much snow as the people on the East Coast, but there was enough snow here to delay me getting into work. 🙂 Which I’m not complaining about, really.

I finished a new story yesterday. Be the Air for You is about a rock star and his best friend who is dealing with some life altering problems. It’ll be released at Amber Allure on May 9th. 🙂 Woo-hoo!

Oh and I got the cover for Wishing for a Home. It’s awesome. Check it out at SiN. I’ll post it on Friday along with another excerpt to whet everyone’s appetite for Derek and Max’s story.

I’m back to working on Out of Light into Darkness…a vampire story with a twist. I’m hoping I’ll get it done by the end of the month.

Hmmm…that’s all I can think of to update you about. I hope you all have a safe and warm Wednesday.

New Excerpt Posted…

I posted an excerpt from Wishing for a Home at SiN (the Liquid Silver Forum). Check it out. 🙂

Oh, and With This Ring hit the Top 10 Bestsellers at ARe. It’s #9 right now. Woo-hoo! That means half of my books listed at ARe were bestsellers at some point. I’m happy with that. I mean who wouldn’t be, huh?

Still writing…lol…though it’s getting a little slower going, but that’s par for the course for me. Usually by the end of January..beginning of Feb., I slow down a little. Probably the mid-winter blahs. I’m just looking for any hint of sunlight and warmth. 🙂

Hope you all have a great Wednesday.

Middle of the week blues…

Ugh! Is it Friday yet? Not that it really matters, but for some reason, this week is going by so slowly. 🙂 Maybe if I just stare at this picture long enough, I’ll forget all the other junk…lol.

Woo-hoo! Wishing for a Home has hit the Coming Soon section at Liquid Silver. I posted the blurb there if you’d like to refresh your memory about Derek and Max. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what the cover looks like for this one.

I did a little writing on Trailing Air, the next Preternaturals book, and Defensive End, the next Love of Sports book, yesterday. Along with one or two other stories I’ve been working on as well. As much as I know I need to focus on one book and finish it, my mind isn’t letting me. So I’m rolling with the punches and taking whatever characters want to talk to me at the time I’m able to write. We’ll see which one gets done first…lol.

I guess I should start my work day. Yay! Take care and have a great Wednesday.

Holiday Freebie

First big news of the day is I have a Holiday Freebie available at the Samhellion. It’s titled Four Gold Rings and features the boys from the Love of Sports series. It’s a free download, so run and grab it. Also, it kicks off Samhain’s December Holiday Freebie month. Almost every day there’ll be another free story to download and enjoy from all the marvelous Samhain authors. My story is a short goodie. 🙂

Second great news of the day is that Playing the Game is out officially, though it’s been available to pre-order for a while now. And some of you might have gotten your copies already. I know the one copy I pre-ordered from Amazon showed up on my doorstep last week. 🙂


Out of Bounds – Basketball player Kasey Johnson keeps his sexual preference out of the public eye. He thinks his secret is safe until he meets Ingram Fletcher. Gram has lusted after Kasey for over a year, but he’s been unsure if its safe to make a play. Then an impromptu kiss leaves him wondering if a relationship is possible now, and beyond March Madness. And if Kasey is ready make a fast break out of his comfort zone.

High Line – Race driver CJ Lamont’s world comes tumbling down when his ex-wife reveals the truth about his private life. As he hits rock bottom, rescue comes from an unexpected source, Garrett Johnson, Hollywood’s hottest leading man. After his twin brother falls in love, Garrett acutely feels the emptiness in his own life. He tells himself offering CJ a shoulder to lean on is only temporary. But the two men grow closer and CJ realizes he has a decision to make whether to rebuild the lie, or admit his love for Garrett.

I also signed the contract for Wishing for a Home, my next Home book…which means it’ll be out in the spring of 2010. Woot!

I hope you all have a great Wednesday.

I don’t want to be here…

Ugh! I hate having a long weekend because then I really don’t want to go back to work on Monday…lol. 🙂 I hope you all had a great holiday.

Well, let’s see. I have good news. I got an email from Liquid Silver and they want to publish my third Home book. There will be a title change from His Heart’s Home to Wishing for a Home. The new title actually comes from a song Derek sings to Max during the story. 🙂

Also, within the next couple of days, I’ll be phasing out this blog and moving/starting a new one at my website. If you’d like to check out what I’ve gotten done so far on my updated website, go to and wander around. It’s pretty simple at the moment since I didn’t have time to get into a ton of stuff, but at least all my books are on there and the new ones I have coming out. I’ll be doing links and other stuff as I work on it. Hopefully, you all like it.

Take care and I hope you have a great day.