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Why I Love Bodyguards




Why I Love Bodyguards copyright c. 2014 T.A. Chase

Part Thirty-

He climbed into his SUV then waited for Burke to get ready before he pulled out. When they reached Sunburst, they parted ways. He headed to the high school while Burke went to the grocery store.

Cathal parked in his usual spot then checked his emails on his phone. So far there wasn’t anything he needed to worry about. His assistant seemed to be handling all the issues that had come up. He saw Rebecca’s email address come up and opened it.

“Mr. Burke told me to send you these files. Hope everything is going well for you.”

When he opened the files, he saw it was about Burke’s parents’ deaths. He’d go over them later on that night after the kids went to bed. He really wanted to figure out how two wealthy people could be killed, yet nothing be done about it. Especially if the son of the victims believed without a doubt they were murdered.

He’d sensed someone approaching his vehicle, so when the knock on the window came, he wasn’t surprised. Turning, he studied the man standing outside the SUV. There was something vaguely familiar about him, but Cathal couldn’t place where he’d seen him from.

Rolling down the window, he said, “Yes?”

“Are you Cathal McKinley?”

Cathal wrapped his hand around the grip of the handgun he’d tucked under his thigh once he parked. “Yes, I am.”

“I’m Deputy Sheriff Mitchell. I was wondering if I could talk to you about your sister.” The man flashed a badge.


“I was two years behind you in school, but I played on the varsity football team with you your senior year.”

Cathal let go of the gun and nodded. “Right. I remember now. Yes, did you want to meet up after I drop Randy and Elisa off at home or should I come in tomorrow?”

Mitchell pursed his lips as he thought. “I think we should talk as soon as possible if it’s all right with you.”

“No problem. My friend is at the house, so I can drop the kids off then meet you at the diner,” Cathal suggested.

“That will be fine. Your friend the guy who stopped by the hardware store and bought some new locks?”

He’d forgotten how news traveled in a small town. “Yes. That’s Hilton Burke. He’s my friend and boss.”

“Okay. I’m glad you’re taking steps to keep her from getting into the house.” Mitchell glanced over towards the high school where kids were starting to pour out. “I’ll see you in a few at the diner.”

“All right.”

Randy and Elisa climbed into the SUV, greeting him with smiles. He turned the vehicle on, but didn’t put it in drive. He looked over at Randy.

“Could you pick up the twins for me and watch them? I need to meet with a sheriff deputy about your mother and I’d like Hilton to come with me.”

Rolling his eyes, Randy said, “Yeah. I can do that. They’re used to me getting the twins on the days Poppa was sick.”

“What has she done now?” Elisa asked as she put on her seat belt.

“I don’t know. The deputy just came over to ask me to meet him.” Cathal moved the gun from under his thigh to the console. “You’ll take the truck.”

“There isn’t a gun in there,” Randy commented.

“Right.” Cathal paused then continued after a moment. “There shouldn’t be. I’ll ask Hilton about that. I’ve never seen him with a gun, but more than likely he knows how to shoot.”

Randy snorted. “I wouldn’t be surprised. He seems to be more than just a rich business man.”

Cathal chuckled. “You’re right about that, Randy. He’s constantly surprised me this entire week.”

“Do you think he meant it when he said he’d come in and talk to my class?” Elisa fidgeted.

“Yes. Let him know when you want him to come and he will. One thing you can count on with Hilton is he keeps his word.”

“Unlike a lot of people,” Randy muttered and Cathal knew his nephew was thinking about his mother.

Cathal put the vehicle in drive then drove to the house. Randy and Elisa went to take their things to their bedrooms while he wandered into the kitchen where Burke was busy putting dinner in the oven.

When Burke straightened, Cathal encircled his waist and pulled him close to him. He brushed his lips over Burke’s neck. Sighing, Burke rested back against Cathal.

“I’m glad you’re home,” Burke murmured. “Dinner’s in the oven. It should be done shortly after the twins get home.”

“About that. Randy’s going to pick the boys up while we meet a sheriff’s deputy. Something’s come up about Margaret.”

Burke turned to look at him. “When did you run into a deputy? Should we call the lawyer and have him come with us?”

“He came up to me while I waited for Randy and Elisa. He told me he needed to talk to me.” Cathal sighed as he rested his forehead against Burke’s. “I’m afraid to guess what she’s done now.”

Not letting go of him, Burke managed to get his phone out. “What was this deputy’s name?”

“Mitchell,” Cathal told him.

He listened as Burke called Chuck and asked him to check on a Deputy Mitchell in Montana. Something in his voice must have told Chuck it was important because Davidson didn’t argue or anything.

A smile crossed his face. Davidson might have been an Alpha male and an experienced homicide detective, but Burke was the ultimate male. He was the one all other men wanted to become.

“All right. Thanks. Try to keep Herb from freaking out over Jessie’s wedding arrangements.” Burke ended the call. “Chuck says that Mitchell is on the level. He really is a deputy, but he couldn’t find out anything about Margaret.”

“Thanks for checking.”

He trusted his instincts and they had told him Mitchell was who he said he was, but it was nice to know he was right.

Where the Devil Dances available now…



First up is Where the Devil Dances. It’s been re-released by Total e-Bound and is available for general download today. Yay! Click here to check it out.






Next up is Leaving Home, which is now available from Total e-Bound for immediate download if you’re a VIP at TEB. 🙂 Buying it means you get a 10% discount and you get to read it four weeks before it’s available to the general public. Woot! Click here if you’d like to read the blurb again…or download it. Remember, this is book Four in the Home series, and is about Peter, Les’ accountant.





And last but not least (by any means) is A Sticky Wicket in Bollywood. It’s up for pre-order at Total e-Bound. If you pre-order, you get a 15% discount and it’ll be in your inbox the day it gets released. 🙂 Click here to check it out.

I’m sorry about not posting anything last Friday. I hit the ground running, and totally forgot about the blog until I got home late Friday night…lol. I’ll try to do better this Friday. 🙂

I finished edits on Threadbare Gypsy Souls, which comes out next Sunday at Amber Allure. And I’ll be working on edits for Sharp Dressed Man from MLR Press. I don’t have a release date for that one yet. Might not have one until all the stories are edited. They had a good response for the Mixed Tape anthology call, so I’m sure there’ll be a lot of great stories to go with mine.

Devon Rhodes and I are still working hard on Chasing the King of the Mountains, which is the second book in the International Men of Sports series. We’re over halfway done, and hoping to finish it by next week. Yay!

Again, I have several short stories I’m working on. Some for MLR Press, some for Amber Allure, and some for TEB. Hoping to finish them up by the end of April. We’ll see how many I get done by then.

Well, I better get cracking if I want to accomplish anything today. 🙂 Hope you all had a marvelous Easter weekend, and have a great Monday as well.

Tuesday….a little better



Okay…so I finished Leaving Home yesterday. Got that into my editor, and we’ll be starting edits on it very soon. As soon as it comes up for pre-order/VIP sales, I’ll let everyone know. 🙂

I also did the last set of edits on Where the Devil Dances and Dreaming of Dragons, and got them to their respective editors as well. I started working on Reserved for Him, a short story for a TeB anthology. I’m hoping to get it done in the next couple of days. I’ll be starting Home Sweet Home (Yancey/Juan) and a project I’m working on with Devon Rhodes tentatively titled India (just until we get the okay to use the title we want…lol) Oh, and my short story for the newest GRL anthology needs to be done soon as well.

As you can see I have a lot on my plate, but I’m hoping to get some of them done quicker than others. The two short stories should be easy to whip out, if I don’t go crazy first from the pressure…lol

I hope you all have a great Tuesday.

New Cover….


This is the new cover for the re-release of Where the Devil Dances. It’ll be out next year in the first couple of months. I don’t have my calendar up to give you an exact date…lol. You can check it out on the my site. 🙂

Also, No Going Home has been re-released by Total e-Bound. If you hadn’t picked it up when it was available before. 🙂 There isn’t anything new added to this version, just re-edited. So if you already have it, you don’t have to pick it up…unless you want the new cover. The good news is…if you’ve always wanted a print copy of No Going Home, you’ll be able to get one in the next couple of months. I can’t wait to see all the Home books out in print. Yay!

Still working on The Whore of New Slum. I might not get the next installment of the blog story done today. I’m going to try and get as much of The Whore done today as I can. The deadline to sub it is Dec. 1st…and I’d really like to get it done before then. 🙂

Have a great day.


From Yesterday is rolling along nicely. As soon as I come up with a blurb, I’ll share it with you. 🙂 News on the Coming Soon front. Looks like we’re going to release Where the Devil Dances in February next year. What that means is Leaving Home, Home Sweet Home, and Stealing Life will be pushed back a month. Don’t worry…they’re still coming out next year, but this gives me a little breathing space for the two haven’t been written yet. Just in case they cause me as much trouble as Tramps did. lol

Well, I’ll be writing soon. Need to get the next installment of my blog story done, and hopefully another 3k on FY. Yay! Have a great Monday.

Last Monday in February


Since it’s so close to the end of the month, I thought I’d let you all know what my news is. If you’ve gone to ARe, or really any of the 3rd party sellers-or to Liquid Silver Books website to look for any of my books published by them, you won’t find them. After four great years being published with them and working with them, I decided to take the rights back to all my books. The only two left with LSB at the moment are Where the Devil Dances, and Two for One. Because both of those are published with other authors, I had to wait the full 90 days before I could get those back. Which is fine with me.

Again, I want to emphasize that my decision had nothing to do with Liquid Silver Books. They’re great people, and I loved working with them. I just decided it was time to move my books somewhere else. The purpose behind it is to consolidate my publishers and make it a little less of a search for you, the readers, to find my books. If I have them at three or four publishers instead of six or seven, it’d be quicker…lol.

And the good news is Total e-Bound has decided to pick up the Home series and Stealing Life so far. The other books are under review with them. 🙂  So at the moment, I have release dates for them, barring any unforeseen problem.  No Going Home will be re-released Oct. 15th, Home of His Own-Dec. 31st. Wishing for a Home-Jan 28th.  Also, I have release dates for the last two books in the series, Leaving Home will be out Feb. 25th and Home Sweet Home will be out March 25th. Stealing Life will be out April 22nd. The other news is all of the Home books will be released in print as well. I added more to Wishing to get it up to the right word count for print. So that’s awesome news.

Now I know you’re all probably grumbling about having to wait until next year for the last two books in the series, but at least you have actual dates to mark on your calendar to look forward to. 🙂 There are six more LSB books that TeB will be taking a look at to see if they want them or not. If not, I do have other options to publishing them, so they will be re-released at some point.

I did a pre-release schedule from Total e-Bound that goes through April of 2013. That makes me happy, and it’s a schedule I can keep without pulling my hair out…lol. I finished From Slavery to Freedom on Friday, and sent it off to my beta reader. Once she’s done, and tells me everything I need to fix, I’ll get it in to my editor at TeB. FStF is scheduled to be released on July 31st. Woot! I’m working on The Deepest Cut at the moment, trying to get it finished as well. We’ll see how far I can get on that before I have to start the second book in The Beasor Chronicles trilogy.

There are plans to take back some other books back from another publisher of mine, but until it actually happens, I’m keeping as silent as I can about that. 🙂 Again, I’m taking my rights back for no other reason than it’s time to move on. It’s been fun working with all my different publishers. Simply time to gather my little ducklings into fewer baskets.

I hope you all have a great day.

Liquid Silver’s Top 20 of 2009

So the best sellers list came out at Liquid Silver the other day. 🙂 Best Sellers for 2009, that is, and I’m on it. Woo-Hoo! Thank you all so much for helping me achieve that.

Here’s the list:

Here’s our Top 20 Top Sellers of 2009!
  • Grey’s Awakening – Cameron Dane
  • Hearts Afire: January – Bonnie Dee & TA Chase
  • Death or Live – TA Chase
  • Roan’s Fall – Marisa Chenery
  • Leaving Earth – Loribelle Hunt
  • Mated to a Wolf – Marisa Chenery
  • Out of the Blue – Josh Lanyon
  • Love Most Inconvenient 2 – DJ Manly
  • His She-Wolf Warrior – Marisa Chenery
  • Stolen Earth – Loribelle Hunt
  • Hearts Afire: April – Emery Sanborne & Jamie Craig
  • Unmasking Dorian – Violet Summers
  • Rocky Mountain Heat – Vivian Arend
  • McCallan’s Blood – Lynn Lorenz
  • The Challenge – Serena Shay
  • Human Nature – Cat Kane
  • Diamond in the Shade – DJ Manly
  • Her Wolf – Rebecca Royce
  • Sacred Fate – Eresse
  • Bastards and Pretty Boys – KZ Snow
Congratulations to all the other authors who made the list as well.

It just so happens that I only had two releases at Liquid Silver last year and both are in the top three on the list. Yay! Also, With This Ring is still hanging around on Samhain’s best seller list at #4. It got to #3 before falling, but still that’s awesome. 🙂

Oh and aren’t those boys so pretty? lol

I hope you all have a great Wednesday. I know I will.

Happy Thanksgiving

this guy has beautiful eyes.

Happy holidays, everyone. I hope you enjoy the day whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not.

I have a lot to be thankful for. A great partner. A successful career. Awesome readers. Beautiful men. (lol..had to put that in there.)

Thank you all for visiting me through out your busy day, every day. It means alot to me to know you’re out there and in some small way, I can entertain you. Or give you something nice to look at.

I look forward to another year doing the same.

This week ended up being a little crazy, so the next installment for Where the Devil Dances will be tomorrow. 🙂

Enjoy your day.

Not Again

I thought this week would be slower than last week, but fate is proving me wrong. I had a business party to go to with C that he neglected to tell me about until right after work yesterday. Ugh! Needless to say, I didn’t get the installment done that I wanted to do.

It needs to be a good one too since it’ll be Eric and David’s first time having sex. 🙂 Thing is I’m going to be busy in meetings most of the day, so it might not be up until late tonight or tomorrow.

Sorry about yet another delay everyone. It drives me crazy when I don’t get it posted on time for you all.

Hope everyone has a good day and please stop back later on today. Hopefully it’ll be up then.


Due to a slight emergency at work, I haven’t been able to post the next installment of Where the Devil Dances. 🙁

I promise I’ll get it up as soon as possible. If not today, then it will definitely be up tomorrow. Sorry about the delay, everyone.