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Happy Monday

I forgot I didn’t share the cover to Snap Decision, the second book in the Delarosa Secrets trilogy. Here it is. This one is about D’Marcus “Snap” Jefferson, a DEA agent and Mac’s friend. (Mac is one of the main characters in Borderline, the first Delarosa book) Ken Santos is the other main character and he has a few secrets. One of which he doesn’t even know about until a little later in the book. lol.



Book 3 is titled Cold Truth. I haven’t started it yet. It’s on the list to get started on Feb. 1st, but I’m hoping to finish up the story I’m working on early this week to get to CT sooner. CT is about the eldest Delarosa brother, Victor, and for those of you who have read Borderline when it was out originally, you’ll remember Victor isn’t really a nice guy. Yet like the other two, he has his own secrets and when they’re revealed, I’m hoping you all love him as much as I do…lol

I just signed the contract for Climbing the Savage Mountain, the sequel to Mountains to Climb in Totally Bound’s What’s His Passion line…and it’ll be up for pre-order August 28th. Also I signed a contract for Cead Mile Milte (there are accents to go over some of the letters…lol) It’s a short story for St. Patrick’s Day. It’ll be out at MLR Press on March 13th. Yay!

I’m working on Scarecrows and Devils, which is a crime/suspense/paranormal story for a PAX at Amber Allure. I think you’ll like the characters in this one. Also, Jackie Nacht and I are working on A Bittersweet Dance, the second book in our Mark of the Jersey Devil series.

Hmm…at the moment I think that’s all there is to talk about. I’ll be posting a question tomorrow about what kind of story you’d like to see next on the blog. 🙂

Have a great Monday…and for those of you in the Northeast, stay safe and warm.

Wednesday’s Work in Progress



It’s been a while since I’ve posted a WiP excerpt. I thought I’d do one with the newest book I’m working on. I’m really enjoying it…and hopefully you will when you get a chance to read it. I don’t have a release date or anything for it yet. It’s not contracted or anything, but it’s the sequel to Mountains to Climb. So you’ll get to see how Jensen and Toby are doing, now that Jensen has returned and Toby has welcomed him back.

This book is titled Climbing the Savage Mountain (K2 is nicknamed the Savage Mountain and Jensen climbs it in the story).

Climbing the Savage Mountain copyright c. 2014 T.A. Chase


“Why Everest?” Toby asked. “Whenever I hear people talk about something on their bucket list—or the ultimate dream—a lot of them say climbing Everest. What makes Everest such a goal?”

Jensen scrubbed his hand over his hair as he tried to think about how to explain how he felt whenever he thought about Everest. “I don’t know about other people, though for most of them, Everest might seem like the biggest insurmountable obstacle they can think of. And to be able to say they got to the summit ends up putting them in a rare class of people who have faced a challenge and defeated it.”

Toby nodded. “I guess that makes sense, but why do you want to climb it? I know that it’s only number two on your list. K2 is the one you really want to conquer. Why not focus on that one instead of risking everything on Everest?”

Jensen met Toby’s gaze and said, “If I can summit Everest, I have no doubt that I’ll get to the summit of K2.”

“So Everest is just a litmus test as to your ability to climb big mountains? What happens if you end up getting injured while trying it? Will that convince you that you can’t do it or will it strengthen your resolve to try again?” Toby clenched his hands.

He winced at the pressure Toby was exerting on his fingers. Jensen cupped Toby’s face in his free hand.

“Nothing will happen to me on this trip. I promise.”

Toby jerked away from him then shot to his feet. He started pacing while Jensen watched. “Don’t promise me something like that, Jensen. You’re a good climber. I know that. Hell, Cat and Jigger tell me that all the time. You’re a natural. One of the best they’ve seen in years. I know that means jack shit when you’re up on that God forsaken piece of rock and a storm rolls.”

Jensen opened his mouth then snapped it shut when Toby whirled on him. He saw the fear in Toby’s eyes and he went to him, wrapping his arms around his lover to hold him close. He pressed his mouth to Toby’s ear and whispered, “I promise to never make light of your fears. I’m sorry. I guess I didn’t realize how scared you were about me going.”

“It’s not just Everest, Jensen,” Toby confessed. “It’s every time you walk out that door on a trip. I’m left here, wondering if you’re going to come home. So far you’ve done it, but what if something keeps you from coming back to me?”

As much as he wanted to say that the only way he wouldn’t be coming back to Toby was if he were dead, Jensen knew it wasn’t the right thing to say. It certainly wouldn’t reassure Toby at all.

“I know you’re afraid I’ll decide to keep wandering.” He stepped back to stare down at Toby. “I can make you this vow, Toby, and this one I do have control over. I will always come back to you. I wasn’t strong enough to face you when I ran away before. I didn’t trust in how much you cared for me. We both know I should’ve come to you and tell you about my addictions and my problems.”

“Damn straight you should’ve. How can I help you when I don’t know what’s wrong?” Toby encircled Jensen’s waist, resting his head on Jensen’s chest.

Jensen kissed the top of Toby’s head. “Do you really feel like talking about my trip right now? Why don’t we go for a run then we get back, we can take a shower?”

Tension eased from Toby’s shoulders and Jensen realized it was just a reprieve from the complications of him going away. Yet he didn’t want to talk about it right then. He wanted to spend time with the man he loved and soak up all the good times, so he had something to cling to when he was on the side of Everest, praying to God to keep him safe.

A Grand Prix Romance available…



A Grand Prix Romance, Book 7 of our International Men of Sports, is available at all 3rd party retailers now. 🙂

It features Paolo from At First Touch, plus you get to visit some of the other guys as well. 🙂

Also, I’d like to show you the cover for my short story that is part of a new imprint at Totally Bound. It’s called What’s His Passion?. My short story is titled Mountains to Climb and will be out on July 11th. All the stories featured in WHP will be m/m and also at least one character will have something he’s passionate about. My guy, Jensen, is addicted to mountain climbing. (wouldn’t have guessed it by the title, right? lol) There will be a full length novel some time next year featuring Jensen and Toby again. Plus I have a few other ideas I want to explore that would fit into the theme of the imprint.

Here’s my cover for Mountains to Climb:




And here is the cover for the anthology for What’s His Passion. The first six launch books will be available in one print book. 🙂



Aren’t they gorgeous?

I hope you all have fun this weekend. I’ll be working on finishing up Book 5 in the Rags to Riches series, Walking in the Rain. 🙂