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New Cover…



I know that usually I share a Work in Progress on Wednesday, but Devon and I just finished up Blindsided to submit, so I don’t really have anything to share today. At least not writing-wise.

I do want to share this very pretty cover Trace at Amber Allure did for me. Between Love and Hate will be out in January. It’s a short story, but I think there will be more to be discovered about Kip and Si. They were very interesting men.

I hope you like the cover and come back tomorrow for the next installment of the blog story. I think Zane is about to meet Quinn, and he’s not going to be impressed any more than the rest of us are with the kid. lol.

Have a great Wednesday.

Every Shattered Dream Part Five….



The last part of my serial for Totally Bound came out last Friday. Every Shattered Dream Part Five…I hope you were all able to grab it and see how the story ends for Logan and Dawson. 🙂 And Kenny…lol. You can check it out here.




Also, as some of you might have noticed Total e-Bound got a face lift and became Totally Bound. Yay! Their new website is gorgeous. One of the things they offer are box sets of different genre of books. No Going Home is in the Lassoes & Lust box set along with Carol Lynne, Amber Kell, Bailey Bradford, and Talia Carmichael. It’s to give people a chance to sample some of the cowboy stories they have out. 🙂 I think it’s a wonderful idea. Makes me want to go out and buy it, even though I already have copies of my book…lol Click here to check it out.

Well, I have a marvelous time at GRL. Got to see a lot of friends and people I consider family. 🙂 But now that I’m home and unpacked, it’s time to buckle down and get some stories written. First I have to run to the grocery store since there’s no human food in the house…lol. Only food for the cats.

I hope you all have an awesome day.


Monday News….




I actually don’t have any news at the moment…lol. I added 3k to Between Love and Hate yesterday. I changed the title from A Thin Line Between Love and Hate. A shorter title will be easier to remember…lol. 🙂 This one is going to Amber Allure when it’s finished and we already have the cover picked out. Yay!

Did some work on Blindsided as well, so that’s coming along. I have edits to do on New York, which need to be done by Thursday. So I’ll be working on those along with all the other stories I’ve mentioned so far and the blog story.

But first I’m off to have lunch with my mom, then maybe a little shopping. After that, I have to go feed my dad’s birds. Once I get home though, I’ll be writing and editing. By the end of the week, I’ll be packing to head out to GRL in Atlanta. Yay! I’m excited to see all my friends there.

Have a great Monday.

Every Shattered Dream Part Four available…




Every Shattered Dream Part Four is available now at Total e-Bound. 🙂 Click here to check it out. We’re getting closer to fulfilling the promise Logan made to Kenny. I hope you’re all enjoying the serial. It was fun to write. Almost like my blog stories, only slightly different since there were only five parts and they were each longer than my installments. But the idea is the same, end each part/installment with a cliffhanger. Maybe not a huge one, but still enough of one that it keeps people interested in reading more.

Also, I just signed up to go to Chicago’s Spring Fling the last weekend in April of next year. It’s being put on by a RWA chapter there. So that’ll be three appearances next year…though of course, I haven’t signed up for GRL 2014 yet, but I am planning on being there. I’ll be in Chicago in April, RT/New Orleans in May, and wherever GRL happens to be in October next year. Yay! Maybe I’ll be able to see you at one of these events.

I have a ton of writing to get done this weekend, so I better get started. Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Monday again…




I had to take my dads to the airport, so I didn’t have time to post anything until right now. 🙂 Here is the awesome cover for the 5th Fallen book, New York. By far my favorite of the series (at the moment. I’m sure I’ll change my mind as each of the others are completed…lol) It’s scheduled for a January release. Yay!

Also, A Sticky Wicket in Bollywood received an Honorable Mention in the Rainbow Awards contest. Which is marvelous news. We’ll find out the winners tomorrow, I believe.

I’m working on Blindsided, and we’ve made a good start on it. Also, Remove the Space is being worked on and a Christmas story too (that might have to wait until next year to be released…lol It’s a little late to be turning in Christmas stories for this year.) As soon as those are done, I have a couple to finish up for Amber Allure, and my next Fallen book to do.

So I’ll be busy, and during the week of GRL, I might not have much time to write, which is fine. 🙂 I’ll try to make sure I at least get the two installments for Finding Peace done before I leave.

Okay…I have to get writing now. I hope you all have a great Monday.


Wednesday Work in Progress…



Yay! I’m finally going to share something with you…lol. It’s been a while because I was working on New York, which is finished and the contract signed. Woot!

Now I’m working on Blindsided, Book 4 of the International Men of Sports series. This one is rugby in Australia. 🙂 My guy is Liam Holmes, and he’s the rugby player. Devon’s guy is a lifesaver (lifeguard) at one of the local beaches.

So here’s a little excerpt from my part of Blindsided:

copyright 2103 T.A. Chase & Devon Rhodes

Liam raced through his house, grabbing shit from his kitchen table, then sniffing it before stuffing it into his duffle. Once all his practice clothes were packed, he set the bag down by the door before swearing softly to himself.

“Where did I put those damn boots?” He stomped through the rooms, trying to figure out where he’d tossed his boots after his last practice. Retracing his steps, Liam remembered he’d threw them in the corner of his bedroom. He’d been in a hurry to change into his bathers, and head to the beach.

He checked the clock, then went to collect them. After tying the laces together and hanging them around his neck, he bent to pick up his duffle, then headed outside. As he opened the door, two small figures dashed in.

Freezing, he blinked, trying to work out if he actually saw what he thought he saw. A noise caused him to turn, and there, in the middle of his living room, sat two kittens. One black and one orange.

“What the hell are you doing? This isn’t your house.” After walking over, he crouched down in front of them.

The orange kitten nudged his hand to get him to pet it. So he scratched its ears while studying the other one. The black kitten stared back at him like he was the one trespassing in its domain.

A horn honked outside, and he sighed as he herded them into his bathroom. It was the only place besides the bedrooms that had a door, and he didn’t want to leave them in the house while he was gone. He’d decide what to do with them when he got back.

After picking up his kit again, he left his house to see his teammate’s truck idling at the kerb. He waved at him before shutting then locking the door. Liam dashed down the walk to where Leon was.

“Hey mate, how’s it going?” He asked as he tossed his kit and boots in the bed of the vehicle before climbing in.

Leon grunted, but didn’t answer him. Liam wasn’t insulted or anything, since he’d learnt after riding with Leon for a week or so that the man didn’t really like to talk to anyone. It didn’t matter whether it was a new guy or some guy he’d known for the entire five years he’d played for the club.

“I appreciate you driving today. My ride needs new tires and shit before I can drive it.”

“No problem.” Leon put the vehicle in drive, then pulled away from the kerb.

“Do you know any bloke that wants some cats? Two just ran into my house, and I’m not sure they’ll be easy to get rid of.” Liam frowned as he thought about the two invaders.

Leon shook his head, but that didn’t surprise Liam. Leon was the most solitary man Liam had ever met. He’d been excited to find out that Leon only lived a few houses down from him on the block, figuring they would be able to hang out and he’d have a friend in Melbourne. Then he discovered that Leon didn’t socialize with anyone, so it was basically driving to and from the club.

He’d ask some of the other guys who had kids if they’d want a pet. His parents had allowed him to have all the pets he wanted, but playing rugby had taken up so much of his time while growing up that he didn’t think it was fair because he wouldn’t be around that much.

They got to the club, and after they parked, Liam grabbed his stuff out of the back. Then he followed Leon into the stadium where the club played. The locker room was loud as the men laughed and joked while they changed into their practice unis. Liam wandered through the milling crowd to his locker where he tossed his bag in.

He quickly stripped, then pulled on his own practice stuff. After tying his boots, he stomped his feet to adjust them. Looking around, he saw the other guys were gathering around to head out onto the pitch. He fell in next to Teo Maulo, one of the flankers for the club.

“Do you know anyone who wants a cat, mate,” he asked as they walked out onto the pitch.

Teo shot him a quick glance. “Why? You got cats to give away?”

As they started stretching, Liam nodded. “Yeah. Two of them just walked into my house like they owned the place just before Leon showed to pick me up.”

“Leon’s a bit of a piker, but he’s a good bastard,” Teo commented as he motioned to where Leon stood at the edge of the pitch. “Have to say though, I don’t know anyone who wants pets, but I can check with my family.”

Snorting, Liam said, “Thanks. I know you have a big bunch to talk to. I’m sure someone would like them.

Every Shattered Dream Part Three available now…



Every Shattered Dream Part Three came out last Friday. I hope you were able to at least check it out. If not, here’s the link for it. 🙂 and remember it’s only $1 at Total e-Bound, but it’s also available at Amazon as well. 🙂




Also. the next book in my M/F Fallen series, Reno, came out on Friday. 🙂 Here’s the link if anyone is interested. I hope you don’t mind me posting about my MF stuff here. Now you won’t get any more than just a cover and a little ‘hey it’s out’ or I might share the cover for them. Because I know most of you aren’t coming here for my MF stuff. 😉

I finished New York last week, so now I’m going to be working on edits for Fighting Dragons, so we can get that re-released at MLR Press. Also, I’ll be working on Blindsided with Devon, and Remove the Space Between Us, book one in a new series I’m writing for Total e-Bound. So I’ll be busy. Oh plus I’ll be getting ready for GRL as well. No rest for the wicked I guess…lol

I hope you all have a great Monday.

Almost done…




Almost finished with New York. Only about another 7k or so to go, which I can get done today. I was falling asleep over my keyboard early early this morning, so I decided I needed to sleep. 🙂 Once I get this done, I’ll see if I can get the next installment for the blog story done as well. thanks for being patient with me.

Well, I better get to it. I hope you all have a great Tuesday.

Manic Monday…




Well, the weekend went by quickly, but I managed to get a good amount of work done on New York. Hoping to finish it today, so I might not get the Tuesday installment of Finding Peace done. You might have it on Wednesday instead. But you will get two installments this week, I promise. 🙂

I have to admit these last two months have been hard for me writing wise. For some reason, I just didn’t have any interest in working on anything. Oh, I’d do a little here and a little there, but nothing sustained. I’m hoping whatever hit me has left and I can get back on track with deadlines and other things. 🙂 Because there are a few books I’d like to write that don’t have deadlines, but that need to be written…like Rover’s book for the Preternatural series. And some other short stories for MLR Press that I have started but just haven’t been able to finish.

Well, here’s hoping that this Monday is the start of better things from now Have a great day.

Available in Print….



Chasing the King of the Mountains is available in print now. It’s the second of the International Men of Sports series I’m co-authoring with Devon Rhodes. (As if you didn’t know that already…lol)





Also, Unconventional in Atlanta is out in print. 🙂 So we’ll have both available at GRL in October for those of you who are coming.

And we’ve got approval on more Sports stories, so I really hope you are enjoying them. At the moment, it looks like we have stories scheduled out through 2016. Yes, 2016…lol. A lot of sports and a lot of stories. But of course, things are subject to change, so don’t mark that down in ink just yet. Now those are just the ones we told our editor about. We’ve come up with a few more since then, but we’re going to finish a couple before we add any more…lol.

Well, I have to get writing. I hope you all have a marvelous weekend and enjoy yourselves.