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As you can see, I didn’t get another installment of Bodyguards done for today, but there will definitely be one tomorrow. And hopefully one on Friday. 🙂

I wanted to let you know (if you’re interested) that Hearts on the Line is available in print at Amazon. 🙂 Click here to check it out.




Also, Burning Up the Ice is available in print as well. Click here to check this one out. (I have to say I love the white cover on this book. It really stands out on my bookshelf.)

Oh and in case you didn’t know….




Close the Distance is available for early download. This is the second book in the Rags to Riches series and picks up right where Remove the Empty Spaces left off. Click here to check it out.




And Serving Love at Carnival is available for early download as well. 🙂 Click here to check this one out.


Okay…so I signed the contracts for Saint Petersburg and a special project that as soon as I know I can say something I will. I have to double check to find out if it’s top secret until the publisher reveals it, or if I can say anything…lol. Don’t want to get into trouble, but I think you’ll like it.


Well, that’s all the news that fits to print today. I hope you all have a great Wednesday. 🙂

Now Available….



So Remove the Empty Spaces is now available for general release, meaning it’s on sale at 3rd party booksellers. 🙂 so if you prefer to buy your books at amazon or ARe, it’s there. Here’s the link to Amazon. And the good news….it’s only 99 cents. Yep. It’s the first book in an eight book series and remember if you read it, the second book, Close the Distances, takes up right where Remove ends. 🙂 So you did get to know what happens when Adrien meets Ion’s family. lol




Also I got the cover to my seventh Fallen book, London. I have to say this is my absolute favorite cover of the series so far. I love all of the covers for the series and I can’t wait to see the last one, Redemption, when I get it done…lol.



Los Angeles, book six, is up for early download now..if anyone is interested. Here’s the link to it.


And one more cover to look at. 🙂 We got the cover for Serving Love at Carnival, our sixth International Men of Sports series.




I’ve been so lucky with my covers. 🙂 So that’s all I need to tell you about at the moment. Working on Losing Sight of the Target and edits on From Yesterday. Once those are done, I’ll be starting Footsteps of My Father, book 3 of the Rags to Riches series. Also Devon and I will be starting A Grand Prix Romance, taking place in Monaco during the Formula One Grand Prix of Monaco. 🙂 And I have a special project I’m working on as well and as soon as I can, I’ll tell you all about it.


Well, I hope you’re all warm and safe. Have a great weekend.

New Cover…




I forgot that I hadn’t shared the cover for Burning Up the Ice, Book 5 of the International Men of Sports series. So here it is and it’s on the coming soon page. Click here to check it out.





Also, Blindsided has hit all 3rd party sellers by now. So if you buy your books on Amazon, it’s available. 🙂





For those of you who are interested, or know someone who might be, Fallen: Los Angeles is up for pre-order now. 🙂 click here to check it out.




I’m pretty sure I let you know that Remove the Empty Spaces is available for early download, but if not, it is. lol  click here to check it out.

Umm….I think that’s all I have to tell you today. Oh, Bump Set Score in Rio, book 6 of the International Men of Sports series, has been completed and subbed. So yay! The original six books planned for the series are done. Now we’re moving on to the next six, which weren’t planned for in our first plotting session but have developed over the months as we wrote the first six. 🙂

Now I’m working on London, Book 7 of the Fallen series and Losing Sight of the Target, which is for an Amber Allure PAX. Also, I’m working on a secret project that as soon as I can, I’ll let you know more about. Plus, Devon and I will be getting started on A Grand Prix Romance, which is Book 7 of IMOS. 🙂

I hope you all had a great weekend and a marvelous Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Week of Christmas…..




First off, Fighting Dragons was re-released on Dec. 6th at MLR Press. Click here to check it out.





Second, His Last Client came out as a single release on Friday. It was out in the Unconventional in Atlanta anthology. 🙂 But you can check it out here.




Third….Blindsided is up for early download. It’s book 4 in our International Men of Sports series. Check it out here.




And lastly, Remove the Empty Spaces is up for early download as well at Totally Bound. It’s book One in my Rags to Riches series. 🙂 Check it out here.

Now that I’ve got through all the promo stuff. lol I’ll announce the winner for the next blog story. It’s Why I Love Bodyguards. I guess Burke and McKinley will be getting their story sooner rather than later.  I’ll see what I can do about getting the first installment written for you all tomorrow. I have to go back and read Why I Love Geeks to make sure I get them right…lol

I hope you all are safe and warm. If you live in an area hit by the storm, I hope you have power and are okay. Have a great Monday and thank you for voting.

Wednesday’s Work in Progress…NSFW




My Work in Progress this week is titled Close the Distance. It’s book 2 in the Rags to Riches series. In Book 1, Remove the Empty Spaces, we meet Ion and Adrien. RtES will be up for pre-order in January. Anyway, Close the Distance is a continuation of their story. In fact, it’ll be picking up the very next day from where RtES left off.

I started it on Monday so I’m not too far into it, but since I want to get it done before Christmas next week, I’ll be working as much as possible on it. Though I did want to share a NSFW snippet of it with you. Hope you like Ion and Adrien.

Close the Distance copyright 2013 T.A. Chase


He tugged the fabric down while Adrien lifted his hips and his cock sprang out, hard and curved over his abs. Licking his lips, Ion studied the well-formed erection in front of him. Thicker and a little longer than his. The head was fleshy and purple and was a little shiny from the pre-cum leaking from it already.

It rose from a trimmed nest of dark curls and his balls hung heavy beneath it. Ion reached out to take them in hand. He fondled then rolled them in his fingers. Leaning in, he sucked one than the other. There was a salty taste to his skin along with the lingering scent of the soap they’d used earlier in the shower.

He pressed his tongue against the lightly furred sac before letting it slip from his mouth. Adrien gripped his head then directed his mouth to the tip of his shaft. Ion willingly opened, taking him without hesitation. He loved how he felt lying on his tongue.

When Adrien hit the back of his throat, Ion swallowed, massaging his length. His lover moaned and he smiled around the dick in his mouth. He loved knowing he draw those sounds out and make Adrien lose control. After slipping his finger in beside Adrien’s cock, he got it wet then rubbed it over Adrien’s hole.

“Your mouth,” Adrien murmured. “I love the way it feels. Almost as good as your ass.”

Ion pushed just the tip of his finger inside and Adrien moaned. Arching, Adrien thrust into his mouth then impaled himself. It was what he wanted, his lover taking what he needed.

They had done away with condoms for blow jobs over the weekend, and when they got back to the city, they were going to get tested. Once their negative results came back, he would finally get to feel what fucking bareback was like. Well he’d get a chance to remember what it felt like. His first couple of times having sex had been non-condom times, and he’d been lucky not to catch anything.

One of his close friends had got HIV, and it shook Ion to his core. That was when he promised himself that he was never going to believe he was invincible again. He always carried condoms in his wallet.

But now loving Adrien meant he could get rid of them and experience the amazing sensation of Adrien spilling inside him. A little tug on his hair brought his mind back to what he was doing and not on what was going to happen in the future. Ion went back to bobbing up and down, applying as much pressure as he could to draw another groan from Adrien.

Two fingers inside Adrien and Ion twisted them to nail his gland. He gagged slightly when Adrian shoved his cock a little deeper than was comfortable for Ion. But he didn’t back off, working Adrien as best he could until he got a tap on the cheek, letting him know Adrien was close.

He upped the pressure and movement until Adrien tensed under him, and his mouth was flooded with salty bitterness. Drinking it down, Ion tried to get all of it but some trickled from the corner of his lips.

When Adrien began to soften, Ion licked him clean then let him slide out. Adrien pulled him up before encouraging him to lean forward. Adrien lapped at the cum on Ion’s chin while working Ion’s jeans open.

“Oh fuck me,” Ion whispered as the smooth skin of Adrien’s hand surrounded his heated flesh.

He was primed, so it only took three hard tugs and he climaxed, coating Adrien’s hand and his own pants. Working his cock, Adrien didn’t let up until Ion was so sensitive, he had to get away from his lover. After rolling to one side, Ion stared up at the ceiling while he tried to get his breathing under control.

“Do you think we’ll be able to get to your parents’ on time?” Adrien asked a few minutes later.

Snowy Monday….



So I’ll admit I posted this pic-not because of the guy-but because of the fact that there is a cow in the picture. lol What the heck is up with that? 🙂

Anyway, this weekend was great. I finished No Bravery and turned it in. It’s for the 2014 GRL anthology. So I won’t have to worry about that. We’re doing a slightly different thing for next year. So I hope you all will like it.

I’m back to working Canada (Book 5 of International Sports) and Los Angeles (Book 6 of Fallen), plus there will be other stories stuck in there as I go along. I have edits to do on Remove the Empty Spaces. Have to get them back to my editor by tomorrow. Yay!

Also, I think I’ll be wrapping Finding Peace up this week as well. Chad is back home at the diner and in Zane’s arms where he belongs. 🙂 So it’s time to let them go. Then next week we can decide what I should write next for the blog.

Well, I have to go run some errands, then I’ll be finishing up my edits. 🙂 Have a great Monday and stay safe.

New Cover Art….




Just got this in my inbox. It’s so beautiful and exactly how I pictured Ion. 🙂 Remove the Empty Spaces is book 1 in my new series Rags to Riches that I’m writing for Totally Bound. 🙂 I don’t have an exact release date on it yet..though I’m thinking some time in February or March.  As soon as I know, I’ll let you all know.

I finished up From Yesterday yesterday…lol. And submitted it to MLR Press. It’s the 3rd in the Rupert’s Legacy series, but features a different main couple this time. It turned out a little longer than I had originally planned, but that’s okay. I’ll post the release date on that as soon as I get it.

Devon and I are working hard on Canada (we really do need to pin down a title on this one…lol) I added some more to it yesterday and plan on working on it today, after I get my installment for Finding Peace done.

I also started my story for the 2014 Unconventional/GRL anthology. My story is titled No Bravery and when you read it, you’ll understand why. We’re doing something a little different for next year and I hope you like it. It’s going to be a fun antho to write.

Plus I’ll be starting my 6th Fallen book, Los Angeles, in the next couple of days as well. Hoping to get that one done by the end of the month.

Okay. I have to go out and run some errands, but when I get back, I’ll be writing the rest of the day. I hope you all have a great Monday.