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Don’t worry. I’ll be getting you a new installment of Anubis tomorrow. I promise. Just ran out of time today.

I also wanted you all to know that I’ll be wrapping Anubis up in the next week or so. Time to start a story. We’ll have to figure out what will be next.

Have a great Thursday.


I did mean to get the next installment up today, but real life has ganged up on me. I’ll try to get one up on Friday. If not, I’ll make sure to get two done next week.

I hope you have a great day.

Happy Thursday



The US Open is on and I thought I’d share with you one of the photos my husband took during the London Olympics in 2012. (He was there for work)

I was gone all day yesterday, so I wasn’t able to get the third installment of Shuffle done. But I’ll be working on it today as soon as I get back from taking my cats to the vet. Annual check up for them. They won’t be thrilled with me that’s for sure.

I hope you all have a great Thursday.



I’re probably saying she’s missing an installment already? But unfortunately, when I got home tonight, I started not feeling well. I ended up heading right to bed instead of writing the next part of Job’s story. I’m hoping that I’ll feel better in the morning and be able to get you your installment on Friday.

I hope you all have a great Thursday. Sorry.

Very Busy Week…

sorry everyone. This week got away from me and I was far more busy in my ‘real’ life than I thought I’d be. I will back on schedule next week with installments of Bodyguards for you all. I promise.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Yesterday was tiring…



I got the last part of my back tattoo done. Usually when I go in for a session, I’m whipped when I get back home. So I ended up kind of vegging the rest of the day. I didn’t get the installment done, but I do plan on doing it for Friday. 🙂

I hope you have had a great week so far.

RJ Scott’s Autism Blog Hop

Autism ribbon



Autism Fact:

People with autism may also experience some form of sensory sensitivity or lack of sensitivity, for example to sound, touch, taste, smell, lights or color.


RJ Scott asked me to be a part of her Autism Blog Hop for Autism Month and I was more than happy to join in. Please stop by RJ’s blog to check out all the other stops along the way.

I have several friends who have children who are autistic and I’ve seen how difficult it can be for them at times to deal with a world that doesn’t understand their children.

In my experience, children with autism aren’t broken, slow or being difficult because they can be. For an autistic child, the world they live in is a whole different place than the one the rest of us reside in, but that doesn’t make it bad.

I truly believe they are able to see things that we, in our rush to get to work and do our jobs and live our lives, miss. Things we wouldn’t consider important or special become all consuming to them, yet it doesn’t make it a bad thing.

Autism creates a barrier between those with it and those without it, but there are many times when I think the children who have it are truly gifted with a precious ability to see.

We need to stop trying to force them into our world and start doing our best to accept them in their own way, and maybe work a little more at fitting ourselves into the awesome world they live in.

I’m giving away an ebook from my backlist (or upcoming release-if the winner already has my other books) to one commenter. The contest is open until April 13th. 🙂


Sorry about not posting the last two days. I lost power on Sunday. Didn’t get it back until yesterday afternoon, then my internet was out until just a hour or so ago. I’ll be posting the two installments on Thursday and Friday of this week. 🙂

Sorry again.

New Ideas




Here’s me and my wonderful writing partner, Devon Rhodes, at GRL’s book signing. 🙂 I adore this picture of us. We looks so happy…lol.

so I was thinking of new and different things I could do with my blog. I’ll still be posting installments for my stories on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Plus do my darnedest to get you a snippet of what I’m working on for Wednesdays. But it’s Mondays and Fridays that I have a problem thinking of stuff to say…lol.

My idea was for one thing, to see if there were any questions you would like to ask about my writing process, any of my books, or how Devon and I started writing together in the first place. Any kind of question (within reason…lol) If you leave them in the comment section on Mondays, then I’ll pick one to answer on Friday.

Also, I thought I’d do a little throwback Mondays where I feature one of my books that has been out for a while, and which I thought I’d give a new shout out for. I might do book recommendations as well. Let you know what I’m reading when I get a chance to read. 🙂

What do you think of that? Do you think it might be fun to find out those things or do you think I should just stick with what I’m doing? I’m always willing to listen to suggestions.

Well, I need to get writing. I hope you all have an awesome Monday.

Wednesday Work in Progress….




I don’t have anything to share at the moment. I’m out of town, but I just wanted to let you all know that I’m thinking of you and writing while I’m visiting family. 🙂

Don’t worry. There will be an installment tomorrow. I made sure of it before I left.

Have a great day.