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Wednesday’s Work in Progress…


First of all, if you’re interested Peace is available at Pride Publishing for early download. Check it out here. 🙂

Second of all, I’d like to share with you a snippet from one of my current works in progress. This one is Fall into my Kiss, Book 1 from the Merging Violently series. This is Edward’s story. 🙂 Hope you like it.

Fall into My Kiss copyright c. 2016 T.A. Chase


“Aren’t you getting a little too old to be falling off your horse?”

Edward Monterrose glanced up from where he’d been staring out the window. He grimaced when the strained muscles in his back protested the movement. “It was an unplanned dismount. Apparently Gypsy thought there was a shark in the Liverpool jump and wasn’t going to risk getting eaten by it. Yet he was willing to use me to distract the monster while he got away.”

His step-brother chuckled and Edward smiled at the happy sound. Ever since Derek had fallen in love with Max Furlo and moved away from Nashville, joy had been seeping into everything Derek did.

“I finally got a chance to listen to your latest album. I think it’s your best yet,” Edward commented as he pushed to his feet to greet Derek.

Derek pulled him into a gentle hug then kissed his cheek. “Thanks. Can’t say I was happy to get a call from Scout, saying you were in the hospital.”

Edward shuffled to his bed and accepted Derek’s help to climb back into it. “I’m sorry, but accidents are a hazard of the job. I was due to have a wreck at some point. It’s been a while since I’ve lost my seat like that.”

“You weren’t expecting Gypsy to freak like that. He’s been doing great since you both worked with Les.” Derek pulled a chair up next then sat. He leaned back, crossing his legs while he studied Edward. “I guess I was imagining the worse, even though Scout said you were going to be fine.”

“I won’t be riding until the doctors clear me, which sucks. I’ll have to withdraw from some of the big competitions and it’ll hurt us in the year end standings.” He shrugged and winced.

Derek motioned to the cast and bandages. “What are your injuries? I didn’t ask Scout, just chartered a plane to get out here as soon as I could. Left Max at the ranch to hold down the fort while I’m gone.

Edward snorted. “Hold down the fort? You make it sound like you’re the one running the place. We all know Max is the reason why the cattle and horse part of your ranch is successful.”

“You make it sound like I’m useless,” Derek muttered as he pouted.

“You’re useless when it comes to ranch work, brother. But you have other redeeming qualities. Your record label seems to be doing rather well.” He shifted on the lumpy mattress, trying to find a spot that wouldn’t cause his body to ache. Being covered with bruises made it difficult to get a comfortable position.

2016…here we come

Wow…2016 already. Crazy. lol But it’s time to start again. Unfortunately, I got bad news about Amber Quill closing and it’s going to be a little hectic as I try to place thirty-seven books. Luckily, I do have some other great publishers who would might be interested in them. 🙂

Good news though. I finally decided to do something with Death or Life. I know it’s been years since it’s been out, but I just couldn’t figure out what to do with it. I’m subbing it to MLR Press and maybe I’ll get around to writing Mars and Lord’s story when Death or Life comes out. 🙂

Also, I wanted to let you all know that Peace is up for pre-order now at Pride Publishing. It’s Lam’s story. I know it’s a little odd to have five books in a series about the Four Horsemen. lol Math never was my thing. I hope you’re excited to read about his love story with Lucifer Daystar.


I’m back….

Hey there….I know…I know. It’s been like forever since I’ve posted anything and I’m so sorry. The last couple of months have been a bit rough for me–writing wise. Nothing seemed to be working. But I managed to finish two books in the last couple of days, so I’m hoping it’ll pick up for me.

And I will do my best to post things here more often. I’m going to wait until the first of January before I start a new blog story. I just need to get back into the swing of things…lol

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I want to let you know that I submitted Peace, which is Lam’s story from The Four Horsemen and Anubis, which was my blog story that I just finished. I did add some more to it.

As soon as I get covers and release dates, I’ll let you all know. Have a great day.