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Goodbye Town available now



Goodbye Town is a reunited lovers story as part of the Military Men PAX at Amber Allure. 🙂 It came out on Sunday and is on sale this week.  Check it out here.

And Bulls and Blood is doing very well. I appreciate all of you who purchased it. I’ll be starting the second book, Bones and Blood, soon. It’ll feature Oak, a shifter, and Loman, one of the Thorn brothers. We’ll see a little more of the cattle cowboy side of the ranch.

I’m also hoping to get to work on Edward’s story. I started it a few months ago, but something just wasn’t right. So I put it aside and let the idea set in the back of my mind. The other day, I think I worked out what was wrong and I’m going to be able to get it done soon. 🙂

Have a great Monday, everyone.

Hey there…a new month already.

Not sure where January went…lol. But we’re on the second day of February already. Hope it doesn’t go by as quickly.

I wanted to update you on the blog story. You seem to be wanting a paranormal, so what would you think of me doing the second book in the Earth Warrior series? I’ve been getting interested in visiting those guys again. 🙂 I do believe the next guy will be Anubis.

As to the paranormal vampire/cowboys idea, I had to laugh when I read that suggestion. I actually just discussed with my editor at Totally Bound about doing a vampire/cowboy series. It’s going to be called The Blood & Thorn Ranch. There’ll be six books because there are six Thorn brothers who are vampires. They own a ranch in Colorado and there are going to be some interesting things happen to them during these stories. 🙂

Shuffle of Angel’s Feet has been contracted by Amber Allure and will be released in ebook form on March 29th. The print copy will be out later in April. 🙂

Also, I just subbed a story called Scarecrows and Devils to Amber Allure. It’s my story in the 77th Precinct PAX. My story takes place in Detroit and deals with humans, demons, and fallen angels. Among other paranormal creatures. I don’t know when it’ll be out yet since it’s not due until March 1st.

I’ve started Cold Truth, Book 3 of the Delarosa Secrets series. It’s Victor’s story and I really hope you all fall in love with him, even though he’s a cold hearted drug lord.

That’s all I have to update you with. Hope you have a great Monday. Please stay safe if you’ve been hit with the snow.

New Book and New Cover…



An Ace in the Tiebreak, Book 8 in the International Men of Sports series, is available now at all 3rd party sellers. (ARe and Amazon) You can check it out here.

Also, I got the cover for Borderline, which is a re-release at Totally Bound. I love this cover, plus there will be two more books in the Delarosa Secrets series coming next year. 🙂 Borderline will be out in February.


I finished Deserves to be Adored, which is a story for a Amber Allure PAX. It should be out early next year. I’m working on a St. Patrick’s Day story for MLR Press. 🙂 After that, I’ll be working on Trailing Air, Rover’s story. Yes, finally….lol

Next week I’m going to be in Chicago for GRL. I’m going to try and get the two blog installments up and scheduled before I go. If I don’t, I’m sorry. 🙂

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday Work in Progress…



I thought I’d share with you a little snippet of the story I’m working on now. It’s titled Deserved to be Adore and will be out probably next year at Amber Allure. It will be part of a Tarot/Fortune PAX that is due on December 1st. I want to get it done so I can work on the second PAX story I have due on December 1st as well. That is a Dragon PAX and it’ll be Rover’s story from the Preternatural series. I know…FINALLY!!!! right? lol.

Here you go:

Deserved to be Adored copyright 2014 T.A. Chase

Movement drew his attention and he noticed Payton nodding in agreement. Great. Even the flunkies believe Maman Patterson is insane. Doesn’t bode well.

“Maman isn’t crazy. It’s Raleigh’s duty to provide heirs to keep the power and the coven going,” Dyson said, sounding like he was repeating something he’d heard often.

“His duty? Just like it was your maman’s duty to love her son no matter what. Well, she seems to have failed at that, so I’m not surprised Raleigh isn’t in a hurry to come and help you out.” Joey didn’t mind talking. It wasn’t like there was anything he could do until they got where they were going. “I saw you look at my phone. Did Raleigh text you that he was coming? It was nice of him to warn you.”

Payton huffed out an annoyed sigh and Joey grinned at him.

“Man, I’m not going to shut up. Make me be quiet if you want, but what have I got to lose?”

“Your life?” Payton eyed him.

Joey burst out laughing. “Seriously? You’re going to kill me for not keeping quiet? Oh boy, I’d love to see you explain that to Maman Patterson. I bet she’d be thrilled to know you shot the only thing insuring her oldest son comes home.”

He saw Payton shudder and he chuckled again. He couldn’t wait to meet Raleigh’s maman. While everyone around her seemed to be scared silly of her, Joey was made of sterner stuff. He’d dealt with not only his mama, but his aunt Sylvia, who was crazier than a loon, meaner than a rattlesnake, and was probably way more powerful than Raleigh’s maman.

“Do you know who I am?” He was honestly asking, not because he wanted brag, but because he was curious if Dyson realized just who they were going to have to deal with at the end of all this.

“You’re the youngest son of one of the more powerful mob families in New Jersey and New York. Big deal. You’re just a bunch of criminals.”

“And you’re a bunch of witches,” Joey replied. “It’s a fact that you’re witches and the Santiagos are criminals. But there are other people in my family line that are a little more like you than me.”

Dyson sneered. “Yeah right. We’re not afraid of criminals. Now shut the fuck up or I’ll cast a spell to keep you silent until we get home.”

“Go ahead and try. I dare you.” Joey settled back into his seat, crossing his arms over his chest to stare at Dyson. Even though the man couldn’t actually meet his gaze, Dyson had to know he was looking at him, daring Dyson to spell him.

He slid over the leather as Dyson swerved to the side of the road, slammed the car into park then whirled around to look at Joey.

“Uh-oh,” Payton muttered.

“Take your best shot, jackass,” Joey taunted.

Dyson reached out to place the fingers of his right hand on Joey’s forehead then he whispered under his breath. Joey felt a little tingle, but nothing else. When Dyson removed his touch, Joey cleared his throat.

“Was that all you got?” He wiggled his eyebrows and Dyson swore.

Payton gaped then said, “How the hell did you manage not to be affected by that spell? He didn’t even touch me and I felt like my lips were sealing shut.”

Joey looked over at Payton. “I told you I have people in my family line that are more like you than me. Whatever they are kind of neutralizes any magic you might do to me.”

“Jesus Christ!” Payton slid his gun in the holster he wore under his jacket. “Who the fuck did your brother hook up with, Dyson? And why the hell didn’t you do more research before you kidnapped the bastard?”

“Shut the fuck up, Payton. You don’t talk to me like that.” Dyson glared at Payton before turning to look at Joey. “I’m not that powerful. I bet once my maman gets a hold of you, she’ll get you to cooperate.”

Joey wrinkled his forehead. “What do you mean cooperate? How?”

“She knows spells to get people to do what she wants, and if those don’t work, she offers them money.” Dyson shrugged, obviously upset about the way his spell failed, but sure of his maman’s ability to get what she wanted.

“I don’t need money, dude, and I’m pretty sure that her little spells aren’t going to bother me. I’m not going to walk away from Raleigh. I don’t care what you all try to do. You’re not going to separate us.” Joey rested his head on the window, turning his attention back to the darkness beyond them. “Just get us to your maman’s place, Dyson. I’ll deal with her.”

Dyson put the car in drive and got back on the road. Silence filled the car. Joey wasn’t interested in teasing Dyson anymore. All he wanted was to get to Maman Patterson’s bayou. He had a feeling Raleigh wasn’t far behind him and once they connected, they would take care of the coven and Raleigh’s mother.

Wednesday’s Work in Progress…NSFW




I have three different works in progress at the moment, but I’m only going to share one with you. lol

This one is Losing Sight of the Target, and it’s about Justin, who is a biathlete, on his way to the Olympics, but he’s received some bad news that will affect his future. Caesar is the guy he runs into at the hotel bar. 🙂  It’s for Amber Allure’s Winter Games PAX, which will be out at some point this year…lol. Not sure when. I only know when my deadline is.

Losing Sight of the Target copyright c. 2014 T.A. Chase


Caesar Gikas rotated his shoulders, releasing the tension in them before he raised his hands to knock on Justin’s door. His meeting had run a little longer than he planned and it had been more difficult as well. Yet the thought of coming back to Justin’s room was what got him through.

Hesitating, he wondered about it. Was this the right thing to do? Justin had gotten bad news and Caesar had a feeling like he was taking advantage of the younger man. He should’ve never approached Justin while in the bar waiting for his contact to text him. But there’d been something so sad and angry about him that Caesar couldn’t pass up because he saw a little bit of himself in Justin’s expression.

Why was he worried about Justin? It wasn’t like they were starting a relationship or anything, and Justin had consented to him returning. Hell, the man didn’t have to send him his room number if he’d changed his mind.

Shaking his head, Caesar knocked on the door. He stuck his hands in the back pocket of his jeans. He’d stopped at his room to change before he’d come over. He’d also stuffed a couple condoms and single-use packets of lube. Caesar didn’t know if Justin had supplies or not, and he wanted to fuck Justin, so he’d brought his own.

His jaw dropped when Justin opened the door. Standing in front of him, Justin wore only a pair of black boxer-briefs.

“Jesus, Justin. You’re gorgeous.” Caesar pushed in, forcing Justin to give way.

The man’s blond hair was cut short on the sides and left longer on top to curl. His face was thin with high cheekbones and a strong jaw. Startlingly dark eyelashes framed Justin’s bright green eyes.

Caesar trailed his gaze over the rest of Justin’s body. It was obvious Justin worked out a lot and was an athlete. Well-muscled chest and rock hard abs made Caesar’s fingers itch with him wanting to trace the curves. He couldn’t wait to run his tongue along the vee cut of his hips and waist. The cotton fabric of his briefs covered Justin’s thick thighs.

After kicking the door shut, Caesar snaked out his hands to grip Justin’s hips and yanked him tight against him. He brought his head down to crush his lips to Justin’s. Sweeping his tongue into Justin’s mouth, he tasted mint and a unique flavor that had to be Justin’s alone. At some point before Caesar got there, Justin had taken the time to brush his teeth.

That made Caesar feel like he was important to Justin, which he knew deep inside was foolish since they’d just met, but he still liked the thought. He slid his hands down to grab handfuls of Justin’s tight ass, encouraging him to jump.

Justin wrapped his legs around Caesar’s waist and he carried his soon-to-be lover over to the bed where he fell forward. He twisted at the last moment so he was the one on the bottom. He didn’t want to hurt Justin.

He bit Justin’s bottom lip then sucked on it to ease the sting. Caesar pushed his hips up to rock his groin into Justin’s. Justin moaned as he scrambled his hands over Caesar’s chest. Maybe he was trying to get a hold of Caesar’s shirt to get it off him. After sitting up for a second, he stripped his T-shirt away then tossed it to the floor.

“You’re so hot,” Justin muttered as he ran his hand through the hair covering Caesar’s chest.

He knew what he looked like and had heard more than his fair share of compliments since he was a teenager. None of them had mattered in the least except for what his looks could get him. Yet hearing that from Justin touched a small part of him that he’d thought he’d hidden away.

After working his hands under the waistband of Justin’s briefs, he flexed his fingers to dig into that firm flesh. “I think you’re wearing too much clothing,” he joked.

Justin jumped off him then stripped. When he went to climb back on, Caesar urged him to kneel over his chest and place his knees in his armpits. Justin grinned once he figured out what Caesar wanted. Wiggling forward just a little bit more, Justin took a hold of his cock.

Caesar opened his mouth and Justin rested the head of his dick in Caesar’s mouth. After he wrapped his lips around it, Caesar ran his tongue over the spongy glans, licking up the pre-cum leaking from Justin’s slit. He curled his fingers into Justin’s ass then encouraged him to start moving.

The first thrust in, Caesar relaxed his throat to take him all the way in. He hit the back of Caesar’s throat and cut off his breathing for a moment. Before he started to panic, Justin slid out enough to let him take some air in. Caesar filled his lungs and pinched Justin’s butt.

New Cover…




I forgot that I hadn’t shared the cover for Burning Up the Ice, Book 5 of the International Men of Sports series. So here it is and it’s on the coming soon page. Click here to check it out.





Also, Blindsided has hit all 3rd party sellers by now. So if you buy your books on Amazon, it’s available. 🙂





For those of you who are interested, or know someone who might be, Fallen: Los Angeles is up for pre-order now. 🙂 click here to check it out.




I’m pretty sure I let you know that Remove the Empty Spaces is available for early download, but if not, it is. lol  click here to check it out.

Umm….I think that’s all I have to tell you today. Oh, Bump Set Score in Rio, book 6 of the International Men of Sports series, has been completed and subbed. So yay! The original six books planned for the series are done. Now we’re moving on to the next six, which weren’t planned for in our first plotting session but have developed over the months as we wrote the first six. 🙂

Now I’m working on London, Book 7 of the Fallen series and Losing Sight of the Target, which is for an Amber Allure PAX. Also, I’m working on a secret project that as soon as I can, I’ll let you know more about. Plus, Devon and I will be getting started on A Grand Prix Romance, which is Book 7 of IMOS. 🙂

I hope you all had a great weekend and a marvelous Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The Whore of New Slum is available now…




The Whore of New Slum is available now at Amber Allure. Click here to check it out. It’s my first attempt at Steampunk, so I’m not sure how will I achieved it, but I liked the story. 🙂 Remember if you buy all five books in the PAX, you’ll get them for a discount. And there are some really good books in the PAX.

I’ll be writing all day again…lol. When am I not writing? But it’s something I love to do, so I can’t complain.

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a wonderful Monday. 🙂

Wednesday Work In Progress….


I thought I’d start doing this again. Giving you a glimpse of what I’m working on. 🙂 This is the overall ‘cover’ for the steampunk PAX at Amber Allure. It’ll be out in February. I won’t have an exact date until all the stories are in. I’ll remind you closer to the release, but for any of the PAXs, you can get all five stories in the PAX for a great discounted price. 🙂

My story is titled The Whore of New Slum, and it’s my first try at steampunk. I’m hoping I get it right, and go totally off the rails with it…lol.

Here’s an excerpt:

As he reached the second floor landing, he heard shouting from down the hall. Usually, he’d ignore the arguing, and make his way up to Molly’s room, but he found a reluctance to continue on that day. More than likely, it was because he knew Molly’s time was growing near, and he hated watching his sister waste away.

So he wandered in the direction of the yelling, curious as to what-or who-was causing all the trouble. He approached the room, and someone burst out of it, running into him.

He grunted and stumbled back, arms flailing as he tried to keep his balance and not end up on his ass. Two hands came into his view, gripping his wrists long enough for him to get back on his feet. Wendall blinked, not sure he’d seen what he thought he had. One of the hands had been normal, well-formed with thick fingers and scars marring the darkly tanned skin. The other hand had looked like it was made out of metal; bright shiny silver skin with steel joints.

Wendall’s gaze shot up to look at the person standing in front of him. By his height and the breadth of his shoulders, Wendall deduced the stranger was male, but he couldn’t tell anything else about him. The bottom half of the man’s face was covered by a leather mask, and a high-collared shirt and long leather pants hide everything else.

“Sorry. I didn’t see you there.”

Wendall thanked his experience in hiding his emotions when he heard the stranger’s voice. It sounded like he’d gargled with broken glass and tore his vocal cords apart to the point there was almost nothing left of it. Wendall kept his face bland, hoping he showed only a mild hint of curiosity.

“It’s all right. I wasn’t paying attention and stopped at the wrong floor. Have too many things running around in my head at the moment.” Wendall flashed his best customer smile and bowed a little. “Thank you for saving me from embarrassing myself.”

The stranger stepped back, holding his left hand behind his back, obviously forgetting that Wendall had all ready seen it. He dipped his head, turning so that the left side was hidden from Wendall. Scars cris-crossed the man’s face, and a deep furrow formed between the man’s eyebrows, making Wendall believe he was in pain.

“You’re welcome.”

“Abdur, get back in here. I still need to make some adjustments and make sure you’re strong enough for the procedure.”

A doctor rushed from the door, skidding to a stop the moment his eyes landed on Wendall. His eyes went right to the brand on Wendall’s face, and Wendall braced himself for the scornful expression the doctor was sure to be sporting soon. A lot of people looked down on Wendall and his kind for the services they provided, yet if they didn’t do it, there would be a lot of unhappy people doing terrible things to each other. Most people didn’t see that, and thought they were superior to Wendall.

Getting in a groove…


I’m hoping to get some more writing done on The Whore of New Slum, which is my steampunk story. It’s coming out in February of 2013 from Amber Allure. I don’t have an exact date for it yet, but that’ll come probably when all the other stories for this particular PAX are turned in. I’ll announce it as soon as I get it.

Also, plans are in the works for another GRL anthology at Total e-Bound, featuring the same authors that were in the Unconventional…at Best antho. If everything comes together (like I know it will…lol), the antho will be out in August of 2013, and the print version should be available before GRL in Atlanta next October. Woot! I think everyone will get a kick out of this anthology. We’re doing something slightly different. I’m not going to say anything else because I don’t want to give anything away. When I get working on my story, I’ll let you know what the title is. 🙂

Okay…well, I better go get dressed and set down to get some writing done. I think there might be a big revelation coming in the blog story. 😉

Hope you all have a great Monday.

Under My Bed available now…

My newest release, Under My Bed, is available at Amber Allure now. Check it out here. It’s part of the Ghostly Affair PAX, which means if you buy all five books in the PAX, you get a discount, but if you just want mine, you still get a discount as well. 🙂

Here’s the blurb:

Tabor Augustus has been haunted by ghosts living in a box under his bed. He’s tried everything he can think of to get rid of them, even leaving the box behind when he left for college, yet somehow, it always returns to him. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if the ghosts just floated around and moved things, but they don’t. Tabor’s ghosts drain him of energy any time they want, and they’re possessive of him.

On All Hallows’ Eve, Gautier Molyneux, a former priest, arrives on Tabor’s doorstep, tells him he knows what’s happening, and offers assistance. Tabor’s not inclined to trust Gautier, no matter how gorgeous he is. Yet after spending the night in Gautier’s arms, Tabor’s willing to take any help he can get. He’s ready to live his life instead of merely being an energy supply to the ghosts.

Who knew love could give Tabor courage?

Also, you’ll notice the anthology, Shifting Perspectives, is no longer listed on my blog sidebar. I took the rights back to Understanding Forgiveness, so while the second book is still available, the beginning of Heinrich and Mason’s love story isn’t. Some day, it will be again, but for now, it’s going to be out of print. 🙁

I hope you all have a great day.