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Hot Fuzz

Went to see Hot Fuzz Saturday. I loved Shaun of the Dead, so I couldn’t wait to see this movie.
It’s different from Shaun, but still hilarious. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have been friends for a long time and it shows in their acting. I’m not sure any other actors could pull off this homage to buddy cop films. 🙂 I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for laughs and action.
I’m halfway through edits on Two for One. It’s taken me longer than usual to get it finished because my schedule has been thrown off. But I’m planning on getting it done tonight…so my editor and fellow anthology mates won’t come hunt me down…lol.
Have a great Monday.

Keeping Mum

Watched Keeping Mum last night. An entertaining British comedy staring Rowan Atkinson and Maggie Smith. Two of my favorite British actors.

It’s a dark comedy, but I laughed all the way through it and there was a twist at the end I didn’t see coming.

Got about 4k done on Vanguard over the weekend. It’s turning into a fun and interesting story.

Hope everyone has a great Monday.

Night At the Museum

I actually saw this movie awhile ago. Night at the Museum was hilarious. Very entertaining. I think I’d like working in a place like that. Imagine all the things you could learn about history.
I added about 2k to The Vanguard. So I won’t have to panic about having to post installments. That way they’ll already be written. I’ll probably do some more work on it today. 🙂
I’m listening to Josh Groban’s So She Dances at the moment and thinking how wonderful this song is. Hmmm…there might be a story in the lyrics. Of course, changing she to he, but still the song will work. Yikes, just want I need…another story idea. lol.
I hope your Sunday is sunny and warm.

Wet Sunday

Went and saw Mark Walhberg’s newest movie, Shooter, yesterday. It was pretty good. Lots of action and that’s the type of movie I like. Also, it has Mark in it. So hot. Here’s a pic from his younger days when he was the cover boy for Calvin Klein.

Not much writing has been done the past two days…though I did turn in my short story, Understanding Forgiveness, but since I just realized that the true deadline for the anthology isn’t until May, I’m way ahead of where I thought I was…lol.

Been working on Tony’s story, The Vanguard and Magpie&Snake, but I got distracted by a new idea and had to work on that one as well.

I’m hoping to get some work done today, but not sure what’s been planned for us. Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.

Blood Diamond

Watched Blood Diamond the other night. It’s certainly makes you think. The diamond companies weren’t happy with this movie because it makes them look bad, but not only that, it really makes you think about how lightly humans seem to take life.

Got a ton of writing done on Home to Stay. I’m at 16k so far and I’m not done with what I’ve handwritten, but I’m getting close. After that, it’ll be all new

I also started writing the opening scenes for the Christmas story I’d like to have out this year featuring Les, Randy and the guys from Tony’s story. I got the opening scene for Dreaming of Dragons which will be Mordred and George’s story, but didn’t get a chance to write it down yet. That’s next after the final editing of Understanding Forgiveness.

Oh and the cover for Stealing Life is awesome. When I get the final okay from the powers-that-be at LSB, I’ll post it for you. It’s gorgeous, hot and sexy. Anne did a wonderful job of protraying the boys. 🙂

Hope everyone has a marvelous Monday.

Marvelous Sunday

I searched the net, trying to find an image from 300. I wanted one that showed a lot of the actors who played the band of Spartans who went with Leonidas to the battle. All of those men should be congratulated on their dedication and work to make their bodies as fit as possible. I’ll tell you what, there were tons of ripped abs and well-muscled chests in this movie. This doesn’t quite give you the right image. But still…it’s a nice picture.

The movie itself was visual stunning. The colors and affects were a feast to the eyes. There were parts that ran slow, but overall, it’s the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. I like movies that tell about heroic men, fighting against impossible odds. For those who look for historical accuracy in their movies, they won’t find much of it here. That’s okay with me. Maybe if it was a different kind of movie, it would matter.

Haven’t gotten a lot of writing done this weekend. I’m hoping to get some done later on today. Who knows? I might have to focus all over again, starting tomorrow. J

Hope you have a great Sunday.

Wild Hogs

Saw WILD HOGS yesterday. It was a funny movie and one that was funny all the way through..not just in bits and pieces. Now I’m not a huge Travolta or Allen fan, but they were good. William H. Macy was my favorite out of the bunch.

Oh, the anthology title got changed. It’s now just Three because April, the cover artist, thought that would look better on the cover and who are we to argue? lol. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for us. As soon as I get it, I’ll post it for everyone.

As you might notice, the links to my blog story, Firebird, have been deleted from the side bar. That doesn’t mean the story is gone, it just means you have to search for it now. I promise I’ll be starting a new story tomorrow. (hopefully..if I have time.) Forget about the little scene I posted the other day…lol. The new one will be a fantasy/sci-fi story. I’ve gotten a couple chapters already written on we’ll see what you think about it.

This week is going to be really busy for me at work, so I’m going to try hard to post every day. It might not be right in the morning. I hope you’ll stop by through out the day if there isn’t anything new up first thing.

Have a great Monday, everyone.

The Prestige

Watched The Prestige last night. It was pretty good. Definitely different from the other magic movie that came out last year..The Illusionist. But that’s okay since Illusionist was more of a romance and this was what revenge costs to two men. Not really sure why Scarlet Johansson was in there for, except to add sex appeal for straight guys, I guess. Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale…can you say hot? It was an intriguing look at magicians.

On Wednesday night, I ended up writing 4100 words on Understanding Forgiveness, bringing my total close to 9k. I want to add about 3k more and I think it’ll be done by Sunday night. Then I can focus solely on Tony’s story to get that finished. 🙂 I also wrote the second chapter in the fantasy story that popped into my head the other night. But since I don’t have any plans on adding it to my schedule at the moment, it’ll slowly take shape when I have a little extra time.

I hope everyone has an awesome Friday. I’m looking forward to the weekend.

Gladiator again

I watched Gladiator again for the thousandth time it seems. Of course, I really just watched the fight scenes. The other actors and actresses did a great job, but really it’s all about Crowe for me. 😉

Didn’t do alot of writing yesterday, though I did manage to finish editing Stealing Life and submit that to LSB. Now just waiting to hear back from them. I’m thinking a late summer release for it. And I’m going beg and plead for Anne Cain to do my cover again. Since she’s done such a great job on the last two.

I’m working on Tony’s story now, plus Understanding Forgiveness, a short story for a special anthology the ManLoveRomance group is putting together for Aspen Mountain Press. I don’t have any other details than my story needs to be finished by March/April. I don’t have much longer to go before it’s done. 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.

The Departed

I’m sure you’re wondering how do I manage to watch so many movies during the week…lol. I usually watch them while I write. I’m a great multi-tasker. 🙂

The Departed was a good movie. Had a great cast..though my favorite out of the bunch wasn’t in it much. Mark Walhberg. But still Matt Damon and Leonardo De Caprio were good. And it ended well, imo. The bad guy got his. Which makes me happy even though I understand about protraying real life and bad guys not always getting punished for what they do.

Finished up re-working Firebird (or Stealing Life as Lila spilled the beans yesterday about the new title) One of my beta readers made some good suggestions, so I worked them in to the story. They ended making it longer.

Faymas, if you stop by today, contact me. You won my SEx blog contest yesterday. We have to work out what you won. lol. Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

Have a great Friday. 🙂