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The Vanguard

Hey everyone, due to the fact that I was late for work and had to rush out of the house, leaving behind my flash drive-the very flashdrive with the next intallment of The Vanguard on it- The Vanguard will have to be postponed until tomorrow. I’m very sorry about that. I even put it out with my phone and ipod. Guess it must have slipped off on to the couch or something. But I promise, the next installment will be up tomorrow and don’t miss it because there’ll be a little after-dinner show…involving Martin and Antioc with Stakel watching.

But since you’re here, zip over to SEx and check out the excerpt from Stealing Life. I’m holding a contest over there as well. Anyone who posts a comment will be entered to win a Stealing Life mug and magnet. 🙂 So stop by and say hi.