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Manic Monday….



For those of you who buy books at All Romance Ebooks, Losing Sight is available there now. Yay! Still not up at Amazon. Not sure why. But I’ll let you know. 🙂

I turned in a YA over the weekend, The Deepest Cut, and when I know anything about release dates and such, I’ll let you all know as well. It was going to be one big book, but I decided to split it into two smaller books. So the second book will be The Deepest Hope and I plan on working on it in Sept.

I have to change the title of my Amber Allure PAX contribution from Search & Rescue. Haven’t come up with a new title yet, but I should probably have one before I turn it in later this week…lol. 🙂 That’s what I’ll be working on along with the three installments of Shuffle that I promised you. There will be one up tomorrow.

Well, I hope you all have a good Monday. I have to go for a run then come back and start writing. 🙂

Manic Monday…




Well, the weekend went by quickly, but I managed to get a good amount of work done on New York. Hoping to finish it today, so I might not get the Tuesday installment of Finding Peace done. You might have it on Wednesday instead. But you will get two installments this week, I promise. 🙂

I have to admit these last two months have been hard for me writing wise. For some reason, I just didn’t have any interest in working on anything. Oh, I’d do a little here and a little there, but nothing sustained. I’m hoping whatever hit me has left and I can get back on track with deadlines and other things. 🙂 Because there are a few books I’d like to write that don’t have deadlines, but that need to be written…like Rover’s book for the Preternatural series. And some other short stories for MLR Press that I have started but just haven’t been able to finish.

Well, here’s hoping that this Monday is the start of better things from now Have a great day.

Poetry Train….

Another Monday and another ride on the Poetry Train. Make sure to stop by Rhian’s blog to see who else is participating today. Here’s an excerpt from a new Regency I’ve started. It’s not about Shade, but the man does make an appearance in it. 🙂

One of our heroes’ name is Lord Bertram Beng Wilkins (Beng is Gypsy for Devil). He goes by Beng.


“I’ve sold my soul to the devil, Marsden.”

Lord Bertram Beng Wilkins rested his chin on the palm of his hand and stared out the window. His eyes traced the muscled line of a gardener’s back. A gardener his sister-in-law had been gracious enough to loan him.

“I’m going to hell,” he murmured, his groin stirring as the gardener bent over to pull something out of the dirt.

“I’m sure you are, sir, but not at the moment.”

Something in the tone of Beng’s majordomo’s voice roused him. He turned to face his oldest and only servant.

“Do I have something better or more important to do than wallow in self-pity right now?” He winked at Marsden.

“Yes, my lord.” Marsden looked uncomfortable which was odd for the man.

“Are you going to tell me what it is? Or do I have to guess?” Bertram grimaced. He hated having to guess.

“The Duke of Wiltshire is waiting in the Red Parlor, my lord.”

“Will? Here?” Beng understood why Marsden looked like he’d swallowed a fish. “Bloody hell, the Devil is playing with his wayward disciple. I thought I’d have a few days to settle before I ran into Will.”

“I won’t lie for you while you sneak out the back like you did the last time, my lord.”

Marsden referred to the last time William had stopped by Beng’s London house. Beng had crept out of the back entrance like a coward while Marsden lied to Will.

“How am I supposed to face him?” Beng closed his eyes and sighed.

Beng’s family seat shared property lines with William’s ancestral home. They had run wild together as children along with William’s younger brother, David. Will had been Beng’s best friend until they turned sixteen and Beng realized that his childhood love for his friend had turned into something more.


I hope you enjoyed it. I’ve been working on it in bits and pieces as I get tired of working on Tony’s story. 🙂

Have a great Monday.

Poetry Train…

This is part of a poem. I was interrupted before I could finish it, so I only got the first two stanzas written. When I finish the whole thing, I’ll make sure to post it (someday) for everyone. 🙂

Words have been lost

Sweet songs you sang are silent

With my eyes shut,

I’ve lost the memory of your face.

My arms are empty.

My soul is lonely.

I wish for night to fall

Hiding my missing heart.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and stop by Rhian’s blog for a list of other people joining in the Poetry Train today.

Hop on to the Wednesday Poetry Train

Since I missed Monday’s Poetry Train, I thought I’d make up for it by posting something today.

I’ve been posting songs/poems that I’ll be using in one of my Home books…His Heart’s Home which features Derek, a country music star, and Max, the foreman at Tony’s ranch. What I’m going to post for you today is actually a scene from my WIP. Yes, I realize I haven’t gotten Tony’s story done yet, but this scene called to me and I had to write it down right when it popped into my head or I’d have forgotten it.

So tell me what you think of it. I will tell you it takes place closer to the end of the story. 😉

Their love making was slow and gentle. Hands roamed over chests and backs. Lips tasted soft skin at the small of the back and the crease of the knee. Fingers caressed cocks and asses.

No words were spoken. Each ‘I love you’ and every ‘good-bye’ was spoken with sighs and kisses. Their climax didn’t explode from them. It flowed like all the tears they would never cry.

Afterwards, they held each other tight, savoring the strength in their arms and the warmth of their bodies. They fell asleep, at ease with their parting.

So I’ve done some work on HHH and also Tony’s story. I promise. I’m really pushing to get it finished by the end of this month. I’m working on Out of Bounds to re-submit to Samhain as well. Who knows? I might have two books done by the end of the month and possibly both contracted by the end of July. Woo-hoo!

Oh Gina, if you stop by, Lisa posted a comment for you in my Three post. check out the comments. 🙂

Have a great Wednesday.

Poetry Train…

Another Monday and another poem. This is another one I wrote for my third Home book. I think I’ll have all of Derek’s songs written before I start the book. Haven’t thought of a title for this one yet. I’m terrible at naming my poems. I guess I think it gives what the poem’s about away. 🙂

Song # 3

Your lonely eyes steal my soul

One piece at a time.

Your soft and brittle smile

Breaks and mends my heart.

With strong arms, you

Hold my body tight.

Trembling hands

Touch my heated cheek.

In dreams, I

See your face.

In streets, I

Call your name.

The world tells us

Love is wrong.

Especially when we’re

The ones in love.

Yet through the

Yelling and fighting,

I can still hear

The steady beat of your heart.

It leads me in

A dance

To find freedom in

Your lonely eyes.

It’s still a little rough, but the feeling’s there. 🙂

Hope everyone has a great Monday.

Poetry Train….

Unicorn and King

It seems a foolish thing
To dream of unicorns and Kings.
To understand the voice of the clouds
As if they were talking out loud.

But what seems foolishness to some
Is ordinary life to one.
What dreams dance upon the air
Will allow only one to care.

Dare to hope that knowledge comes
With the rising of the sun.
Because with light, life might grow
Love might have a willingness to show.

Endlessly falling drops of rain,
Shower a heart with mists of pain.
Endlessly flowing icy breeze
Can cause a heart to freeze.

Mouth breaking into a welcoming smile
Can make up for that extra mile.
A being with a single horn
Can only be that faithful unicorn.

The King graces the palace of dreams,
While the unicorn sits and schemes.
What may seem foolish to some,
Is ordinary life for me.

TA Chase (c)2007

Have a great Monday.

Manic Monday..Poetry Train

It’s Monday..which means two things.

First, STEALING LIFE is live. Can’t wait to hear from everyone about whether or not you liked the expanded version of SL. Run and buy it. 🙂

Second, it’s poetry time again. Now remember I don’t usually write happy poems. Most are really rather depressing…lol. So I’ve dug through my stuff, trying to find the least depressing ones and to be honest, it didn’t really work.

Here you go:


Foolish to believe
That dreams would live
In the fragile nerves of our Minds.
Placing them there was
Never the spot for them.
Putting them in words on Paper
Or in paint on canvas
That is where dreams should live.
Instead because we are selfish,
We lock our dreams away
In prisons of flesh and blood.
Lock them away and only let
Them out when we chose to see.
No one else can be inspired by them.
No one else could possibly understand them.
Foolish to believe that our
Dreams are so important they could affect the
World so much that we must hide them
Away before they hurt someone.
Hiding them will only hurt the prisons they hide in.
Our dreams will beat and tear to be free.
Our dreams long to breath air,
To live a life that is full.
Locking dreams away is
Tearing wings from butterflies
One wing at a time.

Hope this isn’t too depressing for a Monday. Enjoy your day and don’t forget to stop by LSB later on tonight to pick up a copy of Stealing Life.


Okay, so I noticed on Rhian’s blog that on Mondays, she posts some of her poetry. Then, being the observant person I am, I saw several other people are doing it as well. I thought I can do this. I’ve got tons of bad poetry sitting around my house…lol. I can inflict it on people.

But what I’m posting today isn’t just a poem. It’s part of a WIP I have. The WIP is called His Heart’s Home. The third book in the Home series. (I don’t have Tony’s story finished yet-in case you’re wondering…lol)

His Heart’s Home is the story of Max (whose last name escapes me at the moment). He’s the foreman at Tony’s ranch. Max gets to babysit Derek St. Martin. Derek’s the biggest country star in the music industry at the moment. Derek’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Fame and fortune is eating him alive.

This is a song Derek writes for Max.


Not a care in the world,
I ran wild and free.
Believed happiness was
Living only for the moment.

Didn’t need a soul mate
Except for a night.
Never wanted more.
Never saw the point.

You caught my eye,
Standing silent
In a crowd of people
Screaming my name.

A scarred hand
A soft word

And with a gentle touch,
You tamed me.
With a whispered word,
You chained me.

I haven’t figured out how to link to any of the other people who do this, but if you hop over to Rhian’s, she has a list and if you’re interested in joining in, she has the linky thing where you can get added to the list. 🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day.