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Manic Monday….



For those of you who buy books at All Romance Ebooks, Losing Sight is available there now. Yay! Still not up at Amazon. Not sure why. But I’ll let you know. 🙂

I turned in a YA over the weekend, The Deepest Cut, and when I know anything about release dates and such, I’ll let you all know as well. It was going to be one big book, but I decided to split it into two smaller books. So the second book will be The Deepest Hope and I plan on working on it in Sept.

I have to change the title of my Amber Allure PAX contribution from Search & Rescue. Haven’t come up with a new title yet, but I should probably have one before I turn it in later this week…lol. 🙂 That’s what I’ll be working on along with the three installments of Shuffle that I promised you. There will be one up tomorrow.

Well, I hope you all have a good Monday. I have to go for a run then come back and start writing. 🙂

Now Available….



Losing Sight of the Target is available now at Amber Allure. Click here. It’s part of the Winter Games PAX, so it’s on discount as well. 🙂  It’s not up at ARe and Amazon yet, but as soon as it is, I’ll post a link for you all.

I’m working on Shuffle and Barefoot today. I’ll get the next installment done and posted, then I’ll be working on Barefoot. I hope to get it done by the end of the week. 🙂

I hope you have a great day.

New Covers….



This is the cover for my August 17th release at Amber Allure. It’s part of the Winter Games Pax. Losing Sight of the Target is about a biathlete and the mysterious man he meets right before he heads off to the Olympics. 🙂

We got the cover for the next GRL anthology, An Unconventional Chicago. It fits perfectly with the other two anthologies. Also, it’s up for pre-order at Totally Bound. Check it out here. All the stories in this anthology is set in a contemporary alternate universe version of Chicago. 🙂





Then there’s the amazing cover I got for the single release of No Bravery, my story in the anthology. All the single covers are awesome and fit our stories perfectly. Here’s mine.





And one more cover…lol. This is for Walking in the Rain, Book Five of my Rags to Riches series. I adore this cover. The guy on the cover really portrays Dayton VanHooren, one of the main characters, perfectly. 🙂





Okay…so here are all the new covers I’ve received lately. 🙂 I hope you love them as much as I do.

Have an awesome 4th of July. Be safe and have fun.

New Book and Party…




In case you didn’t know, Close the Distance, came out on Friday and is available at all 3rd Party sellers. 🙂




Also, if you stop by Totally Bound’s Facebook page on Tuesday between 8-10 pm. Carol Lynne, Amber Kell and me will be having a party to celebrate m/m books and our newest releases. There will be prizes  and also you can sign up to win a Kindle with three awesome books on it already. 🙂 Click here to check it out and enter.


I have to finish up my edits for Saint Petersburg and buckle down to get A Grand Prix Romance done this week. Then it’s on to finishing up Losing Sight of the Target and starting Anywhere Tequila Flows, book 4 in the Rags to Riches series. So it’ll be another busy week for me.


I hope you all have an amazing Monday. 🙂

New Cover and book…



First of all, Finding Peace is out now. Yay!  Click here to check it out. Also, it’s on sale. 😉 I did add more to it at the end after I took it down from the blog.

Second, I  got the cover art for From Yesterday, Book 3 in the Rupert’s Legacy series. I love it. 🙂



Isn’t it pretty? This one was supposed to be out April 7th, but we pushed it back closer to the end of April. But it will be out next month.

Third, I finished Saint Petersburg, which is Book 8 (and the last book) in the Fallen series. This one is about Lucifer. He plays a part in a few of the other books, so I had to give him his own story. This series has taken me ten years to finish..lmao. It was the first series I ever wrote when I started writing and got published. Then I took a detour into writing m/m romance. But when I decided to write both, I figured I’d get the Fallen books done. Yay!

Now I’m going to be working on A Grand Prix Romance, which is Book 7 of the International Men series. Plus going to do my best to get you all three installments of Bodyguards. If I don’t quite make three, you’ll definitely get the usual two. 🙂

Once Grand Prix is done, I’ll be finishing up Losing Sight of the Target and starting Anywhere Tequila Flows, Book 4 of the Rags to Riches series and work on a special project. 🙂

All right. I hope you all are safe and warm this snowy Monday. (I was really hoping we were done with snow, but guess not.)

Wednesday’s Work in Progress…



I thought I’d share another excerpt from Losing Sight of the Target. 🙂 I’m actually working on St Petersburg, the last book in my M/F Fallen series. Need to get that done. Have two sets of edits to go through as well. It’ll be a busy next couple of days, but I’ll push through it…lol

So here you go:

Losing Sight of the Target copyright c. 2014 T.A. Chase


They got in line and grabbed some breakfast. Nate gestured to a table where some of the other skiing team sat. Justin nodded to them as he took a seat.

“Hey man, who’d you fuck last night?”

He jerked his head up and stared at Rob, one of the cross-country skiers. “What do you mean?”

“Dude, your room’s right next to mine.” He grinned. “Heard your bed bang against the wall a couple times last night.”

His cheeks on fire, Justin dropped his gaze to his plate. “Umm…”

“Leave him alone, Rob. Not everyone is a complete man whore like you and sleeps with anyone who’ll have him. Plus he’s a gentleman and doesn’t kiss and tell.” Nate punched Rob in the arm.

Justin appreciated Nate stepping in. He’d never told anyone that he trained with that he was gay. Mostly because it simply never came up. It wasn’t like he was hiding it or anything like that. If someone had asked him point blank about it, he’d have said something.

“Fine, but just let me know if I’m going to be hearing any more of that because I’ll put on my headphones.” Rob winked at him.

“Like you weren’t doing the same damn thing,” Peter, Rob’s roommate, said as he joined them. “I walked in on him last night. Who were you fucking? Oh yeah. One of the German snowboarders. I had to leave.”

“That bad,” Justin joked, trying to get over his embarrassment.

“Oh she was hot, but I couldn’t stand there looking at his blindingly white ass for another minute.” Peter ducked the slap Rob aimed for his head.

The joking and laughter continued while Justin finished eating. When he and Nate were both done, they threw away their trash then went to meet up with their coach in the gym.

After a few hours, Justin returned to his room to change into his outdoors ski clothes. He was excited to get outside in the fresh air and stretch his legs.  He wasn’t the type of guy who liked to spend too much time inside. Going over to his dresser to grab his gloves and sunglasses, he noticed a flash of sliver hanging from the mirror. He removed the chain and brought it over to the window so he could examine it. It wasn’t there when I left to go to breakfast. How did he get in here again?

The pendant was of a rifle layered on top of a pair of skis forged out of silver like his bracelet. He ran his fingers over it, loving how the roughness of the edges and raised lines told him what it was without him having to look at it. Justin took off the tag attached to it and read it.

“Good luck. Love, C”

He tugged the note away before he put the necklace on. Arranging everything so it rested on his chest under his shirt, he touched it one more time before heading out. He needed to keep his head on his events and not the mysterious man who kept appearing then disappearing after fucking Justin stupid.

“What took you so long?” Nate yelled from where he stood next to a bus that was going to transport them to where the cross-country and biathlon events were going to take place.

“Sorry.” Justin wasn’t about to spill his guts to Nate, not about Caesar anyway. Something told him Caesar didn’t want anyone to know he was around, not that anyone would know who Caesar was. At least Justin didn’t think Caesar was famous or anything like that. Oh hell! What the fuck do I know about the man? He’s a contract negotiator or something like that. He comes and goes like a ghost. And I really like him.

How could he like Caesar when he didn’t know the man? All they’d done was have sex and talk a little bit. It wasn’t like they’d dated for months. Two nights together didn’t constitute a relationship, though it did feel like Caesar was courting him by sending gifts.

“Hey Justin.”

He looked up to see Nate staring at him. “What?”

“Get your head out of your ass and pay attention. The next two weeks are going to be the most important in your life, do you understand? If you want any shot at medaling, you need to focus.” Nate frowned. “I know there’s something going on with you. I can tell by how Norman looks at you, but you have to push it out of your mind.”

“Actually I wasn’t even thinking about that,” Justin admitted. “I was trying to figure something out in my head, but you’re right. I have to forget about it all and live in the moment. That’s the only way I’m going to achieve what I want.”

They settled into their seats with some of the other people heading up into the mountains. Justin nodded at one of the Norwegian biathletes he’d competed against in the world championship events. The man nodded back before slipping his earbuds in.

Monday again…lol



I’m sure you’ll see this wandering around if you follow many writers because whoever wrote this for Robert DeNiro knew exactly what they were talking about. The were millions of writers out there last night nodding their head in agreement…lol

Well, I didn’t get Losing finished over the weekend, though I’m closer than I was…lol. It’ll be done this week. (keeping my fingers crossed) I did get St Petersburg started and am on track with that word count. Yay! I have to tweak my secret story, but I’m going to do that today so I can get that back to my editor this week.

I’ll be doing the next Bodyguard installment first though. That needs to be done early this afternoon then I can work on whichever one I want.

Oh, the amazingly awesome Amy Lane has a post on her blog today of some upcoming releases to look forward to this month. Check it out here. I’m mentioned twice, but so is Mary Calmes, BA Tortuga, and Rhys Ford. JP Barnaby as well. 🙂 To help you add to your to-be-read pile. 🙂

I hope you all have a great Monday.

Now Available….




My M/F book, Los Angeles, Book 6 of the Fallen series, is available today. Yay! click here if you’d like to check it out. 🙂




Close the Distance, Book 2 in the Rags to Riches series, is available now for early download. So you can see how everything plays out for Adrien and Ion. 🙂 Click here to grab it (You can get it if you’re a VIP at Totally Bound, which means you just have to sign up for their newsletter…lol. Very simple)




Serving Love at Carnival is up for pre-order now at Totally Bound. Click here to check it out. 🙂 This one takes place in Rio and features a pro beach volleyball player.


Just signed the contract for Book 3 in the Rags to Riches series, Following His Footsteps. It’s Patrick’s story. And got approval for the title of Book 4, Anywhere Tequila Flows. I haven’t written it yet, but at least I won’t have to worry about the name. It’s on my schedule to start in mid-March after I finish St Petersburg, Book 8 (and the last one) in the Fallen series.


I’m planning on finishing Losing Sight of the Target today or tomorrow. It’s been an interesting story and hopefully you all fall in love with Jensen and Caesar. Plus I have to tweak a story I turned in last week then send it back, but as soon as I can, I’ll tell you all about it. 🙂


Well, I have a busy weekend planned. I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend. Oh, and  a warm one as well. 🙂

Now Available….




Hearts on the Line is now available at Amber Allure. Check it out here. I did add an epilogue/chapter to it, so you know how the boys are doing in Mexico. 🙂

On today’s schedule I have: writing the next installment of Bodyguards, work on Losing and A Grand Prix Romance. So a full day of writing is ahead for me.




In case anyone is interested, Close the Distance is up for pre-order now. Check it out here.




As is Serving Love at Carnival. Check it out here.

I hope you all have a great day.

Busy Weekend



Watching the US Men’s Hockey Team playing against the Canadian team. 🙂 Thought I’d share a pic of the US Captain Zach Parise. Keeping my fingers crossed for a chance at the gold medal.

Started working on a short story on Monday and will be subbing it today. As soon as I get the go-ahead, I’ll let you all know what it’s about. Once it’s turned in, I’ll be working on A Grand Prix Romance, which is Book 7 of our International Sports series. This one is set in Monaco during the Formula One race. One hero is a Formula One driver and the other is Paolo Lancaster, the goalie from At First Touch.

I’ll also be working on Losing Sight of the Target, my biathlon story. Hopefully I’ll get that done asap, because I have a never-ending line of books to write after that…lol

I hope you all have a great weekend. 🙂