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Happy Wednesday

Wow…we’re already in the middle of the week. Of course, it was a short work week to begin with for some people. 🙂 I’ve been writing away. Got 3k added to Joy of the Season, and hoping to finish it up by the weekend. Woot! That would be great.

Well, don’t have much else to say. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. 🙂

Happy Labor Day…

Happy Labor Day, everyone. I hope your weekend so far has been fun and safe. 🙂

Mine’s been pretty quiet. Done some writing, and hanging out with family and friends. Woot!

Got the final edits done on Pestilence, and it’s up for pre-order for those of you who like to do that. 🙂 Click here to check it out. I’m really hoping you, the readers, like this new series. It’s been interesting to write. Of course, Famine is on my schedule to start as soon as I finish Joy of the Season, my short Christmas story for MLR Press. 🙂

I’ve been doing pretty good on Joy, not sure how many words I actually have because I’ve been writing it out long hand in a notebook. Might seem a little odd, but sometimes stories flow better for me when I write them out, instead of sitting in front of a computer or laptop. My plan today is to type in what I’ve written and see where I’m at.

Hope you have a great Monday…and a safe one as well.


Well, Love’s Baggage is done and turned in. Woot! It’ll be out Oct. 16th as part of the Howling in the Night PAX. All werewolf stories. This one is Bandit’s story, so we’ll get some more information about what’s going on with everyone in the Preternatural series. Hopefully, you’ll like it.

Next up…and all ready started is Joy of the Season, a short Christmas story for MLR Press. Once that’s done, I’ll be starting Famine, the third book in The Four Horsemen series.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday.