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New Contract

It’s only right that I share another picture of Ari, who I used as inspiration for Josh Bauer in Tabloid Star. I just signed a contract today for a new Josh and Ryan story. It’s a short story that takes place on New Year’s Eve. The boys are getting married. 🙂 Woo-hoo!

Pretty awesome, isn’t it? I have the print versions of Out of Bounds and High Line coming out in the beginning of December in one book titled Playing the Game. Then With This Ring will be out some time in December, I assume. Haven’t gotten the official date yet. 🙂 Plus there might be another little bonus Christmas story featuring the guys from my Sports books available as well. Have to wait to hear on that one.

Writing is going well. Bailey and David are cooperating with me, so I’m happy about that. We’ll see how fast Fighting Dragons gets written. I’m hoping pretty fast because there are some other stories that I want to get working on and finished.

I hope you all have a great day.

High Line out today

Woo-hoo! Garrett’s story is finally out. Or will be out soon, I’m sure…lol. As soon as it’s up on the front page at Samhain, I’ll post the link. 🙂

Available now…

Here’s the blurb:

Will giving him the green flag lead to love…or heartache?

The Love of Sports Series, Book 2

CJ Lamont is at the top of the racing world but his winning record is based on a carefully constructed lie. His world falls apart when his ex-wife reveals the truth. As he hits rock bottom, rescue comes from an unexpected source—Garrett Johnson, Hollywood’s hottest leading man.

Garrett’s acting career is taking off, bringing him accolades he’d never imagined. Good friends and family keep his days hopping, but watching his twin brother fall in love exposes the emptiness in Garrett’s life created by the betrayal of his ex-lover.

Garrett offers CJ a place to heal and a shoulder to lean on, telling himself it’s only to keep CJ from taking a more destructive path. But as time passes, the two men grow closer and CJ realizes he has a decision to make—whether to rebuild his fictitious life, or admit to loving a man who shines brighter than the Hollywood stars.

Will he reach for the star or sink back into his old life?

Warning: This title contains hot man love, sticky situations with honey, fast cars and faster men.


“Actually, how long are you staying in L.A.?” Garrett led him back toward the room he’d woken up in.

“Don’t know. I don’t really have anywhere to go.”

Pain trickled in his heart. His home in Charlotte was besieged by reporters. He’d run to the opposite coast, looking for somewhere he could hide.

“Why don’t I have my security guy, Quentin, go to your hotel, grab your stuff and you can stay here?” Garrett stopped outside his room.

“What about you?” He opened the door, confused.

“I’m leaving in a few days and won’t be around for a month or so.”

CJ forced his body to stay in place while Garrett reached out to cup his cheek. His lips were stroked by a rough thumb. He licked Garret’s skin, tasting salt and something spicy.

Garrett groaned and slid his hand into CJ’s hair, pulling him closer. CJ managed not to tense. God, he wanted to share another kiss with him.

Their lips brushed together with a gentleness he’d never imagined two men could feel. It seemed like Garrett was trying not to make him nervous. Nerves weren’t his problem. Garrett was the only man he’d ever kissed. Denying his urges made it hard to get any experience. He wrapped his arms around Garrett’s waist, leaning against the actor’s chest.

“Open for me,” Garrett ordered softly.

CJ opened his lips, allowing Garrett’s tongue in. He shivered as Garrett teased the roof of his mouth. He moaned and rocked his erection against Garrett’s thigh.

He protested as Garrett eased away from him. “Please.”

“Go to bed,” Garrett murmured. “It’s late.”

“Wait. Why save my ass from that guy and put me up in your house?” He didn’t understand why Garrett would choose to do something for a guy he’d met a year ago and never talked to since.

“Aside from it being one of the finest asses I’ve seen, I don’t know. Probably guilt more than anything else. Someone very close to me slid down the path you’re taking. By the time I noticed, it was too late. If I can help someone else, maybe it’ll atone for my negligence. Besides, remember what I told you the last time I saw you; if you needed anything, I would help you out. Well, I’m thinking you need a friend and I’m willing to be it.” Garrett brushed a quick kiss over CJ’s cheek. “Goodnight.”


Wave has given High Line 5 out of 5 stars already.

Also, Dana Marie Bell has a book releasing today along with me. 🙂 Very Much Alive is a great story..imo. 🙂 So check that one out when you stop by Samhain to pick up High Line. (Not a very subtle hint, huh?

And remember Bitter Creek’s Redemption’s next installment will be up tomorrow.

Have a great day.