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sorry, everyone. Got hit with a migraine and ended up not doing much of anything yesterday. I’m feeling better, so I plan on getting the next installment done for you all. 🙂

Oh and good news, Wilde City will be re-releasing The Whore of New Slum and Duncan’s World. Yes, there will be new content. Each book will have enough words added to them for them to hit the 50k mark and hopefully get put into print. (Keep your fingers crossed…lol)

Have a great day.

Duncan’s World available….

In case some of you didn’t get a message yesterday, Duncan’s World is available at Amber Allure now. It’s also on sale. Amber Allure has started a new thing where all that week’s books are discounted for the first week.

Also, Freaks in Love was the #1 best seller at Amber Allure for March…and Soothe the Burn hung on for the #10th spot in March as well. Thank you all so much for making those two books hit the list. 🙂

I finished one book that just needs to be cleaned up, then I’ll be subbing it to Liquid Silver. On to the next book on my list…that needs to be done by June 1st.

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a wonderful Monday.

Fighting Dragons cover…

Very nice cover, isn’t it? Another great one from Anne Cain. 🙂

Fighting Dragons will be available on March 30th from Loose-Id.

I finished the edits on Duncan’s World (available April 4th at Amber Allure) and Wishing for a Home (available at some point in April from Liquid Silver Books) Woot!

I’m working on Revealing the Past, a story for Amber Allure. I’m close to being finished with it, so I’m focusing my attention on that one story until I’m done. 🙂 Then I’ll dig through and figure out which one I want to put on the calendar along with Not Seeing is Believing. Also, remember that Wolf’s Survival starts tomorrow.

Have a great Monday.

Quick work week….

Of course, I’ve only worked two days this week…lol. So yay! It’s Friday. 🙂

Well, yesterday was a good writing day and I’m hoping today will be another one because I’ll be doing edits this weekend on Wishing for a Home and Duncan’s World. Plus working on the first installments of Wolf’s Survival.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

New Cover and Book

This is my newest upcoming release, Duncan’s World, from Amber Allure. It’s scheduled for April 4th. 🙂 Woot!

Here’s the unedited blurb:

Kyle MacDonald keeps his head down and tries to avoid making his father angry while traveling on the professional bull riding circuit. He’s learned the hard way how his father deals with being upset. The only rebellion Kyle’s allowed himself is helping out with the bulls after the event. It’s on one such night that Kyle meets Duncan Hornsby.

Duncan’s the reigning world Champion, and has everything he could want. Yet his eye has been caught by a shy young man whose father is Duncan’s biggest rival. Kyle MacDonald makes Duncan feel protective and passionate. Even though he’s fourteen years older than Kyle, Duncan’s ready to risk rejection to see if Kyle’s lips taste as sweet as they look.

Could a relationship grow between them amidst the macho atmosphere of bull riding and the danger presented by Kyle’s father? Or will Kyle and Duncan prove that age doesn’t count in matters of the heart?

What do you think? I love this cover…lol.

I hope you all had a marvelous Christmas or holiday.