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RIP Amy Winehouse…

I was sorry to hear the news of Amy Winehouse’s death over the weekend. For a little lady, she had a big voice and I loved her songs. Soulful and painful, she understand what blues meant. The sadness of her passing is such because she had so many demons she fought.

Also, my heart is heavy with the deaths of those people in Norway as well. My thoughts go out to all of them as well.

I’ve been busy writing this weekend. I’m getting close to finish War, and I’m working on editing Borderline to get them back to my editor by Wednesday. I got a release day for it. Woot! Oct. 18th (but of course that day is subject to change until the day of release…lol) Once I get a blurb written up, I’ll post it for you.

I hope you have a great Monday.

Sunny Day

It looks like today might be a nice day here. I’m hoping so. I’ll open all the windows in the house and air it out…lol. Might even go sit outside and write. I did that last Friday. It was a really nice day out, so I spent the afternoon sitting on my front porch, writing and soaking up the heat like a lizard. 😀

I’m still working on finishing up Under My Bed, but at least I’m in the homestretch, then I can start War and finish Why I Love Waiters. I won’t have a release in June. My next one will probably be UMB in July. Still not sure when Pestilence and Borderline will be out. I’ll keep you updated on those two. As soon as I hear anything about even a rough date, I’ll be sure to say something. 🙂

Hope you all have a great day.

Borderline excerpt-

I thought I’d give you an excerpt from the story I just finished over the weekend. 🙂 Borderline features a Texas Ranger and a FBI profiler who are working on a serial killer case in Houston. Both men have secrets….and as soon as I write up a blurb, I’ll post it for you…lol.

Excerpt: (unedited of course)

Macario devoured the man with his gaze, trying not to drool at the lust-inducing sight Tanner made. The agent wore faded jeans worn thin in spots and fit him like a glove. A long sleeved dark blue Henley graced Tanner’s upper half, showing off a well-muscled chest and a flat stomach.

“No one,” Macario muttered, keeping up his façade.

Tanner walked up to him and cradled his face with his hands. Shock held Macario still. No one touched him without his permission. Yet he had no inclination to yell at Tanner or back away from him.

“I promise to keep your secret, Macario, because God knows, I have my own. It might make you feel better to tell someone about her.” Tanner glanced down at the glass in Marcario’s hand. “Instead of drinking your problems into oblivion.”

If he was the kind of man who didn’t take responsibility for his actions, he’d blame what he did next on the alcohol. Macario set his glass down and rested his hands on Tanner’s hips. He leaned forward and brought their lips together.

Tanner gasped and Macario took advantage of it to sweep his tongue inside Tanner’s mouth, tasting the flavors. Spicy like Tanner had Tex-Mex for dinner and a beer. There was a unique flavor that had to be all Tanner. They moaned and stepped closer until their bodies pressed tightly together, chest to chest, knee to knee, and groin to groin.

In the back of his alcohol-addled mind, Macario knew what they were doing wasn’t smart, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. He tugged on the hem of Tanner’s shirt, lifting it so he could run his hands over Tanner’s warm smooth skin. Tonight, he wanted to fuck and re-enforce the fact that he still lived. It was the emotion that often swept over him when catching a murder case. If it had been a different victim, he probably would have gone out to one of the bars and picked a guy up. Not the safest thing to do, but he didn’t care. He just wanted a body under him and around him.

Tanner eased back, breaking the kiss. “Where’s your bedroom?”

Macario grabbed the man’s hand and dragged him down the hallway. He didn’t speak, not wanting to break the mood. No coming to their senses until after they fucked. They could regret it in the aftermath.

You’re such a playboy. Marissa’s voice danced through his head and Macario skidded to a halt without warning. Tanner slammed into his back with a grunt.

“What’s wrong?” Tanner tightened his grip on Macario’s hand.

“We can’t do this.” Macario turned to look at him. “I’m sorry.”

Tanner laughed softly. “It might give me blue balls, but I think I can deal with it. You’re trying to reaffirm that you’re alive. Happens to those of us around death all the time. Are you the type to go to the bars and pick up a one-night stand?”

Macario dipped his head in embarrassment. More often than not, he’d done it, but not lately. Maybe his age was catching up to him, or after re-connecting with Marissa, he found he wanted more than quick anonymous sex.

He closed his eyes against the tears. Marissa, so beautiful and alive the last time he saw her. Teasing him about his revolving bedroom door. No more laughter. No more late night phone calls to talk about her day. Macario bit his lip to keep from sobbing. The alcohol hadn’t been a good idea. His control was slipping and he didn’t want Tanner to see him weak and emotional.

“Why didn’t you do that tonight?” Tanner led him back down the hall to the living room, and pushed him down onto the couch.

He laid his head back and stared up at the ceiling. “Because I couldn’t face all those people and the fact that they’re still fucking alive, and those five women are dead.”

When will it end?

When is winter going to be over? It’s snowing yet again and I’m sure it’ll be cold outside. Ugh!

I’m hoping things will flow today and I’ll be able to finish Borderline today. I’ve got about 2-3k left to finish, which is the last half of a chapter. Then I’ll be sending it out to my beta reader and my proofreader. Woot! Then on to Kissed by God, a story for another PAX at Amber Allure. As soon as I write up a blurb for it, I’ll post it.

Well, I hope you all stay safe and warm today, and this weekend as well.

Happy Hunk Day

Today will be a busy day. I have edits to finish on Embrace My Reflection, my first of two releases in February. I’m getting close to the end of Borderline…just have one more chapter to do. And I have to write the next installment of Cafe on the Corner for tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll get all of it finished, but even if I just get my edits done and the next installment completed, it’ll be a good day. 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday.


Well, I meant to post something earlier this morning, but got caught up in a bunch of stuff and completely forgot. 🙂 Everything’s good, just busy today.

But I’m home and ready to buckle down to work on Borderline and the edits for Embrace My Reflection. Woot!

I hope you all have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

End of the week.

Yay…it’s Friday. Not that it really means much for me in a way…lol. Working from home means every day is pretty much the same. At least during the winter. 🙂 But still I’m happy to hit the weekend. I think we’ll be going to see The King’s Speech (if it opens in all theaters this weekend). I love Colin Firth and it looks like a really good movie.

I’m hoping to hit the halfway mark on Borderline today, if not go over it by the end of the day. But we’ll see. I have to run some errands and I’m meeting a friend for dinner tonight. That’ll be fun.

Well, I hope you all have a great Friday and a marvelous weekend.

Wednesday Hunk

I’m going to have to go shovel the driveway at some point today, I guess….though I don’t plan on going any where today…lol.

Progress is being made on Borderline. I’m hoping to have it done by the end of the month, if not sooner. Also, I just got the okay to go ahead and write a four book paranormal series for Total e-Bound. Woot! So I’m going to have to start working on those as well. When I get blurbs and stuff written up for them, I’ll post them.

Hmmm….other than that, I plan on staying inside where it’s nice and warm. 🙂 I hope you all are safe and sound wherever you are.

Have a wonderfully warm Wednesday.