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A Grand Prix Romance available…



A Grand Prix Romance, Book 7 of our International Men of Sports, is available at all 3rd party retailers now. πŸ™‚

It features Paolo from At First Touch, plus you get to visit some of the other guys as well. πŸ™‚

Also, I’d like to show you the cover for my short story that is part of a new imprint at Totally Bound. It’s called What’s His Passion?. My short story is titled Mountains to Climb and will be out on July 11th.Β All the stories featured in WHP will be m/m and also at least one character will have something he’s passionate about. My guy, Jensen, is addicted to mountain climbing. (wouldn’t have guessed it by the title, right? lol) There will be a full length novel some time next year featuring Jensen and Toby again. Plus I have a few other ideas I want to explore that would fit into the theme of the imprint.

Here’s my cover for Mountains to Climb:




And here is the cover for the anthology for What’s His Passion. The first six launch books will be available in one print book. πŸ™‚



Aren’t they gorgeous?

I hope you all have fun this weekend. I’ll be working on finishing up Book 5 in the Rags to Riches series, Walking in the Rain. πŸ™‚

Busy Weekend



Watching the US Men’s Hockey Team playing against the Canadian team. πŸ™‚ Thought I’d share a pic of the US Captain Zach Parise. Keeping my fingers crossed for a chance at the gold medal.

Started working on a short story on Monday and will be subbing it today. As soon as I get the go-ahead, I’ll let you all know what it’s about. Once it’s turned in, I’ll be working on A Grand Prix Romance, which is Book 7 of our International Sports series. This one is set in Monaco during the Formula One race. One hero is a Formula One driver and the other is Paolo Lancaster, the goalie from At First Touch.

I’ll also be working on Losing Sight of the Target, my biathlon story. Hopefully I’ll get that done asap, because I have a never-ending line of books to write after that…lol

I hope you all have a great weekend. πŸ™‚

Two New Books out…




First book out today is At First Touch, book 3 of our International Men of Sports series. This one takes place in Germany and is about football (soccer for us Americans…lol) Β Click here to check it out.



Then for those of you who downloaded Part One of my serial, Every Shattered Dream, then you’ll be happy to know that Part Two is available now. This one is $1 at both Total e-Bound and Amazon. πŸ™‚ Click here to check this part out. πŸ™‚

And today is a big day because I’m off for my first session with my tattoo artist. I’m sure those of you who follow me on Twitter remember me mentioning this a time or two…lol. It’s going to be a long and painful day, but in the end, it’ll be worth it. Of course, I’ll have a couple more sessions with him. Today is just outlining and shading for the dragon. Next session is all the color…and the third session will be any little touches he wants to add. I told him what I wanted, and trust him to come up with a totally awesome design. He’s a true artist.

So I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a marvelous weekend.

Book Three of International Sports




At First Touch, Book 3 of the International Men of Sports series by yours truly and Devon Rhodes, is now available for pre-release download. If you’re a VIP member of Total e-Bound, you can get it two weeks before it comes out and at a discount. Also, if you haven’t already pre-ordered it. πŸ™‚ This one takes place in Germany and is about two soccer players. I hope you enjoy it.

I’ll be trying my darnedest this week to finish up New York…and hopefully get some other stories started.

I hope you all had a great weekend. And try to have a good Monday, even if it is the start of another work week.

It’s Friday….




so At First Touch is up on the coming soon page. Not up for pre-order or anything like that, but still it’s there for you to check out here.






Also, if you or any of your friends like to read M/F stories, my paranormal fallen angel story, Fallen: Detroit, is up for pre-order at TEB. Check it out here (or send your friends the link to it…lol) My Tiffany website is almost finished. Just waiting on two things from me….which I’ll be sending to my web mistress today and I’ll be promoing my M/F stuff there for the most, but I hope you don’t mind me doing a little promoing here for them as well. Don’t worry…there’ll never be girls as the main characters in my TA stories…unless they’re F/F stories. If I ever write a M/M/F story, it’ll be published under Tiffany. I don’t want to get anyone upset who doesn’t like girly bits in their M/M stories. Β *wink*

Oh…I meant to ask…would you be upset if I finished Hearts on the blog, then let TEB release it as a serial? There would be changes in each of the five parts (if they took it) like more sex sooner…lol. The first part would be free like their other serials, but the other four parts would be .99 cents or $1. (I’m terrible about that…and never really remember for sure what the price would be…lol) If a majority of you don’t like the idea, then I’ll do what I usually do…finish the story here, add more to it, then send it to Amber Allure to be published as one full story instead of parts. Β Please let me know what you think. I really do want to hear your opinions.

Thanks…and have a wonderful weekend.


Chasing the King of the Mountains available…



I know I promised there’d be an installment of Hearts today, but I was gone all day and didn’t get back until very late last night. So I’m sorry that it’s not up.

But good news for those of you who didn’t pre-order or grab it during the pre-release time, Chasing the King of the Mountains is available for general release now. Β Yay! Click here to check it out. It was so much fun to write…and it comes out during the 2013 Tour de France, so you can read it, then watch the coverage of the race and maybe have some understanding about what the commentators are saying. lol. Or maybe not because I did all that research on cricket for Sticky Wicket, and I still don’t understand the game. Β At First Touch, the 3rd book in the International Sports series, will be available soon for pre-order. And Devon and I are hard at work on book 4, Blindsided.





Also, the second annual GRL convention anthology, Unconventional in Atlanta, is available for pre-release download. You buy it today at a discounted price, you can read it today. πŸ™‚ Check it out here. Β It’s fun to read because it takes place in Atlanta at the very hotel GRL will be at this year, during GRL. And all the stories have at least one main character who works at the hotel. So the stories are inter-releated and you’ll see characters from the other stories interact with each other throughout the anthology. It was a lot of fun to write.

Finally, I did an interview with Female First (from the UK). If you click here, you can check it out.

I promise next week I’ll be on the ball, and get those installments done on time.

I hope you all have a marvelous and safe 4th of July weekend.

Happy Monday Morning….




I hope you all had a good weekend. My writing didn’t go quite as planned, so I’ll be spending the first part of the week finishing up Dream, then I’ll get to working on some of the other stories I’d like to finish up this month. πŸ™‚ I also have edits on At First TouchΒ to get done, and Final Line Edits on Reno to finish up. Yay! lol Even though I didn’t get as much done as I’d like, I still had a good weekend, which in the long run is better for me. I relaxed and read some books. Also, re-read a few Amy Lane books and again realized just how much I love her writing. πŸ™‚

Well, I don’t have much to tell you, so I’m going to say have a great Monday….and I have to get back to writing.

New Cover reveal…and a little promo for Chasing the King…



first of all, this is the cover for the 3rd book in the International Men of Sports series. Obviously it’s about football (soccer here in America) and it takes place in Germany. To be honest, we were a little vague on what city in Germany. lol…But I love it and I think it’ll look awesome with the rest of the books as well. I can’t wait to see them all in print. πŸ™‚

Second of all….here’s little promo thing that Total e-Bound is putting out to ramp up interest in Chasing the King of the Mountains. Now they’ve been doing it for several other books as well, and I think it’s pretty cool.



I’m sure most of you have already gotten your VIP copy….lmao. πŸ˜‰ If not, it goes on general release on July 5th. There will more of these little promo pictures coming in the next weeks. πŸ™‚

I signed the contract for Every Shattered Dream, which is going to be a serial at Total e-Bound, and Part One will be out on August 23rd. Now with all the serials, Part One will be free at TEB’s site, but it’ll be 99 cents at Amazon. Not sure why it works that way, but there you have it. After that, I believe the subsequent parts will be either 99 cents or a dollar. Either way, can’t beat it. πŸ™‚ Β As soon as I get some cover art for you, I’ll post it here, though I have to finish up Part Five this weekend. Then I’ll be working on some short stories for MLR Press and TEB. Maybe even sneak in and finish up a story for Amber Allure as well. Who knows?

I hope you all have a great weekend.

New Week…Same stuff…



Well…sort of the same stuff. Devon and I finished At First Touch on Friday, and I just signed the contract for it. I also just saw the cover art for it…and I love it. It’ll fit in so well with the other two. I can’t wait to see these books in print. I’ll share the cover with everyone as soon as Devon gets a chance to okay it. πŸ™‚ She’s probably sleeping right now since she lives out on the West Coast. We’ll be starting our Australian book in a day or two. This one features a rugby player and a life guard. Woo-hoo!

My goal for this week is to finish up Every Shattered Dream, do three interviews for some other blogs, write up a guest blog post, do first round edits on Reno (my second Tiffany Aaron book) and see if I can’t finish up Restoration Project. Plus various other real life appointments I have. So it’s going to be a very busy week, but I think I can do it.

I had a great time at Motor City Pride in Detroit on Saturday. Hung out with some awesome people and gave away all my promo stuff. Definitely have to order even more for next year. πŸ™‚

I hope you all have a marvelous Monday.

Sharp Dressed Man is available…




I realize this isn’t what you would like to see today on my blog. πŸ™‚ Devon and I are one sex scene away from finishing At First Touch, because we worked on it all night until my wrist couldn’t take any more typing. So I wasn’t able to get Hearts done for you, but for those of you who haven’t heard my Mixed Tape story is out at MLR Press. Sharp Dressed Man is available and if you click here, you can check it out. It’s available as a single release or you can get six stories in Volume 1 of the Mixed Tape Collection.

It’s a short story about two guys who were best friends in high school, but neither of them would admit they loved the other. So at their 25th reunion, they run into each other and sparks fly. πŸ™‚

I have to finish up Dream Part 5, and edits on my Tiffany Aaron book, Reno. But I will get you the next installment of Hearts on Tuesday, I promise. πŸ™‚ I hope you all have a great weekend. I’ll be at Motor City Pride in Detroit on Saturday, if any of you are in the area. Come see me. πŸ™‚