On Love’s Wings

On Love’s Wings copyright c. 2016 T.A. Chase

Part Seventeen-

Miataga chuckled. “I’m looking forward to it.” He winked when Ari eyed him.

Following Ari into a room, he looked around. It was a small space, but there was a nice bed covered in thick blankets and lots of pillows. It was decorated in reds, oranges and yellows, which Miataga thought probably soothed Ari because it reminded the man of Vikex.

“Did you choose the colors?” He sat on the edge of the bed, almost sinking into the mattress while he watched Ari pour some water into a bowl.

“My sister-in-law, Rayme, did it. She’s the only one of the group who understands exactly what my bond with Vikex is.” Ari washed his hands and face then dried them. Joining Miataga, he leaned against him.

Miataga rested his head on Ari’s shoulder. “I’m sorry they cringed when you removed your helmet.” Shrugging, Ari took Miataga’s hand and entwined their fingers. “It’s no big deal. They forget how bad the scars are when they haven’t seen me in a while. Thank you for caring though.”

“Yes, I care. It might only have been a few days since we met, but I like you, Ari. You’ve never treated me as anything less than a real person instead of a whore. It means a lot to me.” Miataga lifted their hands to his mouth then brushed a kiss over Ari’s knuckles.

“You’re a person just like me. We all have our own issues. Mine are my scars. I don’t know what yours are because I doubt selling yourself is the most important one to you.” Ari squeezed his hand then let him go. “Go wash up then we can either decide whether to change or not. My family doesn’t dress for dinner, even though they like to think they’re a little higher in society than the farmers in the village.”

After standing, Miataga moved to the dresser where the bowl sat. He washed his hands and face, drying them on the towel Ari had left there. He propped his hip against the furniture as he stared at Ari.

“Does your family have a party for birthdays?”

“Yes. It’ll be a big one for the whole village to enjoy music and food. Mother will act as though she’s embarrassed by all the attention, but secretly she’ll be thrilled everyone is making a fuss over her.” Ari’s voice held a hint of fondness.

Miataga understood that Ari might not enjoy being with his family and that they might irritate him, but Ari still loved them, which was the right thing. Miataga’s mother might have been a whore and because of her, he ended being one as well, but he still missed her.


They both looked at the doorway where a young man stood, shifting from foot to foot.

“Heya Barke,” Ari greeted him. “Come in. Thank you for bringing our packs.”

“It was nothing. They weren’t that heavy.” Barke eased into the room. He held his hands behind his back and his gaze skated around the room.

“Miataga, this is my youngest cousin, Barke,” Ari introduced them.

“Nice to meet you.” Miataga wasn’t sure if he should offer his hand or not, so he simply inclined his head.

Barke eyed him then bowed slightly. “Nice to meet you as well.”

Ari frowned. “How are your parents? And your sister?”

“Can I go with you when you leave?” Barke blurted then looked upset.

“Umm…” Ari shot Miataga a wide-eyed glance.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.” Barke started to leave, but Miataga grabbed his arm to keep him there.

“Wait. It’s not that you shouldn’t have asked. You took us by surprise,” Miataga explained. “Why don’t you and Ari talk about it tomorrow? You’ll have to explain why you want to leave here. Also, leaving with us might not be the best thing for you. The family might not be happy with you.”

“Of course they won’t be happy. They want us all to stay here, to live and die in this village.” Barke tossed his hands in the air. “I don’t want that. I want to see the world—or at least the city. There’s more out there than farming and I need to live something different.”

Ari took a hold of Barke’s shoulder. “I know what you mean. That’s how I felt before I left, but I was being called to find Vikex. Do you think you’re being called?”

Barke shrugged. “I keep having dreams about a golden bird and a city. I told my parents and Uncle, but they tell me it means nothing. Just a young boy’s silly dreams.”

Miataga stared at Ari when the man growled. “What’s wrong?”

“Barke, you and I will talk tomorrow during Mother’s party. Then I’ll be having a conversation with all the elders in the village. They should never tell you that your dreams are silly. There are reasons why you’re having visions of a golden bird. All of the men who bond with the giant birds had dreams of them before they found their way to Sendler.” Ari paced the room while Barke and Miataga watched him. “I’ve told them about it this almost every time I come to visit. I wanted them to keep an eye out for young men who had dreams like yours, Barke. Obviously they don’t care—or just don’t want to lose any of the young people.”

Miataga touched Barke’s arm. “Are you married?”

Barke shook his head. “I’ve never found a girl I was interested in. All I can think about is this stupid bird. My parents want me to settle down though. They have a nice girl picked out for me. She lives on the neighboring farm, which would help increase our land eventually.” He sounded so annoyed that Miataga had to laugh.

“Parents can be a pain, can’t they?” he said, even though he never really had to worry about his own mother’s expectations.

“Tell me about it. I keep telling them I’m not interested in getting married, but they kept pushing me.” Barke shook his head.

“Don’t worry about that, Barke. Your marriage won’t be happening.” Ari glared at both of them. “You’ll be coming with us when we leave. I promise.”

On Love’s Wings

On Love’s Wings copyright c. 2016 T.A. Chase

Part Sixteen-

Something in the tone of his voice must have struck Mr. Dosterta because the man finally looked at Miataga who bowed. There was no reason not to show respect to Ari’s parents. Miataga didn’t mined being overlooked. Being invisible meant he avoided a lot of uncomfortable situations. He had a feeling though that if Ari’s parents did figure out how he made a living, the situation would be far more than uncomfortable.

Mr. Dosterta nodded, but didn’t speak to him. “You are the oldest, Ariste. You should be here learning how to do all of this. After I die, you’ll take over the farm.”

“No, Father. We discuss this every time I come home. I’m not taking over the farm. Give it to Jemsel. He’s been your right hand man since I left. He deserves it.” Ari gestured to one of the men following them.

Miataga studied Jemsel, who gave Ari a quick tilt of the head at his acknowledgement. Again, the family resemblance was strong. Jemsel was weathered by the elements on the mountain and the hard life farming in the village. Yet Miataga still liked Ari’s hardened warrior body and rather sad eyes. Ari’s experiences had marked him in intriguing ways and Miataga looked forward to discovering them all.

Stumbling along in the wake of Ari and his father, Miataga tried to check out the rest of the village, but all he got were glimpses of stone huts in grays and blacks with faded red roofs. He’d have time to explore since they were staying more than one night. Just as he managed to get in stride with the others, they stopped in front of a large stone house.

This was not a one-room hut. Compared to the ones they’d passed along the path, this was a mansion, on par with the houses in the Upper City of Sendler. Miataga gave a soft snort. Okay, so it wasn’t quite as opulent as those houses, but for a mountain village, it was quite impressive. It was only one story, but it sprawled, looming over Miataga like a disapproving master.

“This is impressive,” he muttered low enough that only Ari could hear him.

“It’s what the money I send home every month pays for. They might not be happy about me going, or that the money is Emimenian, but they’ll take it because it lets them lord it over the rest,” Ari explained before stepping through the gate and onto the stone walkway leading to the front door.

“Is that glass?” Miataga pointed to the window in the wooden door. He hadn’t expected to see anything like that so far away from the city.

“Yes.” Mrs. Dosterta sounded so proud. “We had it made shortly after Ariste left for the army. We wanted to show our pride in our son.”

“That was nice of you.” How does a stain glass window depicting a sheaf of wheat and a tree prove pride in Ari? I would think they’d have had a phoenix created. It would be far more impressive. More than likely, Ari felt the same. Yet considering how they treated Vikex, it probably made more sense that they didn’t have the bird on their door. He took a deep breath then motioned for Ari’s mother to walk in front of him.

“After you, ma’am.” He fell in step behind her. “How many children do you have? Ariste is the oldest, right?”

“Yes, he is. We have seven children. Four boys and three girls. All the girls have married and moved to their husband’s homes. Two of the boys are married. Their families live with us, which is why our house is so big.”

Is she trying to convince me they aren’t rubbing their neighbors’ faces in the fact that they have more money then the others? Of course, they wouldn’t do that. He mentally rolled his eyes, but nodded.

“Right. Even so, with all those people, it has to be crowded.” He smiled at Ari, walking past as Ari held the door open for them. “But it must be nice to have your daughters-in law here to help with cleaning and cooking.”

“It is, which is why our sons stay with their parents while our girls go to live with their husbands’ families,” Mr. Dosterta commented. “It ensures that each family has enough hands to harvest the crops and help around the house.” Miataga pursed his lips. “Seems logical.”

It didn’t really, but Miataga was from the city where the people didn’t have to grow their own food, so there was no reason to have that many people in one house. What did he know though? It wasn’t like he got a chance to wander Sendler and spy on the lives of the other city dwellers. There could be places where more than one family lived in a house—or apartment.

“Barke, take their bags to Ari’s room,” Mrs. Dosterta ordered the young man carrying their packs. “You’ll have to share a room, I’m afraid. There just isn’t a free space in this house.”

Ari slid off his helmet and Miataga caught how everyone in the vicinity winced at the sight of his scarred skin. He entwined his fingers with Ari’s, pressing their palms together then pushed up on his toes to brush a kiss over Ari’s damaged cheek. He wanted his lover to remember that not everyone pitied—or found him disgusting. Ari gave him a small grateful smile before turning to his mother. “Do we have time to wash up before the meal?”

Mrs. Dosterta wiped the shocked look off her face and nodded. “Yes. The girls and I just have a few little things to finish up. We can all meet at the table in ten minutes.”

“Thank you.” Ari dragged Miataga away down one of the long hallways angling off the front entry. Once they were out of earshot, Ari stopped then bent to crush their lips together. After he stole Miataga’s breath, he started walking again.

Miataga laughed. “What was that for?”

“For being you and for showing them there’s nothing to fear about my scars. For trying to make me feel better.” Ari waved his hand in a vague motion. “For a lot of reasons.”

“Okay.” He cleared his throat. “Your family seems like an interesting bunch.”

Ari shot a glance over his shoulder. “You haven’t even met all of them—or talked to them yet. Just wait.”

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On Love’s Wings

On Love’s Wings copyright c. 2016 T.A. Chase

Part Fifteen-

A little while later, Ari touched Miataga’s hand then pointed to a break in the forest below them. Miataga could see the smoke from several fires drifting into the air. It was a fairly large sized village compared to some of the ones they’d flown over on their journey.

“We’ll be landing the village square. It’s the biggest spot for us. Once we’ve gotten our packs and unharnessed Vikex, he’ll leave. He spends his time in the forest since his presence makes them uneasy.” The phoenix shot a quick glance back at them and Ari chuckled. “Also, he doesn’t like them any more than they do him. He’d rather be alone then with the village folk.”

“You do realize that nothing you’ve told me so far makes me want to meet them,” Miataga pointed out. “It all actually makes me wish I told you to leave me at the last village and pick me on your way back through. I should be more scared to meet a flock of phoenix then come face-to-face with your family.”

Ari sighed. “I know. I’m sorry. It’s probably not going to be as bad as I’m making it out to be.”

Vikex’s screech could be taken as a snort and Miataga laughed. “I don’t think he agrees with you.”

“Most likely not.” Ari leaned forward to pat Vikex’ shoulder. “Let’s land then you can go.”

Angling to the right, Vikex began to descend in long sweeping circles. By the time they landed, a group of people stood on the edges of the village square. Miataga took a deep breath then climbed off. He wandered far enough away for Ari to jump down before tossing him their packs. Watching over them, he waited until Ari finished unharnessed Vikex.

“You can go now,” Ari told the phoenix.

Vikex stretched out his wings, brushing the tip of one over Miataga’s cheek before launching himself into the air. Standing there for a second, Miataga watched Vikex fly away and wished he could be with the phoenix. Ari joined him then touched his arm.

“Come on,” Ari said. “Let’s get this over with.”

“All right.” Clinging to Ari wasn’t the best way to meet his family for the first time. “I can do this,” he muttered.

“Yes, you can,” Ari whispered before leading him to a group of villagers standing a little apart from the others.

Studying them as he approached, Miataga could see the family resemblance. Yet there was a marked difference and it wasn’t just the scars marring Ari’s body. It had more to do with the set of Ari’s shoulders and the darkness in his golden eyes. Confidence shown in every inch of Ari’s body. It held his back straight, made him believe he could anything he put his mind to—except convince a whore to accompany him on a journey. The darkness came from the battles and bloodshed Ari had witnessed over the years he served in the army. It made him harder than the family members he left behind.

While the villagers looked rough around the edges compared to the people Miataga interacted with at the Loving House, they were clean and innocent in how they saw the world. The only thing that mattered to them was family and the land they tended. Which was the reason they couldn’t understand why Ari left to find his destiny with a bird.

Miataga snorted silently. Oh what a bird Vikex was. Unfortunately, Ari’s family and friends couldn’t see how special the phoenix was. All they saw was a giant bird.

“Father. Mother.” Ari nodded to the older couple in the middle of the separate group. “This is my friend, Miataga.”

“Sir. Ma’am.” Miataga bowed slightly as they stared at him in shock. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The woman inclined her head, but Ari’s father ignored him. Miataga was used to people acting like he wasn’t around. Didn’t matter one way or another as long as Ari didn’t toss him aside.

“Ariste, why do you only come for your mother’s birthday? You never visit for any other reason.” Ari’s father complained as he grabbed Ari’s arm to drag him away from Miataga.

He was willing to let Ari go, seeing how it was his father and all. Ari wasn’t having any of that. Miataga found himself stumbling in their wake as they left the square because Ari wouldn’t let go of his hand. Mrs. Dosterta followed behind them.

“Our packs?” Miataga glanced over his shoulder.

“Don’t worry. One of the boys will get them along with the bird’s harness,” Mrs. Dostera told him. Flashing a smile at her, he said, “Thank you, ma’am.”

“I’ve been fighting a war, Father. They don’t give leave out while we’re at the front lines. This is the first time I’ve had a chance at a vacation in a year or more.” Ari gestured in the direction Vikex went. “Vikex was injured in our last battle, so I stayed around to nurse him back to health. I’m not going to apologize for not coming sooner. I’ve told you before I can’t just come whenever you want me. I’m answerable to my superior officers now.”

Mr. Dosterta shook his head. “Foolish. They could let you come for the harvest at least. We could use another set of hands out in the fields.”

Miataga bit his bottom lip, holding back a reply, even though the man hadn’t been talking to him. It looked like there was a bunch of kids running around who belonged to Ari’s family. He doubted they really needed Ari to help with anything.

“Father, the others are still here,” Ari pointed out. “How are you doing, Mother?”

It was obvious Ari didn’t want to discuss his absence any more. Miataga got the feeling it was an old argument between Ari and his father.

“I’m fine, Ariste. It’s nice of you come and to bring your friend?” Her voice lifted at the end in a question.

“Yes, Miataga is my friend. I hope you both will treat him with respect.” Ari stared at both his parents.

On Love’s Wings

On Love’s Wings copyright c. 2016 T.A. Chase

Part Fourteen-

“We’re about ten minutes away from my village,” Ari murmured in Miataga’s ear as Vikex flew them high above the pine forest. “Vikex will land in a minute or so and we’ll clean up before we arrive. Not that either of us are dirty, but it’s always wise to look presentable when meeting my mother.”

“Good thing we stopped at that town and bought me some different clothes,” Miataga replied. “I’m not sure your parents would be thrilled if I showed up dressed in my usual outfit.”

Ari chuckled. “You’re right. Also, those thin pieces of fabric weren’t going to keep you warm enough up here. That’s really why I stopped, though I didn’t want you upset by their reactions either.”

Miataga twisted a little to meet Ari’s gaze. “You were thinking about not embarrassing me?”

“Yes. You’re far more important than my family is.” Ari glanced sideways for a second then looked back. “I’ve already told you that we’re not close and that the only reason I’m visiting this time is because it’s my mother’s birthday. There’s no other reason for me to be here.”

Leaning back against Ari, Miataga stared at the ground as they glided down to a clearing near a stream. He stayed silent when they landed and Ari helped him climb down. After patting Vikex’ shoulder, Miataga grabbed the bag Ari held out to him.

“Are you going to start a fire here? Or just heat up the water with your hand?” He flashed Ari a smile.

“Probably use my power. As much as I’d like to waste as much time as possible and prolong our trip, I can’t.” Ari dug out a bucket, a cloth and their little container of soap.

Miataga nodded. “Right. Get it over with. You don’t have to stay there a certain number of days, do you? Heck, we could get there today and stay only long enough for the party. Then leave the next day.”

Vikex chirped as though he agreed and a slight glow of happiness burned in Miataga’s chest at the thought that the phoenix might be coming to like him. He knew the best way into Ari’s heart would be having his bond bird like Miataga. Do I really want to have anything more than a physical relationship with Ari? He’s a commander in the army and I’m a whore. It’s not a pairing that usually means lasting commitment.

Ari offered his arm and Miataga settled his hand in the crook of Ari’s elbow, letting a smile lift the corners of his lips. Even in the middle of a forest, where no one could see them, Ari treated Miataga as though he were a prince. It was something Miataga wasn’t used to. Usually his customers grunted and dragged him to his room.

Once they got to the stream, he pulled out his clean pair of pants and shirt. He brought them up to his nose to sniff the still fresh smell of soap. The laundress they’d bought them from had just washed them. She’d been more than willing to sell them to a commander. Miataga had been amazed at how the townsfolk had treated Ari. It was like he was an old friend coming home for a long journey.

Ari had explained that he and Vikex often stopped at this particular town on their trip to and from Ari’s home village. The people enjoyed hearing all the gossip from the capital since they rarely got any news other than proclamations having to do with new laws or taxes. That hadn’t surprised Miataga since he knew the people who lived in the city didn’t care about their country cousins, except for when they wanted money. He understood monetary issues since one of his more frequent customers worked in the revenue department of the government.

“Here you go.” Ari set the bucket next to him. “It’s already heated, so you can wash up without being too cold.”

Even though the water was warm, the air around them wasn’t. They both rushed through their cleaning up, drying up in a hurry before tugging on their clothes. When they were done, Ari lead the way back to the clearing where Vikex waited. The phoenix rubbed his beak over Ari’s hair then nudged Miataga in the chest.

“Vikex approves,” Ari said with a laugh.

“We’ve been bathing. I didn’t think we smelled that bad,” Miataga commented while putting his bag back in the traveling packs.

Ari stuffed his clothes in the pack as well. “As weird as it might be, his sense of smell is better than ours. Almost as good as a canine’s, so no matter how well we washed, he’d still smell us. Don’t worry. I didn’t have a problem.”

Ari nuzzled Miataga’s neck and he tilted his head, giving Ari more access to his throat. Grasping Ari’s waist, he moaned then shuddered at the sharp nip Ari gave him. He wondered if they had time for a little fun, but then Ari jumped. Miataga opened his eyes to see Ari rubbing his ass and glaring at Vikex.

“All right, you annoying creature. We’ll get going. I don’t know why you’re in such a hurry. You don’t like it there anymore than I do.” Ari helped Miataga mount before climbing up behind him. “Let’s get this over with. Then we can head to the place we really want to be.”

Miataga settled back against Ari’s chest, holding his breath as Vikex launched them into the air. No matter how many times it happened, he didn’t think he’d ever get used to it. Flying over the earth hadn’t been something he imagined he’d do in his life. Of course, he never thought he’d ever be able to leave lower Sendler or the Loving House. Miataga covered Ari’s hands with his then squeezed. He had Ari to thank for the chance to see the rest of the country.

No matter what happened at Ari’s village, Miataga would appreciate his time spent there—if only because it helped broaden his view of the world around him.

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On Love’s Wings…

On Love’s Wings copyright c.2016 T.A. Chase

Part Thirteen-

“So pretty,” he whispered as he moved closer. Sliding his hands down to Miataga’s breeches, he begins to unbutton them then he stopped. “Are you sure this is what you want? You don’t have to sleep with me just because I paid for you. I wanted a companion for the journey. The rest is up to you.”

Miataga grabbed the back of Ari’s head and crushed their lips together. While their tongues dueled, Ari fumbled with the buttons on Miataga’s pants. He chuckled a little when Miataga started helping him and their fingers tangled together.

Ari pushed Miataga a few inches away, breaking their kiss. “I guess your answer is yes.”

“Yes. I want to have sex with you. Not because you paid for me, but because I’m attracted to you. I’ve never felt quite this intense of a need before.” Miataga frowned a little as though he was confused by what he felt. “I mean I have had customers that I’ve desired before, which makes having sex nicer than when I don’t want a person. Yet I’ve lusted after you from the moment I saw you. So there is no doubt I’m more than happy to be doing this with you.”

Miataga fell back onto the blankets while Ari followed him, tugging the fabric down over his hips then stripped his pants off. He tossed them to the side before he studied the pale body laid out in front of him.

There was no hair anywhere on Miataga’s body except for his head, eyebrows and eyelashes. There were no marks either. He was as smooth and as white as the alabaster statues Ari had seen in the Supreme Commander’s house. Yet for that Miataga looked faked, Ari could see a flush of excitement staining his skin.

“You’re so beautiful,” he muttered, leaning down to press a kiss to the center of Miataga’s chest. “You need to get naked,” Miataga ordered then plucked at Ari’s sleeve. “I want to see you.”

Ari shook his head even as he started unhooking his uniform. “No you don’t. I’m not anywhere near as pretty as you. I’m fighting the urge to put out the lantern and try to hide in the shadows created by the fire.”

He froze when Miataga rose up on his knees then pushed Ari’s hands aside. There was such a look of fierce determination on his face.

“I told you before. Your scars don’t matter. I hate being fucked by someone who couldn’t be bothered to remove his clothes. It’s like I’m nothing but a hole for him to come in.” Miataga practically growled at him.

Those statements caused Ari to shove aside all his doubts and fears. He didn’t want Miataga to ever think he was just a hole to Ari. He’d never felt like that about any of the people he’d slept with over the years. Of course, he hadn’t been nearly as scarred as he was at the present.

Giving himself a mental shake, he realized none of it mattered. All that did matter was making sure Miataga enjoyed the experience and might consider doing it again once they were done.

Before Ari could make another move, Miataga shoved his uniform off his shoulders then motioned for him to do the rest. He undressed the rest of the way and threw his clothes over to where Miataga’s were crumpled in the corner of the tent.

He rested his hands on his thighs while he studied Miataga’s face. If there was any sign of pity or disgust in Miataga’s eyes, Ari would leave. Yet to his surprise, he saw nothing there except lust and caring, which wasn’t an emotion he expected to see in a stranger’s expression.

Miataga held out his hand and Ari took it, letting his soon-to-be lover ease him down onto the blankets. He shuddered when Miataga trailed kissed down his chest, over the ridges of his stomach and dipped his tongue into his belly button. He sucked in air when Miataga licked the flared head of his cock before wrapping his lips around it.

Threading his fingers in the silken strands of Miataga’s hair, Ari let his head drop back onto the pillows he’d brought and sighed. The wet heat and suction surrounded his flesh, urging him to slide in and out of Miataga’s mouth. He kept his grip light, not wanting Miataga to feel forced into taking him.

Cool fingers stroked along his damaged side, yet Ari couldn’t bring himself to move away or even tense with worry. If his scars had offended Miataga, he wouldn’t be touching Ari. That much Ari knew. Time lost all meaning as Miataga played him like an instrument and Miataga was a maestro. Suddenly Miataga pulled away and Ari whimpered in protest. He lifted his head to watch Miataga straddle his hips.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. I just thought it was time for you to fuck me,” Miataga informed him. “I’m ready and I know you are.”

“How are you ready? I didn’t give you any lubrication or stretched you.” Ari frowned, not wanting Miataga to hurt himself because he was in a hurry.

Placing one of his fingers on Ari’s mouth, Miataga smiled. “When we’re working, we wear a plug that keeps us stretched and ready at all times.”

Ari winced at the thought of Miataga wearing it while they flew. “Why didn’t you say something? I would’ve waited until you took it out before we left. It couldn’t have been comfortable during our flight.”

Miataga shrugged. “I’m used to it by now. I didn’t have any discomfort.”

He wanted to protest some more, but Miataga reached behind him and took Ari’s shaft in a firm grip. Ari held onto Miataga’s waist, helping him balance as he positioned himself over Ari then lowered inch by inch onto his cock. They both bit their lips as Ari went deeper until Miataga’s ass pressed tight to Ari’s groin. Panting, Miataga braced his hands on Ari’s chest for a second.

“Are you okay?” Ari asked, caressing the soft skin stretched over Miataga’s hipbone.

“Oh, I’m better than okay.” Miataga rose up then dropped down and Ari grunted.

Tight and hot. Ari never imagined anyone’s ass could feel so perfect as he filled it. He allowed Miataga to set the rhythm, but he made sure to meet each stroke down with a thrust. He must have hit the right spot because Miataga cried out then began to rock even faster.

“Ari,” Miataga shouted as he came, seed spilling from his own shaft to coat Ari’s stomach and chest. The clenching of Miataga’s inner channel massaged Ari’s length until he yelled as well, flooding Miataga with his cum. They trembled and shook as their orgasms rippled through them.

He grunted when Miataga collapsed onto his chest. After wrapping his arms around him, Ari sighed and closed his eyes.

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On Love’s Wings…

On Love’s Wings copyright c. 2016 T.A. Chase (I promise you’ll get the good stuff next week)

Part Twelve-

Miataga knew all the right things to say, and Ari tried not to wonder whether he meant them. In the end, it wasn’t important. It wasn’t like they were going to keep seeing each other once Ari’s leave was over. If Miataga didn’t hate him by the end, they might see each other a few times when Ari was in Sendler at the base.

They finished their meals and Ari had Miataga clean the bowls while he set up the small tent for them. He didn’t usually use a tent when it was just him and Vikex. His bond bird would spread one of his wings out to keep the rain off Ari, if it rained, and the heat rolling off the phoenix kept him warm.

He didn’t want that kind of rough sleeping for Miataga. While he didn’t think the man was soft—or weak, he did know Miataga wasn’t used to being outside for any length of time. So he wanted to make sure he’d be okay.

Tilting his head, Vikex looked at Ari, who whispered, “I want him to be as comfortable as possible. He’s being a rather good sport about the whole thing.”

The phoenix chirped softly then reached out to preen Ari’s hair for a second. “I know. I like him too. Maybe we should scrap visiting my family and go right to your flock.”

The glare he got from Vikex caused him to chuckle. “I know. I’d hear about it forever. Which is odd since they don’t really like me, but Mother thinks I owe her a visit once in a while. If I don’t show up, she’ll try to layer on the guilt and get me to show up at some point. It is her birthday.”

“We’re going to visit your family on your mother’s birthday?” Miataga sounded rather worried.

Turning away from Vikex, Ari gave Miataga a slight grimace. “Yes. It’s the only reason why we’re going to my home. If it hadn’t been for that, we’d be headed right to Vikex’.”

Miataga poked Ari in his chest. “I can’t believe you’re bringing a whore to your family’s home on your mother’s birthday.”

He grabbed Miataga’s hand and pulled him close. “Don’t tell her what you do if you don’t want to. They’re going to treat you terribly either way. I told you they don’t like me that much and you being from the city is going to set them on edge.”

“Then why bring me?” Miataga lifted his chin and Ari focused on his plump lips instead of what he was saying.

Burying his fingers in Miataga’s hair, he held Miataga still while plundering his mouth. His tongue dueled with Miataga’s and he grunted when Vikex bumped him with his beak.

“All right,” he said after breaking off the kiss. “Let’s head to bed. Vikex, can you keep an eye on the fire? There should be enough wood to burn all night.” Ari stroked Vikex’ crest. “Sleep well, my friend.”

He held open the door flap of the tent then gestured for Miataga to crawl in. “It’s not what you’re used to, but it’ll stay dry and we’ll be warm.”

“Even naked?” Miataga wiggled his eyebrows at him.

Ari laughed. “Yes, even naked. This tent has been crafted for men out in the field during battles and situations like that.”

Miataga dropped to his hands and knees, presenting Ari an extremely nice view of his ass as he entered the tent. Ari caressed those firm globes then grinned when Miataga pushed back into his hands. He smacked one cheek.

“Get in there and strip,” he ordered before joining Miataga inside.

He tied the flaps closed then turn to see Miataga sitting there without a shirt. His pale chest was bare and Ari trailed his fingers over the smooth skin.