Anubis copyright c. 2015 T.A. Chase (very short installment, but I wanted to get you something today)

Part Thirty-Seven-

“Son of a bitch,” Thoth muttered. “Where the fuck did those guys go?”

Anubis shook his head. “I don’t know. I thought we were following close enough that they couldn’t lose us. Let me shift and I’ll see if I can sniff them out.”

Thoth nodded, though he didn’t look happy about it. Anubis understood. Shifting in the middle of the city wasn’t the best option, but they needed to find the men they’d been following. Worry gnawed at him as the thought that they might have slipped away to go grab Jamil.

“Amun and Horus won’t let anything happen to Jamil and the ladies,” Thoth told him, taking Anubis’ clothes as he stripped. “If—somehow they get by them—they’ll let us know and we can rescue them.”

“I remember what Kellan looked like after we saved him from Sterling’s men. I don’t want Jamil—or the ladies—to suffer that torture.” He took a deep breath then let his jackal over take him.

When the pain and light disappeared, he glanced over at Thoth who stood at the opening of the alley where they’d last seen the two men. He’d shifted when they first started following the other two, just so he’d know their scent if needed. Trotting over, he inhaled deeply then sneezed.

Thoth chuckled. “I guess it does stink in there, and it must be like a hundred times worse for you.”

Anubis shook his head then moved through the alley out the other side. The shadows hid him a little, so if anyone were to see him, they might think he were simply a rather large dog. He was far bigger then his mortal counterpart. Unlike Bastet, who turned into a regular sized house cat, Anubis’ jackal was bigger than a wolf.

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    A little goes a long way! Thanks, T.A. 🙂

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