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Part Twenty-Six-

“I’m sorry, my lady.” Anubis bowed his head. “I should know better than that.”

And he should have. When Princess Eesha had been alive, she’d never been the kind who cared what others thought of her. Of course, being a princess gave her more leeway than if she were a regular person, but Anubis had the feeling she would’ve been like that even if she were poor.

“What is in here that you wanted me to see, my lady? Can you show me?”

Something hit his right shoulder, shoving him forward a little. He smiled as he moved in the direction she wanted him to go. Guess she still have some strength left or Anubis is lending her the power so I can find whatever is hidden here.

A small throb in his chest told him his patron god was there and he too wanted Anubis to search. He rubbed the spot over his heart as he walked to stand in the middle of the cavern. When he reached the center, he started turning slowly in a circle. As he faced due east, there was another push and he stalked off. There were moments when he went on these treasure hunts wishing someone had drawn an easy map for him to use, instead of relying on a ghost to give him directions.

::Quit whining and just get it done. We’re at the bodies.:: Thoth’s voice entered his mind.

::What did Jamil say when you told him and the officers?:: Anubis ran into what felt like a wall of air. He grunted in annoyance. Then he repeated the turning thing and headed to the right when he got another push.

::He wasn’t happy about it and he was worried about where you were. I told him you were taking a very important call, which was why you hadn’t come with me.:: Thoth snorted. ::Like anything can happen to you.::

Anubis shrugged, even though Thoth couldn’t see him. ::I’ve always figured that when our jobs were done, the gods would remove their favor and we’d end up growing old and dying like we were supposed to all those thousands of years ago.::

Thoth seemed to be considering what Anubis said. ::You could be right. The police are furious that we fond the scene and keep asking me how I knew it was there. Like I killed the guards, hid their bodies, then suddenly decided to tell the police where I put them. Idiots. If I did it, I wouldn’t be telling anyone about it.::

He let Thoth mutter in the back of his mind while he paused in front of the cavern’s far wall. Anubis knelt to peer at the spot where the wall met the floor. The dirt and stone there looked as though it was a different kind from the original rock. Changing back into his jackal, Anubis pawed at the spot, digging until he uncovered a medium-size hole. He gritted his teeth as he shifted back. Gods, he was going to be exhausted by the time he got to the hotel that night with all the shifting he was doing.

As much as he hated sticking his hand into a dark hole in the desert, Anubis knew it had to be done. Of course, if there was a trap, a snake, or a spider in there, it wasn’t like he would die from a bite or anything. Being immortal did have its perks.

::There are days though where the perks aren’t enough to overlook all the other shit.:: Thoth spoke up.


He closed his hand around a square leather object. Anubis tugged it out then set it aside so he could fill in the hole he’d made. No point in letting someone know exactly where it’d been buried. After picking up the object, he stood, but there wasn’t enough light in the cavern to see what it was except that it was book shape wrapped in leather.

::I’m going to find another way out of here. I don’t want to appear from the tunnel while they’re still processing the scene. Shit. What am I going to do about clothes?:: He’d forgotten he’d left his back at the entrance to the tunnel.

::I’ve got it covered. I stashed your clothes in the cave next to this one. The officers didn’t even notice me taking them.:: Thoth’s tone was scornful.

Anubis sighed. ::They are merely human, brother. They don’t realize there is more in the world than what they see. Thank you. I’ll find my way there and change then come and join you.::

Thoth growled. ::I left my backpack there as well. Stick whatever you found in there and we’ll examine it once we’re out of here.::

Anubis knelt on one knee in the middle of the cavern. “Thank you, my lady. I hope Lord Anubis will offer you sanctuary in the underworld now for your help. I’ve prayed every day since my death that you and your family had survived. It hurts my heart to know you did not. I hope you didn’t suffer before your death.”

The breeze that had guided him through the caves brushed over his cheek like a caress and Anubis’s eyes welled with tears. He’d never really hated Okilma or Eesha for the choices they made to save their own people. He’d understood that one life for many was an acceptable bargain. That they were betrayed anyway broke his heart.

“If there was some way I could avenge your deaths, I would, but I fear I’ve outlived all of those who hurt you.” He closed his eyes, letting his chin fall to his chest. “I’ve outlived all those I loved and I must admit I’m weary at times.”

He tilted his head as he heard whispering in the wind. Straining, he finally made the faint words.

“He loved you most of all, Ahmed. He was a broken man after he gave you over to them.” His princess’s voice was a balm to his ears. “Our lord Anubis has granted me and my son peace, but Okilma wanders this city, trying to find absolution for what he did to you. If you find his spirit, will you grant him forgiveness?”

“Yes, my lady. Okilma was my prince and more for all of my life. I’ve gotten over my anger. I wish I could’ve told him of my love and forgiveness before I died.” He swiped the tears from his cheeks.

Ghostly fingers ran though his hair, tugging gently on the ends. “He always knew he had your heart. I think it was that knowledge that got him through the last days. That and the thought he might see you again some day in the afterlife. Yet when we got there, you were nowhere to be found.”

“Lord Anubis had other plans for me,” he said.

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