Anubis copyright c. 2015 T.A. Chase

Part Twenty-

“I need to get supplies,” he murmured against Jamil’s throat before nibbling a little.

“Oh okay,” Jamil stuttered, his breath hitching slightly when Anubis licked a line down to his nipple and placed a quick bite to the pebbled flesh.

He climbed off the bed and strolled to the bathroom where his shaving kit was. After digging through it, he grabbed the bottle of lube and the strip of condoms he’d stuck in there. Not that he thought he would get lucky when he packed, but it didn’t hurt to be prepared.

He stalked back and froze in his tracks. Jamil knelt in the middle of the bed, one hand braced on the headboard while he worked his fingers in and out of his ass. Anubis moaned as he approached.

“You could’ve waited until I brought the lube,” he said as he rejoined Jamil.

Jamil looked over his shoulder, licking his lips as his gaze trailed over Anubis’s body. “I didn’t want to. I want you in me as soon as possible. It’s all I’ve been thinking about since we met.”

Somehow Anubis doubted that, but it was nice to hear even if it wasn’t true. He pushed Jamil’s hand away. “Let me.”

After popping open the cap, he squirted some slick on his hand. He set the bottle to the side then eased two of his fingers into Jamil. He watched as Jamil let his head drop forward to rest his chin on his chest. Anubis stroked in and out while caressing Jamil’s lower back.

“You’re quite beautiful,” he whispered as the muscles under his hand flexed and relaxed while Jamil impaled himself on Anubis’s fingers. Jamil’s body took Anubis in as though his touch was as familiar to it as the air in its lungs.

Anubis’s breathing stalled for a second when his wandering hand found a birthmark on Jamil’s right hip. He didn’t stop stretching and preparing Jamil, but he let his attention move from Jamil’s ass to the mark upon his skin.

What sort of torture is this? You are a cruel god. Anubis thought to his patron god when he saw that Jamil’s mark looked exactly like the one Okilma had at the exact same spot on his hip. He tried not to think about what that might mean.

::Souls are reborn every moment.:: Sekhmet’s voice echoed through his head.

Mentally shaking his head, Anubis sent back one statement. ::Not now.::

Leaning down, he brushed a kiss over the spot then drew his focus away from the disturbing discovery. He would think about that later when the night was dark and he couldn’t find solace in sleep.

“Ahmed, I need more,” Jamil begged, tossing a pleading glance over his shoulder at Anubis. “Please.”

Anubis patted Jamil’s cheek before easing his fingers from Jamil’s ass. “I know exactly what you need.”

Wasting no time, he unwrapped a condom and slid it on his cock. The lube was where he’d dropped it, so after coating himself, he settled behind Jamil. He positioned the head of his shaft at Jamil’s opening then slowly began to push in.

It was as though the entire world held its breath while he buried himself as deep as he could in Jamil. When he finally couldn’t go any further, Anubis curled over his lover and exhaled. Jamil shuddered as Anubis’s warm breath washed over him.

“Are you all right?” Anubis wasn’t about to move until Jamil told him it was okay.

Jamil trembled and slowly relaxed under Anubis. He reached back to pat Anubis’s hip. “I’m fine. You’re a little bigger than my last lover, so it just took me a second.”

A surge of pride shot through Anubis and he gave a silent snort. Foolish to feel proud that I’m bigger than some unknown guy. Idiot. He slid almost all the way out then plunged back in. Jamil cried out, but he didn’t try to get away from Anubis. In fact, he rocked back into each hard thrust. Soon Anubis’s thoughts were only centered on the man he fucked and how marvelous it felt to have him wrapped around Anubis’s cock.

“Ahmed,” Jamil whimpered and Anubis could hear the need in his voice.

Smiling, Anubis took Jamil’s cock in hand and started stroking in counterpoint to his own movements. Jamil jerked at the rough handling then rested his head on Anubis’s shoulder so Anubis could look down the length of his chest to see his long fingers encircling Jamil’s shaft.

He tried not to think of how similar their postures were to all those times he and Okilma had been together. His prince loved to be taken, to give over all control to his personal bodyguard. So many nights they’d lie in an exhausted embrace after a frantic coupling.

“Oh God, Ahmed.” Jamil tensed, his inner passage tightening around Anubis like a vise.

Anubis grunted then came at the same time as Jamil did, covering Anubis’s fingers and wrist along with the pillow underneath them. They jerked and shivered together until it seemed like the last drop had been drained.

Jamil collapsed and Anubis followed him down. He pressed a kiss to Jamil’s shoulder while he caught his breath. Once he was certain he could move without crumpling to the floor, he slipped from Jamil then made his way to the bathroom where he cleaned up.

“How are you?” He returned to find Jamil hadn’t moved from where he’d fallen.

“Mrphm,” Jamil said into the pillow.

“What?” Anubis chuckled. “You’re going to have to roll over so I can wipe you off.”

Jamil huffed but did as Anubis said. He flopped onto his back, letting his arm cover his eyes. Anubis washed him off then tossed the cloth and the soiled pillow toward the bathroom. He climbed in, resting his head on Jamil’s shoulder.

“Have you always had that mark on your hip?” He had to ask, though he didn’t really want to know the answer.

“Hm-m-m…” Jamil shifted and Anubis could tell he was looking down at his hip. “Yeah. Kind of weird, isn’t it?”

Anubis traced the edges of the jackal-shaped birthmark. He wanted to kiss it, but figured Jamil would think it was odd. Okilma had the same shaped mark on his right hip. It was the sign of Anubis’s favor and how Okilma had become prince. What did it mean that the man who was excavating Okilma’s home would bear the same birthmark as the prince who ruled there?

“It’s interesting. Not weird. Do you know that for the society that those canopic jars belonged to, the jackal was the symbol of the ruling family?” He spoke in a low murmur, lost in his memories of Okilma’s smile and laughter. The smell of the sweat on his skin. The sound of his voice as he called Anubis’s name.

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