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Part Eighteen-

He could feel his lip curl up with disgust and frustration. ::I was thrown into this life we lead without any time to reconcile what I used to be with what I am now.::

::None of us had that chance.:: Isis reminded him.

::Then why are you telling me to harness my anger? Why shouldn’t I be angry?:: He dug his fingers into the seat under him.

Isis sighed. Anubis could hear the sadness and exhaustion that colored the sound. A little hint of guilt touched him, knowing that part of Isis’s exhaustion was because of him. Though he was pretty sure Sekhment had caused the sadness.

::Be as angry as you wish, Anubis, but don’t let it overwhelm you while you’re dealing with the situation. We still don’t know what’s going on there. When this is over, you can go out into the desert and scream all your rage out.::

“Are you sure you’re okay? You seem really tense.”

Jamil’s question caused him to jump again. Shit! He needed to keep his mind on Jamil and not what was going on in his head. Isis was right. Anubis needed to settle down. The situation was far more important than his anger at the moment. Hell, when he got back to Scotland, he could scream and throw as big a temper tantrum as he wanted. None of the others would make fun of him.

“I just need to eat something. Do you have plans for the evening or can I entice you into having dinner with me?” He interjected as much flirtation into his voice as he could.

::I guess that’s one way to take your mind off the problem.:: Thoth sounded amused.

::Shut up and go find your own entertainment for the night.::

The blush staining Jamil’s cheeks intrigued Anubis. He didn’t think the man was innocent or anything like that.

“Umm…dinner sounds great. Do you want to clean up before we go?”

Anubis wanted to chuckle, but he didn’t. “How about I make a reservation for us at the hotel restaurant? The food is pretty good there. You can clean up in my suite if you want.”

Maybe he was pushing it. They had just met the day before and Jamil might not want to move as fast, but Anubis could admit to himself that he didn’t want to be alone that night.

“I always keep a bag in the truck with a change of clothes, so that sounds like a plan to me.” Jamil grinned and reached over to pat Anubis’s knee.

“Great.” Taking a deep breath, Anubis forced himself to relax. He’d push his concerns about the jars to the back of his mind until the morning. That would be soon enough to work on it.

After pulling up to the front of the hotel, Anubis climbed out before grabbing his bag. Jamil walked around the truck to join him. Jamil handed the keys to the valet then they went on inside. Anubis led the way to the elevators.

“Will Hutchinson be joining us? I thought he was staying with you.” Jamil stood next to him in the elevator.

“No. He text me this afternoon and said he got his own room. Plus he found a friend to have dinner with.” Anubis had no doubt that Thoth would be able to do all that.

“Good.” Jamil blushed when Anubis gave him an amused glance. “Not that I don’t like Hutchinson, but…” His voice trailed off.

Anubis wanted to crowd Jamil into the corner then take his mouth in a hard kiss, but he knew he wouldn’t stop there. So he had to wait until they were in his room. He rested his hand at the small of Jamil’s back then leaned down to press his mouth against the man’s ear.

“I know what you mean. I don’t want him around either,” he whispered.

Jamil shivered, his hands opening and clenching on the straps of his bag. Anubis nibbled on Jamil’s earlobe, drawing a whimper from him. The ding of the elevator caused him to back away, but he encouraged Jamil to step out then directed him toward his suite.

“I got a suite while I’m here. I hate traveling and staying in cramped rooms.”

“Nice to have the money to do it,” Jamil muttered.

Shrugging, Anubis unlocked his door, gesturing for Jamil to go in. “That’s true. I’ve been able to make a great deal of money throughout my life and it offers me the opportunities to pamper myself.”

He shut the door behind him then set his bag down. Turning, he reached for Jamil’s duffel and took it. Once he set it on the floor next to his, Anubis slid his arms around Jamil’s waist and tugged him closer.

Jamil rested his hands on Anubis’s chest. “Shouldn’t we clean up? I thought you were hungry.”

“Oh I’m hungry all right, but at this moment, it’s not for food. I want you in my arms and bed,” he informed Jamil, trailing kisses along his jaw then bit his chin gently.

Wrapping his arms around Anubis’s shoulders, Jamil tilted his head back to give Anubis more skin to taste and suck. There was a little hint of dust mingling with sweat as he licked a line to the base of Jamil’s throat. He sucked up a mark there.

Anubis worked his hands to the hem of Jamil’s T-shirt before stepping back a little. He pulled the fabric up and over Jamil’s head, letting it drop before bending to press his tongue to one of Jamil’s nipples. He pinched the nub of flesh between his teeth and tugged on it.

“Oh my,” Jamil gasped, clasping the back of Anubis’s head while holding him in place.

He teased and played with it as he slipped his hands to grab Jamil’s ass, flexing his fingers into the tight muscles. His straightening brought a whine from Jamil, but Anubis smiled as he dragged their groins together. Their moans filled the air when their erections rubbed against each other.

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  1. Clarissa Johnston says:

    Anubis – I have just discovered your story line which I believe follows Bastet and am thrilled! Where do I read chapers 1-17? I can find 18 17 and 16 but can’t find the beginning of this tale…please and with many thanks!

  2. Myka says:

    Oh thank you!!! I have been waiting for this story for sooooo long!!! Love it!!!

  3. Erika S. says:

    Niiice! 🙂

  4. Bobbi says:

    Better and Better

  5. grrrr…leave us hanging, why don’t you?! 🙂 thanks, T.A. enjoy your weekend!

  6. Lisa says:

    Well, this will be a long weekend! Enjoy your weekend

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